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Create~link writers' Post Network Blog


Writers' Post Network Blog: Website & Blog Content Optimization

Posted on July 4, 2013 at 1:50 PM Comments comments (0)

 Optimize Your Content with Dynamic Writing
I. Grade yourself on the writing scale:
   1. Poor
   2. Mediocre
   3. Fair
   4. Good
   5. Excellent 

II. Where do you fall on this scale? Where you fall on this rating scale depends on the following:
        a. How much skill you bring into the writing process
        b. How you approach writing
        c. How much effort you put into your writing
        d. How you feel about writing
        e. How you organize and develop your writing

III. Becoming the best writer that you can be
You do not have to be a master writer to write good content. But if any part of your operation or career is involved with writing or requires you to write, you will need to develop the necessary skills to produce content that can allow to successfully compete in the marketplace. Writing abilities can be improved and sharpened.  For example, it is near to impossible to be a webmaster, a website operator, a blogger, or a website owner, without having to produce good content on a regular basis. Similarly, it is not possible to work in the fields of communication, management, business, or even marketing without some higher level of written communication skills. Most working and published documents, and in particular website content and blogs, require regular updating in order to be viable and be optimized for search engines. Readers and visitors will return to your sites, buy your books and magazines, subscribe to your newsletters, and follow your articles, only if they know that they can expect a gratifying experience and a return on their time investment.

Whether you consider yourself a new writer or a poor writer, there is absolutely no need to panic or to be afraid of writing. And you certainly should not worry about writer’s block, which has more to do with a mindset, attitude toward writing, and even sometimes physical and psychological causes, more than it relates directly to writing. It might help to know that experienced writers, too, face some of the same challenges that all of us faces when in the writing process.  Whether you’re writing a creative piece or a non-fiction journalistic article, you can acquire the right set of skills that will allow you to write crisp, clear, and successful pages. Writing resources are readily available in various online, in libraries, and in various archives, and they can be easily learned and applied. There are rules that must be followed in all writing, but those rules are there to help make your writing readable and effective. Whatever the situation may be, do not give up, and do not be too hard on yourself. Be determined.

Some websites display little content, but this may be just right for their target audience. Others are outfitted with very poor content. In fact, I visited a professional and career-oriented website, which has dozens of pages, and the content on almost every page was an ad for the site written in very poor English and filled with typographical errors. What was most curious about this is that the lack of creativity, combined with the writing, caused the site operator to have repeated the same ad-like text over and over again on each subsequent page. The site in question is 13 years old, and an examination of the content reveals that there was no mystery in the fact that the site stood at 13 million in rank on the Alexa global traffic rating, with few visitors.

Writing is a process made of several steps. Any writing, whether an article, a blog, or a page, should not be so short as to be devoid of substance; It cannot be so long as to be rambling; It cannot be so spectacular as to be incredible, or so boring as to lack any attractiveness. So, how does the writer strike the necessary balance?  If you are writing about something that you are not knowledgeable about, research the subject. You can be sure that someone else has already written about it. Do not steal other people’s text. Get inspiration and develop the topic taking another angle. If you decide to use quote from others’ writing, credit the author, and place the quoted text in block quotation marks ““. Do not lift whole pages or paragraphs from the work of another writer. Almost all writing is protected under copyright right laws. Work on making your own writing ready for debut. Write your content based on the following attributes:
· It should be clear
· It should be convincing
· It should be substantive
· It should be credible
· It should be interesting
. It should be fluid
.It should be dynamic 
 .It should be seamless

IV. Writing Effective Content
Your writing will meet the criteria listed above if you pay attention to the following rules of grammar and composition, but even more important, you must apply them properly:

      1. Pay attention to your Style of Writing: Your writing style is how you choose to write, and what format you put your writing in. Your content may be creative or fact-based, meaning that it may be from your own imaginative creation or it may non-fiction. But even non-fiction can reflect creativity. Your page can be light-hearted or serious. You can use big unusual words or write in common every language. But whatever you do, stay away from jargon, slang, offensive language, and profanity. In terms of formatting, you could decide, for instance, to indent your text; you can number lists; you might like to use bullets. And most of all, you might decide to wrap your text around images, tables, or videos. You might highlight or shade certain text areas, or embed boxes within the text. In other words, you can always be creative in your style.

