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Writers' Post Network Blog: Police & the Justice System - We Must Demand Ethical Standard & Accountability

Posted on February 28, 2014 at 1:08 PM Comments comments (2) Books - Writing - Fashion Tips & Tricks

Photo_CC_Google Images
Andover PDWe Must Expect & Demand Ethical Standard & Accountability 
from Our Law Enforcement & Justice System!

Our Constitutional guarantees are not just words on paper. They are as important - if not more important - as any part of our body. We cannot afford to waive them, surrender them, or take them for granted. To do so would amount to a betrayal of the Founding Fathers and the millions of people who have died to help establish and protect those rights.
Some mad genius has managed to normalize corruption and criminal injustice, while serving Americans with a cake baked with the notion that it is OK for law enforcement personnel to use lie as a weapon of mass destruction. The same evil genius that normalized corruption had also managed to draw the greater part of the media into the corruption orbit, thereby using major segments of the press and government officials as collaborators. In this pathetic militarized police state -- I mean perverted democracy, a trouble maker becomes anyone who challenges this absurd and distorted reality that somehow State and Federal Constitutional guarantees were simply written to make the country looks good and deludes citizens into a false sense of protection. The truth is, individual rights must be protected 100 percent of the time. We cannot continue to save our outrage for beating and murder by police. We need zero tolerance for official misconduct, abuse of power, and injustice.

In fairness, we have some outstanding law enforcement personnel and public officials, some of whom are working with me as we speak to bring about change. Unfortunately, the exceptions do not make the rule, and trying to clean up corruption in law enforcement and the justice system is near to impossible. In the hand of humans, power can really corrupt absolutely. However, beginning with the failed war on drugs and escalating with 9/11, police have made the biggest power grab in history. This power belongs to the people and should not be used against the same citizens from whom it is revived. With great power comes great responsibility, but in this atmosphere, the really fine police officers and other public servants who perform their duties every day with conscience and excellence are not able to shine. Therefore, everyone loses. We need all hands on deck all of the time, all over the country.

One more example of how our democracy has been perverted is in the fact that every other country, but The United States, recognizes a category of people called political prisoners (also known as prisoners of conscience, as those are individuals who get imprisoned for taking stands on the side of rights, justice, and democratic principles). The reason why we never hear about political prisoners here in the US is nothing short of Machiavellian. The power base in the United States has simply made it so that activists who challenge the system are typically charged with bogus crimes. This ploy not only circumvents the Constitution and the Geneva Convention, it is also an attempt to bypass the spirit of those individuals with enough courage, conviction, and determination to stand up for what is right. But most of all, it automatically isolates activists from human rights workers and cuts off the kind of support and advocacy human rights organizations can bring to bear upon the system, as human rights groups cannot get involved in criminal cases, however phony the charges. The only time human rights groups can engage in cases having to do with people charged with crime is, for example, in the case of prisoners of war, such as those held in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

I was compelled to organize this campaign when I placed a non-emergency call to the Andover Fire and EMT department on Friday February 21, 2014. Without saying a word, the Fire/EMT attendant immediately channeled my call through the police department where the dispatcher picked up and started yelling in my ear, “We’re not sending anyone to your house; stop calling - you already called us at 3:00.” Well, I was on the phone with someone at 3:00. People keep forgetting that nowadays most of our actions are documented somewhere. Andover public safety did get an emergency call at 3:00 for an ambulance for my husband. That call was placed by my daughter. Either way, it was irrelevant whether or not I did make an emergency call at 3:00 and then called again at 6:00. In fact, I made that call to their non-emergency line in order to find out where they had taken my husband. Such a call should certainly not have provoked that type of hostility. The woman proceeded to tell me to google emergency. I do regret having hung up without telling her to google corrupt and stupid. In fact, police are not there just to respond to accidents, crime in progress, fire, or medical emergencies. Police officers also have a duty to respond to keep the peace, well-being calls, and other unforeseen events in the community.
All of this happened because I dared to complain and demand answers and accountability, after certain employees in both departments – particularly the Fire/EMT department – violated the spirit of the law and the codes of conduct and ethics, when I sought assistance earlier within that public safety complex. Nothing can make this right, but it is part of a larger culture of misconduct, which I have been fighting long before I ever came in contact with Andover police and EMTs. The problem with trying to stop people on high horses from running you over is that they will mark you for destruction, because they can never understand why they had run over so many people before without resistance.