     2. Apply the rules of grammar:  Grammar includes syntax. This is the order in which you arrange the words in your text, and whether or not you write sentences that are complete and contain a subject, a verb, and end short supplemental details. For example, we don’t say, “they was,” but “they were,” because the rules of grammar demand that our verbs agree with our subject. Now, “they were” is a full sentence, given that all we need to form a sentence is a subject and a verb. However, if we were to write or say “they were,” our reader or whoever we are talking to would ask or wonder, ‘they were what.’ This is why we add details to our sentences to make them more substantive and complete. The part that does this is called a complement. In complementing our sentences, meaning adding more details to them, we use what in grammar are known as the parts of speech. Those are adjectives to describe nouns, adverbs to describe verbs, and a whole series of smaller words, such as pronouns to replace the subject-noun, prepositions to connect words, and conjunction to connect words and sentences. Grammar also requires the use of punctuations. Without punctuations, such as colons, periods, and question marks, our writing would go on and on, and would be unintelligible.

     3. Organize your Writing: Make sure to have a beginning, middle, and an end. Use the beginning to briefly introduce the purpose of your content. Then, move on to the middle where you will write what your content is about. Develop your ideas keeping in mind what the purpose of your writing. Give details, but focus on those things that are important. Be substantive and specific. You can do that by researching the topic you are writing about in order to provide useful and reliable information to your readers. Being knowledgeable in the subject matter will show, and it will add credibility to your writing. Do not be afraid to be funny or pointed in your writing. Once you feel that the middle of your text is adequate, you can conclude by stating the benefits that can be derived from what you just wrote, or by suggesting steps the reader can take, or offering advice and solutions.                                     
     4. Edit your Writing
Edit your text from beginning to end. Look for fat. Where you find extra wording, remove unnecessary words. If you come across misplaced words, move them, and replace misused words with others that are more appropriate. Go for quality over quantity. Look for repeat words and ideas written in other words. Redundancy in text is very offensive. If the content feels anemic, add more substance, by including more details by way of facts, figures, or clarification. Make grammatically corrections. Review your text for clarity, by identifying vague passages, and replacing them with specifics. Ask yourself if you would understand what you just wrote, had you not been the author. Finally, use check spell to correct misspelled words.
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If writing is not your thing, hire an expert. We'll do all of your writing promptly and cost-effectively. Contact us at [email protected] 
Visit our Writing Services Form and complete the contact form; we will get in touch with you within 24 hours.

Legal Sea Foods

Writers' Post Network Blog - PRISM: The National Security Agency (NSA) Surveillance Program

Posted on June 15, 2013 at 10:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Life - Liberty - And the Pursuit of What?
The Impact of the Government's Pursuit of your Personal & Private Records

What is PRISM?

US Government Homeland Security Surveillance Program

Last week, through highly classified leaked national security documents to two news organizations, the Guardian in the U.K., and the Washington Post, we all became witnesses to the explosive revelation that the National Security Agency (NSA) had been conducting secret surveillance operation on over 300,000,000 telephone subscribers in the U.S. and overseas. We learned that in this unprecedented scope of data-sweeping program, the intelligence and security agencies of the government scooped up telephone records in mass from major telephone carriers, such as AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint. In a twin development, almost simultaneously, we also found out that through a secret spying program called PRISM, the government has also stolen Internet records, including emails, financial records, and Facebook messages by tapping directly into Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Microsoft, and others? How worried should we all be?

Since this news broke, thanks to now -out -of-work and in danger, self-professed conscientious -secret intelligence analysis contractor objector, Edward Snowden, that the government has been engaged in this massive secret spying operation on U.S. citizens, most people appeared to be too stunned to form definitive opinions one way or the other, on both sides of the political aisle.  While we do, and should, expect the government to protect us against enemies, foreign and domestic, we should also be very concerned about this extent of government's overreach and unnecessary intrusion into our private lives. 

In the name of security, the government has grabbed an extraordinary amount of power under the highly classified secret Patriot's Act, following the attack on the nation on September 11, 2001.In post 911 America, this act has been used by many in congress and in law enforcement in general to erode civil liberty in this country. To that effect, FISA, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act has been used to spy on innocent and unsuspecting American citizens. And law enforcement organizations throughout the government have used this highly classified law to secure thousands of secret warrants for clandestine operations against U.S. citizens. Ironically, the biggest supporters of this type of abuse have been the so-called small government conservatives. Those small government conservatives in name only seem to only be interested in keeping the government small when it comes to providing support for the poor or funding disaster relief. However, just like they have not yet found a ban on abortion that they did not like, they are yet to find any abuse under the Patriot's Act that they could not support. In fact, those are the same guys who tried to force librarians to release records of their patrons' rental and reading activity logs wholesale to the government after 911. Meanwhile, democrats on the other hand, cowardly cooperate with every national security policy that comes through the rusty congressional pipe, for fear that if they take any principled stance against a national security policy, however egregious, they will be portrayed as soft on terrorism comes time for their reelection. This has become a tradition in the democratic party. Over the past twenty five years, spineless democrats have thrown entire constituents under the boss in similar ways. For example, out of fear of being called soft on crime by their republican opponents who conflated race and crime in the 1980's and into the 1990's, to entice negative sentiments and inflame the electorate, democrats have contributed to the building and development of the prison industrial complex, which now accounts for the United States to house the largest prison population in the world, by allowing the failed war on drug to rage on mostly against Black Americans. 

The Right to Privacy

Under no circumstances should government overreach and abuse of power be considered OK. As citizens, we should remain vigilant and let our voices be heard. The government's power is only as great as it such derives from the governed, or at least it should be. Our intangible rights, such as our right to privacy, freedom of movement, our right against unreasonable searches and seizures, are invaluable to our human dignity and are inextricable from our right to life. In fact, our need for privacy is a very basic need. This right is based on our trust that the government is on our side and will protect those fundamental rights that the Founding Fathers refer to as inalienable. And among those are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, all of which will be compromised absent our right to privacy.

President Obama & Reactions in Congress

While answering reporters' questions about the PRISM spying program last week, President Obama said, "we can't have 100% security, 100% privacy, and zero inconvenience." To call not spying on hundreds of millions of Americans and foreigners worldwide a certain inconvenience is outrageous. It is true that some of us have called on the government to provide us with hundred percent of security at all cost. That is clearly in error. The reality is that we do not, and can never  expect to reach one hundred percent level of security. As for our privacy, any amount of violation of privacy is too much, and should not be tolerated. The president's comment  minimizes the impact of this extreme heist of personal data by the government. This is like saying that a justice system that sends thousands of innocent people to prison, and has been known to even put innocent people to death, is not perfect. The problem here is that some of this has been brought about by our own apathy and complacency, combined with an attitude that if it is just happening to the other guy , that makes it OK. Furthermore, the government demands we take our shoes off at airports, so we do. they want to look through our body with X-Ray machines, we oblige. They want a pat down, we indulge.

Yes We Can: What Role Does the Citizen Play?

Fortunately, it is also President Obama who told the country that "the change is you - You are the change; you have to make Washington change." This means that we are all responsible for letting our public officials know what we expect, and none of it includes the grabbing of our emails, text messages, voicemails, and financial records. We must all get involved in our own governance. This is our life, and we must take ownership of it, starting with protecting our records in every way possible. In this age of Internet and cell phone this is not an easy task, given that we literally leave a track behind us with every phone call we make, every website we visit, and every message we send out or receive, not to mention every financial transaction that we engage in. We need to be aware of this in order to more closely monitor and protect our movement, records, and activities. But it is our personal oversight over the government and civic engagement that will bring about the most meaningful protection of our civil liberties. In this respect, to become engaged means perhaps, finding an organization to get involved with, writing or calling the President and Congress, starting a petition, or writing a letter to the editor. Better yet, hold a community meeting to discuss issues and policies, or send a letter to your neighbors to alert them of important policy issues. When undertaken by any citizen, each one of these activities can go a long way to creating a healthier nation; for a citizenry educated in its civic duties is by far better prepared to contribute to making this democracy a more perfect union.