This episode has brought this fervent democratic supporter to now wonder if the Party/ GOP, which she had come to despise, might be up to something, in terms of some of the rant by its members about government and power. What is crystal clear is that the Libertarian Party definitely has “The Power of The State” aspect of its ideology right. As a result, I am now looking far and wide for everyone who happens to believe in those principles that I have outlined herein, to contribute their voices to this campaign. I am seeking to bring cameras and lights in front of that complex (In Andover, both the police and fire departments are in the same building.) to try to figure out what exactly is going on between those two the departments. I have no doubt that when this happens, both departments will have their lies tied with nice little bows and lined up in neat rows, which will make them lies, nonetheless. I, on the other hand, will let the record speaks for itself.

In this respect, the “so” care about the people crow, major media organizations, such as The LA Times, The Boston Globe, and the New York Times - to name a few, and most state and federal government agencies are all failing the smell test when it comes to doing enough to get law enforcement personnel and the court to function within the boundaries of the law and ethics. These people have eaten from the poisoned caked into which our wicked genius has baked 50 percent misconduct and corruption as just some other ingredients. Who is in a better position to figure this out and denounce it than someone who happened to have bought into the notion that those people really stood for all that is right? Credit to Attorney General Eric Holder for working to make some important changes, but this lift is much too heavy for just a few scattered people or organizations to carry. This week, the governor of Arizona, Jan Brewer, vetoed a bill aimed at allowing businesses, such as restaurants and hotels, and even individuals to refuse services to people they believe are homosexuals on the basis of religious beliefs. The bill, which was named "The Freedom of Religion Act" was also known as the discrimination law, a.k.a. the nice shirt - nice shoes, no service law. If signed into law, the bill, which was passed by the all-Republican legislature in Arizona, would have allowed public accommodation discrimination to take place against anyone. There is no doubt that Governor Brewer would have signed this bill into law had it not been for the outcry and protests by corporations and other business enterprises, including Delta and American Airlines, The National Football League and the MBA, Coca Cola, Apple, and more. The question is, where are those businesses and corporations when it comes to misconduct by law enforcement and injustice in our courts? Had those businesses and corporations get involved, stop-&-frisk would not have robbed nearly 1 million of Blacks and Hispanics of their human dignity and rights over a period of 9 years. Businesses cannot be selective when it comes to whose rights they want to help protect. Furthermore, the Civil Rights community, which is stretched to the limits, has worked side by side with the LGBT community in defense of the rights of people to no be discriminated against on the basis of sexual orientation. We need that community to engage and get fully involved with the 100 percent ethical conduct in law enforcement and justice for all movement. 

Find  2 previous posts on this blog, both of which describe and support my claim that there is some type of corruption that needs to be addressed within those two departments. Also, browse the website to understand how far I have gone to support the democrats and President Obama’s agenda. I will not be able to continue to extend this support without some tangible assurances that people I affiliate myself with will stand on the side of justice, ethical conduct, and the protection of rights for all, at all time, and under any circumstances. This is a drastic step. Unfortunately, it is one that is necessary to bring these pervasive problems to the forefront. We all have some responsibility to invest in the Greater Good. I, personally, feel an obligation to make these issues a priority and continue to work to inject ethics, morals, and principles into the system. When it comes to justice and rights, to accept just a certain level of functionality is to tolerate dysfunction.

Reprint this post; email and forward it to their network and circles of friends, followers, family members, supporters, and affiliates, in order to make this an exponential campaign. Post it to Facebook, Google Plus, and other similar social networking platforms; Tweet and retweet it. We will be posting numerous blog articles on these issues, including how the Andover Police Chief was able to bring about a partial resolution to this matter. However, in addition to this site, some of those articles may be posted on other websites around the web.