Writers' Post Blog Network - SEO

Posted on June 3, 2013 at 4:32 AM Comments comments (0) Books - Writing - Fashion Tips & Tricks

SEOWOC (Search Engine Optimization Website Optimization Compatibility

SEO is a hot item around the Internet. You cannot go far without stumbling upon some article somewhere discussing the issue, or someone or a site offering to boost your SEO. In the last few weeks, I spent some time researching the level of authority, credibility, and expertise related to the issue. I visited dozens of websites and read as many blog pages. At the end, I realized that as great a service that some bloggers, many of whom are developers and designers, start out to provide, their articles are bound to leave the average webmaster at a loss. Several websites stood out for published articles that were written website operators and people with teaching skills. In those articles, websites questions are addressed directly and simply, but thoroughly; Also on those sites, do and don't and how-to are laid out in ways that most beginners can understand and implement. I will give a few examples of such sites at the end of this article.
One site I visited, the SEO blogger started a sentence with this:

If you have a UTF-8 or a &#9734, get the UX part… Another one suggested this: Follow the CSS or HTML or check to see if you’re using XHTML. On one forum, a participant asked for suggestions to implement new website for her company. Several web developers and designers wrote the following: Think about the HTML5, CSS3, CSS for mobile rendering Javascript  PHP, MYSQL to name a few…, but once again…The point is if you are not a developer and simply need to set up your website or to improve it to bring in traffic, you may not only lack the know-how, you would not have a clue what all this verbiage means. You may also not have to worry about the abbreviated software programming language if you go with a good host that will provide you with support, or you can afford to hire professionals.

For the sake of this article, we look to answer this question:1. Are we really talking about SEO or   SEWCO? 2. What is the search engine?

Let us tackle the second question first. The search engine is the vehicle by which internet or web users find what they are looking for. At this time, the search engine market is dominated by Google, so we’ll call Google the Search Engine or (SE) even though there are also Yahoo, Bing, and Baidu the search in China. If you look at Google’s growth and activities since 1998 (Keep in mind that before Google, the first search engine was built using public records and directories [basic data entry and processing]) we can safely conclude that the primary optimizer is Google. In other words, Google optimized the search engine to make it bigger and better. And Google continues to optimize this search vehicle, while secondarily expanding its reach into products and services. Therefore, the process of optimizing the engine to maximize the web user’s query (search) and to capitalize (make money) on it constitutes Search Engine Optimization.

If that is the case, then why is SEO such a hot ticket item, and what does it have to do with website operators? Think about it. If you accept the premise of Google (or Yahoo or Bing) as the vehicle that drives the search, the websites then become the various destinations to which this vehicle is driven. This is similar to a tour bus taking tourists to their various destinations. A good tour guide would not only make sure that the bus is in optimum condition, he would also want to know where the passengers want to go in order to map out their stops based on their varied interests. Here, our tour guide is prepared at an optimum level. However, let us say that some of the locations, along the way, do not make themselves attractive by displaying their offerings clear enough. We would, then, have to assume the likelihood that the bus would pass them by toward more desirable location. Let us say, further, that some of the tourists on the bus want to stop for pasta while others wish to shop for souvenirs, and others yet seek to visit local charities, the bus is not going to stop at locations with no signs, or at those with broken displays, or where the signs simply read, “We welcome tourists,” or “Mom and Pop's Store.” Conversely, the bus will stop where the location sends out a strong signal “Italian Pasta Variety,” “Children’s Clothing & Accessories” or “Save the Children.” These locations have made themselves attractive by showing compatibility with what the people on the bus are looking for. Again, the tour guide (the search engine) was optimally prepared to take the people (the user) to their desired destinations (Websites), and the locations (websites) that optimized their operation to show compatibility with the desires of the tourists receive the visitors. And that is Search Engine Optimization Websites Optimization Compatibility (SEOWOC).

It may certainly be easier to go with SEO than SEWOC. The problem is that SEO does not do justice to the dynamics of the search, the fundamental role of the search engine, and the absolute structural stativity of websites.The use of SEO as a defining term does not accurately reflect the dual aspect of optimization for the website owner operator in this debate. Consequently, understanding what we are all talking about can be the difference between being able to optimize a site or just worrying about it. Whether we continue to talk about SEO or use SEOWOC (Search Engine Optimization Website Optimization Compatibility), once we arrive at the right conceptual understanding, it will become much easier to effectuate the three (3) aspects of SEO or SEOWOC. They are as follows:

  1. On-site SEO, the real SEOWOC whereby we work on optimizing content(making content not necessarily bigger but better based on sharpness and relevance), improve URL description and structure, attend to meta tags and keywords, title images, and update.
  2. Off-site SEO, whereby the web operator uses media resources available on the web, aka social media, to build alternative platforms in support of website search engine optimization compatibility. This typically involves the utilization of platforms such as Facebook, twitter, Google plus, Tumblr, Stumbleupon, and participation in forum and having a blogger presence on the web. Building links is another form of off-site website optimization, and so is directory listing.
  3. SEO engineering: It is obvious that SEO can be engineered, exhibit 1. Google. For example, an enterprise that starts with capital or capital investment is certainly in a good position to instrument both types of SEO listed above. There is no denying that Goggle’s approach to optimization relies a great deal on technological engineering. In addition, the very nature of certain enterprises places such enterprises at the very top of the optimization continuum. If you look at Facebook, for instance, you do not need to be searching for anything to want to go on Facebook. You can just go to look at yourself. This is also reflected in the dozens of subsidiary sites and the thousands of links that enterprises, such as Google, Amazon, and Youtube, and others, have among them.

To name a few, I found the following sites most authoritative and resourceful on this subject.There is a vast amount of resources for new and struggling webmasters on GoogleWebmaster central ([]a bit involved and developer-oriented, but you can focus on the basics and overlook the developer jargon in orderto get what you need). Search Engine Journal (SEJ) and Wikipedia offer an excellent source of material. But there are too many more to mention here.

Look for these upcoming articles:
Rank: Between Optimization and Visitors
Also: Content Writing Basics
Developer Terms Defined: HubPages/Writers' Post

Writers' Post Network Blog Contests -Sense: New Announcement

Posted on May 15, 2013 at 1:50 AM Comments comments (0) Books - Writing - Fashion Tips & Tricks


On-going Creative Contests & Talent Search Announcement

In keeping with our integrated business model, we are excited to announce our 2013 Contests-sense program for writers, artists, and designers and photographers of all ages. As of today. we are launching four contests with sign up beginning on may 17, 2013 at 12:00 noon.

The purpose of all four contests is to showcase talent, imagination, and creativity among participants of all ages. All four contests have been designed to produce an end product, which will be used for commercial purposes in literary and the art, which products might feature selected contest entries. Participants whose entries are selected for publication will be given full credit and receive a copy of the published work with a certification of participation. Participants will be given the option to request that their entry not be included in any publication. All entries will be reviewed and winners will be selected by teams of create-link judges, all of whom are professionals in their respected fields. No entries will be accepted after the ending date for sign up, unless the sign up time is extended by Create- link, in which case a public notice will be issued. All private information will be kept confidential. Create-link reserves the right to recall any of these contests at any time, if circumstances merit. Prospective contestants who may need to enter one of these contests after the deadline can request a waiver using our Guest Book or Contact Form but not the contest entry form. No purchase is necessary to enter, but an entry fee is required to ensure commitment towards the integrity of these contests. Individuals are allowed to enter one or more contests. Members of contestants' family are not excluded from participating. Contestants may formally withdraw their participation at any point during this contest, but will not be refunded their entry fee. In addition to providing for contestants' awards, proceeds of these contests will be partially used to fund our "Pass it Forward - Writers * Artists and Designers Emergency Campaign Fund." Enter to win.

Contest 1. Children's Christmas Drawing/coloring and Storybook         
                    Contest finalists (there will be multiple) will be selected among entries 
                    that best reflect the spirit of giving in the context of bringing peace and                         
                    joy to others at Christmas time and in everyday life.

Contest 2. One in six Billions
                    A photo and essay contest in which participants will tell judges the things that                     
                    makes them one in six billions, including personal qualities, actions they have                      
                    taken, or adversities they have overcome. Contestants may choose to do                       
                    their entries on someone else that they know.