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Writers' Post Network Blog: Police State in Industrial Prison, U.S.A

Posted on August 16, 2013 at 12:20 AM Comments comments (0) Books - Writing - Fashion Tips & Tricks

The Rise of the Police State In Industrial Prison, U.S.A - Corporate Prison

For most Americans, a police state refers to certain countries living under dictatorship or totalitarian regimes, such as China, Russia, North Korea, and Cuba. Americans have been trained to think of the concept of the police state to mean that group of countries and any other that the American government decides to add to the list. But, there is a minor problem. In totalitarian countries, the people are pretty much free to live their lives as they wish, so long as they stay out of the government business. Totalitarian states are by definition government whose
 primary objective is self-preservation and                                                         
perpetuation. And most Americans may be surprised to learn that citizens in 
those countries are never subjected to some of the government policies and police tactics that are described in this article.

Incarcerated Americans - Graph

America incarcerates more of its citizens than any country in the world. In fact, the U.S. has more prisoners than some countries have people. The United States has less than 5 percent of the world’s population, yet it incarcerates nearly 25 percent of the world’s prison population. To put this in perspectives, China’s population today is estimated at approximately 1.5 Billion people; India has a population of over 1.1 Billion, compared to the U.S. population of 309,349,689 Million, based on the 2010 Census.  Between 1970 and 2000, the U.S. prison industrial complex grew by more 1, 720,000 more prisoners to some astounding and indecent 3,000.000.000 prisoners. The growth rate in the incarceration of American is rooted in many evils, including old historical racist practices. The U.S. also has the undistinguished distinction of being among the small league of countries in the world with the death penalty, including Iran, Pakistan, China, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the Sudan, Afghanistan, Congo, and some others in Asia and Africa. At the end, at the foundation of this grotesque, uncivilized, inhuman, and dishonorable State are what follows:

1. Puritanism Merged with Politics

The puritan elements that brought us slavery and have sought to cleanse society of everything that they perceived as being immoral or irreligious continue to play a major role in advocating for laws to isolate those who do not obey and live by their religious beliefs. In the 1990’s we had the moral majority with its sets of rules for Americans to follow, from how to raise children, to sex before marriage, to abortion, and religion. The Religious Right known in past decades as Christian Conservatives, Evangelical Christians, or yet again as Religious Fundamentalists, and now the Tea Party, have never ceased to lobby the government for legislation to enforce bible-based value and inject religious beliefs into the political system in an effort to impose that value system upon the rest of the country. They have consistently promoted policies to de-regulate corporations and to regulate entertainment and individual behavior. They want prayer in schools and other public places. In states where they have succeeded in electing legislative majorities, they have placed bans on abortion and gay marriage, and passed laws to commission more arrests, build more prisons, and hand more severe sentences for lesser offenses.                       
                                         Greedy Corporations in Collision with the Criminal Injustice System

Corporate Corrections of America

2. From Slavery to Segregation to Prison: Black Oppression Transitions

After slavery was abolished, America found a new system of oppression and new ways to extend disparities and mistreat its Black population. The system instituted separate-but- equal. During and post-slavery between, between 1600 and the 1950’s, America consistently demonized, dehumanized, and treated its Black citizens as dangerous undeserving others who should be extricated. Beginning in the 1960’s, the forces of oppression found new ways to oppress Black citizens, by passing new laws, many specifically targeted toward Blacks and designed to warehouse massive numbers of people. Blacks were targeted for policy changes in criminal justice on grounds that they are the root causes of all of the country’s social ills, including mental illness and other diseases, economic distress, political turmoil, and the degeneration of society at large. The Confederacy was on the move.