Contest 3. Your Best Shot- Calling all photographers, amateurs or professionals                     
                    Contestants will submit  one photograph with a caption relating to life,                     
                    relationships, nature, or event. Let your picture speak a thousand words                     
                    and may your quote be inspirational!   

Contest 4. The Fashion Runway Splash    
                    Contestants will submit a four season collection, and contest finalists will                        
                    be offered the opportunity to showcase their designs in various venues.                      
                    All four contests include multiple award types, including cash awards for the                               
                    top three finalists. Sign up begins on may 17, 2013 at 12:00 noon. find all                        
                    rules and details on our Contests-Sense Page.   

Writes' Post Blog Network - "I Want My Mom" Happy Mother's Day to Moms Around the World!

Posted on May 12, 2013 at 12:02 AM Comments comments (0) Books - Writing - Fashion Tips & Tricks

I dedicate this poem to all mom's wherever they may be on this special day - Best Wishes!

I Want my Mom

When I was younger any time things went wrong 
I wanted my mom, and for her in my heart was always a song
a song of love, patience, caring, and affection,
rhythms of endurance, rhymes of admiration

I grew older and traveled far, far, far away
I continued to dream of her gentle, tender, and motherly way
for long trying days and countless sleepless nights
giving it up all for me, herself, her dreams, her rights

Away from my mom, peace I have not found
There, I fell into distress,desolation, and a despair profound
I wondered and worried and wished for her presence
Distant from her guidance the world makes little sense

I grew older wiser, but still I want my mom
i wish, and I wish so, to return from that which I came from
I long for her embrace and her tender loving
And today, for my mom my heart is singing

Writers' Post Blog Network - The Debate on Immigration on Cinco de Mayo

Posted on May 5, 2013 at 2:09 PM Comments comments (0) Books - Writing - Fashion Tips & Tricks

The Debate of Border-Crossing & Immigration 

We wish to take this opportunity to thank all of our readers who have emailed us to express appreciation for our work. It would be impossible to respond individually to all of the highly positive comments that we receive every day, and we do not even have a way to thank those who made sure to take a minute to "like" our site. Blog readers and website visitors do not have any obligation to do these things. In fact, since we do not have a "forum," our readers and visitors must consciously take an extra minute to leave us a comment or check our Facebook "like" button. In other words, those who are taking the extra minute to do these things literally go out of their way to do this. Given the young age of our site, we are really the new kid on the blog.But our visitors and readers have truly made us a sensational success on the world wide web, which is estimated to now have about 638 millions websites. 

Cinco de Mayo - Immigration & Mexico

Today is Cinco de Mayo, the 5th day of the 5th Month in the Christian Calendar Year. It is a  commemorative holiday in Mexico, celebrating the victory of Mexico in the Battle of la the Puebla against Spain in 1862. May 5th is also designated Children's Day in Japan and Korea.

05 de mayo es una fiesta nacional en México. Se conmemora la victoria mexicana sobre los franceses en la Batalla de Puebla en 1862. Hoy, en México y en las comunidades hispanas de los Estados Unidos, hay celebraciones, fiestas y desfiles. El quinto día del quinto mes también se designa como "Día del Niño en Japón y Corea. Feliz 05 de mayo todo el mundo!

North America: Photo_resourcesforhistoryteachers
Mexico Map: Cinco de Mayo history
With a population of over 12 millions people, Mexico is located south of the United States in the middle of the Americas within 761,600 Square miles, less than the size of Texas, bordering the Gulf of Mexico, Belize, the United States, and the North Pacific ocean between Guatemala and the U.S.

Not unlike the United States, Mexico has a complex landscape of high rugged mountains, low coastal plains, high plateaus, and deserts. De Orizaba, the highest volcano in Mexico sits at 5,700 miles above sea level, and the country is constantly under the major threats of hurricanes coming from the Caribbeans into the Gulf. Given its geography, Mexico's climate can be placed squarely somewhere between tropical and desert level temperatures.

The current president of Mexico, Enrique Pena Nieto, was visited last week by President Barack Obama in the Mexico City, the capital of Mexico, The country is considered poor, despite its natural resources, which include petroleum, silver, copper, lead, gold, zinc, natural gas, and timber. 

The civilization of Mexico has been traced back to approximately 13,000 years. The country was conquered by Spanish conquistadores (conquerors)  as part of the Spanish Empire's colonial expansion in the 16th Century. Beginning with the arrival of Christopher Columbus on this continent in 1492, Spain expanded its reach across Central America, the Caribbean islands, and Mexico. The Spanish moved into the Southwest and into the South coastal region of the United State, including California, and through claimed territory they colonized British Columbia in Canada. In addition, Spain extended the reach of its empire into Alaska, Washington and Oregon, as well as the Western half of South America, including Cuba, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, and the Philippines in the Pacific.

Despite the politics of immigration, the majority immigrants - legal or illegal  into the United States are not Mexicans and Mexico remains the biggest trade partner of the United States and the biggest provider of low-wage workers to the U.S.

So today, we say, En el nombre del Padre, y del Hijo, y del Espíritu Santo, Âmen. 

We want our readers to know that we work hard to make sure that our content is error free. But it should be virtually illegal for people with vision as poor as ours to be writing; We really struggle to see at all. Therefore, aside from going through our writing with a fine-tooth comb, we also constantly return to each content for review. Even then, from time to time, we still miss an extra letter here and there, type a "t" where we want an "r," or type a word twice. Another type of error that can occur is in editing when, as a writer, you decide to replace a word or a term, but accidentally leave in what you wanted replaced. If you notice any of these errors, please leave us a note.  

Writers' Post Blog Network: Book Annoucement - "Good Doctors - Bad Doctors & Hospital that Can Kill You"

Posted on April 29, 2013 at 11:28 AM Comments comments (0)

Upcoming Book Release: 2015
"Good Doctors - Bad Doctors and Hospitals that Can Kill you"

Last month, I announced that I was working on my next two books in an eight book poetry series "And Such is Life" and the accompanying French version "Ainsi Va la Vie" The Muse (La Muse), Relationships (Nos Relations), Nature (La Nature), and Destiny (Le Destin). However, due to certain things that happened in the past several weeks when I was sick, I have decided to change course and work on my health care book, which I have written some time ago and put on the back burner. This book, which I have titled "Good doctors - Bad doctors - and the Hospitals that can kill you" will be ready for publishing in June. While I work on this book, I will be publishing write up previews from time to time. I hope that you will follow these previews because of their importance to your health and things that you may not be aware of but should know about the egregious things that do occur in hospitals and doctors' offices. The truth is that what you don't know can really kill you.


Writers' Post Network Blog: Do not Ask Why! Some People Make it Impossible to Love them; Love Them Anyway - Because in the Final Analysis Love is not an investment; It is a Gift!

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Easter Message: In the Final Analysis

Like I announced last month, the Writers' Post Network Blog is a platform-based  outlet where writers, artists, designers, and developers are invited to join and share their projects, experience, progress, and even frustration. But today, I want to take some time out to post this spiritual analysis  for the Easter weekend.

 Easter is the most holly of holly days for about 2 billions or more people in our world - not just Catholics. The cross in Jesus' crucifixion was passed on to all of us symbolically. Look around and you will notice that each and everyone one of us virtually carries some kind of a cross, some heavier than others. And whatever you do, do not ask why! 

Sister Theresa of India CulcuttaSo, here is my interpretation and adaptation of Sister Theresa of Calcutta's  "In The Final Analysis"

People can be  unreasonable, illogical, and self-centered;   
          Forgive them anyway.

     Some people make it impossible for anyone to love them or to care about them;
          Love them and care about them anyway.    

     If you are successful, you will win some false friends and some true enemies; 
          Succeed anyway.

     If you are pursuing a dream, people might trample upon you and squash that which you have already accomplished; 
          Pursue your dream anyway.

     If you are honest and sincere, people may cheat you and seek advantage over you;
          Be honest anyway.

     If you are kind, people may accuse you of ulterior motives and even treat you as if you were an idiot;
          Be kind anyway.  