3. The Criminalizing of America                                                                               tumblr_Photo [Share]

In addition to this targeted program, conservatives groups banned together with corporations to develop brand new series of crimes. Various civil infractions were turned into criminal offenses overnight. This change was particularly acute in motor vehicle regulations where law enforcement had the most discretion and states began to train their eyes on motorists’ wallets to fill their coffers. Police officers hide underneath bushes and hung a top of tree branches to ensnare unsuspecting motorists. US citizens witnessed a bonanza of police arrests, criminalization, and a "prison boom." The construction of jails and prisons became the new “New Deal.” Police Departments around the country indulged and Democrats cowered. Hundreds of thousands of Americans packed courtrooms around the country each day increasing court revenue for the state giving more power to police. With vast discretionary power at their disposal and a boiler-plate of charges ranging from disorderly conduct, to being “uncooperative,” and “belligerent,” Police misconduct, abuse, and brutality, became rampant. Post 9/11, police departments became militarized and ever more powerful. Rather than using this power to protect Americans against enemies within, police deployed their increased power to turn millions of Americans into criminals. Prosecutors who had always enjoyed near absolute immunity, took advantage of this fiesta to use all tricks in the books and some not on the books to railroad people through the system. The Innocent Project has documented thousands of cases where people had been wrongfully convicted on false testimony by law enforcement or informants, mistaken identification, corrupt forensic evidence, coerced confessions, and incompetent counsel. Yet more people who are accused of crimes end up pleading guilty for fear that if they go on trial and found guilty, regardless of their innocence, they are likely to be handed a longer and more severe sentence. Today, aside from the millions in prison, millions more have either gone through the criminal justice system, are on probation, or have been given criminal records. Millions of White Americans also have been caught up in this exploitative and evil system of oppression and injustice. Unless, this trajectory is changed, in the next decades, most Americans will have a criminal record, or they will know someone who has been through the criminal justice system, or they will remain at risk of being charged with crime.

                                                                    4. The Cynical Tough-on Crime Political and Predatory Scheme
Graph of America's Prison Boom since President Nixon
Scholars Katherine Beckett and Theodore Sasson have documented and argued "that conservative politicians have worked for decades to alter popular perceptions of crime, delinquency, addiction, and poverty and to promote policies that involve 'getting tough' and 'cracking down.'" The role that conservatives in the Republican Party have played in the insidious policy of tough-on-crime and the prison boom can be traced back to the past ten presidential cycles. There is no doubt that this policy was particularly aimed at criminalizing and incarcerating Black Americans in mass. Conservative Rights are masters in using propaganda to shape public opinion for political gains. First, they released self-serving studies and statistics to show that Blacks commit most crimes, which is a myth. Then, they came up with slogans, such as Black-on-Black crimes, and practiced word association by continuously using crime in the same sentence with Blacks. In the 1988 elections, Republican candidate, George H. Walker Bush, took this racist movement to a higher level, by using a Black paroled Massachusetts prisoner, Willie Horton, as a symbol of crime in the country. For the past 40 years, Republicans have worked shamelessly to shape public's perception of crime as an evil brought onto society by the Black population. As part of this effort to get votes, Republicans made a double-play by working tirelessly to redirect State policy away from social welfare. 

5. The Failed Ploy Called the War on Drugs

The failed 40-year war on drugs was nothing but a stand in for a modern Jim Crow. According to published report, Blacks, who make up 13 percent of the U.S. population and 13 percent of drug users, get arrested 38 times for every 1 time a White person is arrested on drug offenses. After President Reagan escalated the so-called war on drugs in the 1980’s, the United States prison and jail population grew from 500,000 to over 2 million, a 150% increase. Blacks make up 59 percent of all those convicted of drug violations.  Compared to the rest of the population, Blacks are 10.1 times more likely than Whites to be sent to prison for violating drug laws. The same reports indicate that in that war against the people, 1 in every 100 American adults has put behind bars. In the past 30, years, drug arrests have more than tripled reaching more than 1.63 million arrests in 2010. More than four out of five of these arrests were for mere possession, and forty-six percent (750,591) were for simple marijuana possession.

The Prison Capital of the World - Louisiana6. ThePrivatization of U.S. Prisons

Today, nearly ten percent of US prisons and jails have been privatized. Wackwenhut Corrections Corporation (WCC) and Cornell Corrections, Inc. represent two of the largest prison contractors in the country. Other profiteers in the prison industrial complex include The GEO Group, and the Corrections Corporation of America (CCA). Together, these companies make billions of dollars in prison profits from prisoner labor. These predators have systematically corrupted the justice system and unleashed their greed for profit, ruining millions of lives, destroying families, and tearing the fabric of society. In the name of their bloody bottom line, these corporations have teamed up with groups, such as ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council, which is famous for promoting voter suppression laws, tax cut for corporations, and gun laws, such as stand-your-ground throughout the South. These companies have peddled their influence, and gamed and poisoned the system with proposals to buy prisons from money-strapped states. These companies operate American prisons like labor camps where prisoners work for 25 cents an hour to produce goods that are then shipped for sales all over the world.

U.S. Dept. of Justice
A New Shift in Politics and Policy Resulting from the 2008 Elections 

With the ruling of Judge Shira A. Scheindlin striking down the racist policies of stop-and-frisk that was put in place a decade ago by New York Mayor, Michel Bloomberg, and Attorney General Eric Holder’s announcement of the Obama’s administration’s set of reform in the criminal justice system, major changes may be marching on. As the struggle to protect Civil Right and guarantee Due Process of lawfor all Americans marches on, the forces of repression switch the oppression machine to high gear. Many human rights groups, including the American Civil Liberty Union (ACLU), Amnesty International, and other grassroots organizations and some segments of the media, have been at the vanguard of this fight, but the task is monumental. In addition to Scheindlin’s ruling on Monday and the Attorney General’s declaration of policy changes, the Civil Rights movement, which had been MIA for the past three decades, is showing some signs of revival. Except for a small remnant in the persons of the Reverends Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson assisted by other pastors, Civil Rights movement through the 1980’s and the late 2000’s was splintered and nearly dismantled. The LGBT movement has broadened and strengthened the Civil Rights movement of today. However, more rights are at risks and even more are being violated every day. This requires continued vigilance and a working coalition. The country must capitalize on the progress that has been made by continuing to reject the conservative Right’s regressive agenda and move toward greater progress. The prison industrial complex may be last bastion, but it must be demolished.

Edward Snowden’s New Release - From Russia with Spite

Writers' Post Network Blog: George Zimmer "Not Guilty - Trial & Jury Verdict & Analysis

Posted on July 16, 2013 at 4:33 PM Comments comments (0) Books - Writing - Fashion Tips & Tricks

Zimmerman Found Not Guilty
Trial & Verdict Analysis
Juror Spoke to CNN
Roslyn M. Brock, Chairman of the NAACP was quoted as saying, “Today, justice failed Trayvon Martin and his family,” “We call immediately for the Justice Department to conduct an investigation into the civil rights violations committed against Trayvon Martin. This case has re-energized the movement to end racial profiling in the United States.” A petition launched by the NAACP on their site to the Attorney General to pursue Federal bias charges against George Zimmerman has already received over a million signatures. Anyone can go on their site and sign the petition.

File Photo
Wikipedia Share

NAACP Chief Ben Jealous                                                            Rev. Al Sharpton of The National  Action Network

Since the beginning of the killing of Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman’s supporters have donated over $450,000.00 to a fund he set up on his website. The Trayvon Martin Foundation, which was set up by volunteers, young and old, Black and White, has thus far raised about $150,000.00. Trayvon’s parents have been heartbroken by the verdict, which seems by default to indicate that Trayvon is responsible for his own death, had no right to self-defense, and deserved what he got. Trayvon Mother, Sybrina Fulton and his father Tracy Martin, have made statements through their attorneys Daryl Parks, Benjamin Crump, Natalie Jackson, and Jasmin Rand. They have, however, thanked support on social media, but they have not been seen in public since the verdict.  This has been exacerbated by egregious statements and commentaries that Zimmerman’s lawyers have made about the teenager both during the trial, in a press conference immediately following the verdict, and in a media blitz by defense lawyer Mark O'Mara, remarking that Trayvon caused his own death and that had Zimmerman been Black and Trayvon White, Trayvon would never have faced a trial for shooting Zimmerman in the heart. Most people agree that the comment is utterly absurd, but that it also reflects the kind of insensitivity and recklessness that led to Trayvon’s death in the first place. Donations of any amount can be made to the Trayvon Martin Foundation. You can also support the family by continuing to share links, keeping the issue alive, and sign petitions seeking justice for Trayvon Martin. Under the United States Constitution, Trayvon Martin was pursuing life, liberty, and happiness, quietly on his way back from the store. He owed no one any explanation as to where he was going or what he was doing. And certainly no one had the right to trigger a confrontation with him based on the way he looked and then killed him. It is not reasonable to expect that a person can bring a loaded automatic weapon to pick a fight, shoot someone to death, and then try to justify the killing by claiming that they were getting punched and beat up, even though Zimmerman's so called injuries that night were nowhere near great, serious, or harmful, the very basis of a self-defense plea.