    The good you do today is very likely to be  forgotten by people tomorrow;
          Do good things anyway.

Because, in the final analysis, it is all between you and God; It was never between you and  them anyway.    

The Meaning of Life
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Next: Brain Surgery! How publishing my books got me mired in a web of tech trouble


Sample from "And Such is Life - The Muse" Book I & "Ainsi Va la Vie - La Muse" Livre I

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I hope you will enjoy this preview from my first two books. It's now been a month since my first two poetry boos were published and they've since been available on amazon and kindle. As a self-published author, after the books were out and before I started my second books, I took some time to look into what it is that I should do to market my book and promote sale. I didn't feel much trust in amazon promoting my book. In fact, this got me thinking: What good would it  be to have a book published if no one knows that it's out there. I believe that Create Space amazon should actually do a bit more in this area to help authors sell their books, since I don't know anyone who writes just to have their books sitting there in name only. So, I started reading up on all of this. I then came across a very good article written by a long-time published author on the Create Space Community The author gave some very good suggestions for marketing. But, what seemed to come back time and time again is that any effective marketing strategy would require a website, a type of my marketing central. So, I decidedly jumped into it with both feet. I got myself a website. And then, I could not manoeuvrer the first thing in the site builder. clearly  I did not know the first thing about web design or any of that garbage - I mean stuff... So, instead of starting on my new books, I found myself shifting sand struggling to stop text and images from moving around on their own.It was like trying to nail jello on a wall. I lost sleep, I pulled my hair, and I sweated. That 's how I figured out why they called this thing the virtual world. I drove my web hosting (Vistaprint) technical support people craz; They've been good.It's funny because when I subscribed for the service they did not make a fanfare about their support even though I expected I would get some sort of support. The problem is, I could not have known what kind of support I needed because I hadn't a clue what I was getting myself into in the first place. Is it not wonderful to approach things in the most ignorant way? I mean with hope and innocence. That's basically what faith is. It's not a religious thing. Faith is a little something that allows you to trust yourself and trust that the worlld will treat right. Not that the story will always end happily, but faith allows us to press forward without fear or inhibition. In any case, those customer service people/technicians (except for a couple who got fed up and hung up on me, so they don't count)  spent hours with me on the phone helping me with layout, and reshuffling texts and images. they've taught  me a great deal in the process. I have been in web design kindergarten. But, I refused to view it all at a setback. I leaned so much about the technical side of the web that I otherwise have thumbed my nose at thinking that I would never be involved with it. Since then, I received some requests from other writers through our Writers' Post Network. And even though I am looking forward to developing many of these topics with all of you throughout the year, I must say that it was all worth it and even have about 20 pages of my new poetry books written, "And Such is Life - Relationships" Book II and "Ainsi Va la Vie - Nos Relations" Livre II. But let me say that it really is not just about using a website for marketing purposes. You can also have a website with no traffic. It is rather about the day to day effort of publishing through social media and getting your site to move up in search directories
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I will be making announcements on my Blog, so I invite you to return and check back often.

My new books, "And Such is Life - The Muse" - Book I and "Ainsi Va la vie - La Muse" - Livre I  are now selling on amazon and kindle. These are the first 2 in a series of 8 poetry and picture books with corresponding French editions. 
I am now working on my next 2 books, "And Such is Life - Relationships" Book II and "Ainsi Va la Vie - Nos Relations" Livre II. the 2 new books will be released on March 31, 2013. 
"And Such is Life - Nature" Book III and "Ainsi Va la Vie - La Nature" Livre III are scheduled to be released on April 30, 2013. May 31, 2013, "And Such is Life - Destiny" Book IV and "Ainsi Va la Vie - Le Destin" Livre IV will be released and be made available for purchase on amazon, on kindle ebook store, and on this site.
For the numerous-however many times, we are again announcing the creation of  our "Pass it Forward - Writers In Crisis Campaign"to fund the Writers/artists in Crisis community, and the Writers' Post Network is now ready to accept your posts. You can read more about these initiatives and make a donation to the writers' emergency fund by selecting our Writers In Crisis PageFinally, we offer affordable Advertising for all budgets.

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