People in cities around the country erupted in marches and demonstrations from New York to LA, protesting the not guilty verdict in the shooting death of Trayvon Benjamin Martin, days after his sixteenth birthday at the hands of 28 year George Zimmerman on the dark and rainy evening on February 26, 2012 after 7:00 PM in a gated community where the teenager was visiting his father in Sanford Florida. One key point that the news media consistently fail to mention in their coverage is that demonstrators from Chicago, to Florida, to DC, to San Francisco, Oakland, and at least two dozen other cities totally reflect the current demographics of the country, Black and White, women, men, and children, youths, mothers, fathers, and grandparents, Hispanics, and Asian.

Crowd Demonstration Following Zimmerman's Verdict
U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder spoke at a conference yesterday, indicating that his Justice Department will pursue a Civil Rights investigation into the death of Trayvon, and decide whether or not to file a federal civil rights case based on racial profiling. A criminal Civil Rights case can be charge under Federal laws if it the evidence shows that Zimmerman profiled Trayvon because of his race and subsequently shot and killed the boy. The Reverend Al Sharpton of the National Action Network and other Civil Rights leaders planned a march for August 24th to protest the verdict.

Crowd demonstration in front of the Seminole County Courthouse 
Where the Zimmerman's verdict was read
Yahoo News Photo

I. Prosecutors Bernie de la Rionda and John Guy's Case Was Boycotted by Sanford Police Detectives

1.The prosecution case was impeded by some of the law enforcement witnesses who appeared bitter and more than willing to assist the defense even if they had to agree to speculate or to volunteer information, such as the detective who testified that Zimmerman asked about her cross, and the other one who told the jury that Zimmerman was mick. One after another the law enforcement and official State witnesses went out of their way to boycott the prosecution’s case.
2. Detective Serino a 15 year veteran on the force who interviewed George Zimmerman three days after the murder of Trayvon Martin appeared unconvinced by Zimmerman’s story. Yet, he did all he could to help the defense during his cross examination. Veteran trial lawyers have all expressed astonishment at the way police law enforcement went out of their way to undermine the prosecution’s case. In addition, these are police officers and detectives whose very art is to lie at trials to get the State a conviction. These are professional liars who lie like rugs, but yet, for obvious reasons, they went into that courtroom intent on helping the defense.
3. The State Medical Examiner was inept on the witness stand reading notes, and whining he could not remember anything. He was a disaster for the State case. 

II. Racism is a Mental Illness Involving Denial & it kills                                                Trayvon Martin

Trayvon Benjamin Martin1. Racism kills, no matter how hard everyone tries to deny or ignore it. It is true that the prosecutor in all criminal cases carry the burden to prove a case beyond a reasonable doubt and in a murder trial the bar is even higher. However, the burden of proof is not beyond all doubt. The prosecutors failed to explain to the jury the importance of circumstantial evidence and tie their circumstantial evidence in this case to the other evidence that they had.
2. Trayvon Martin was racially profiled George Zimmerman on February 26, 2012, the night of Martin’s unfortunate tragic death. This is not in contention. The racial profiling of Trayvon by George Zimmerman is explicit in the various calls Zimmerman made to Sanford Police as a neighborhood watch volunteer before and on the night he killed Martin. Defense attorneys, Don West and Mark O’Mara successfully got Judge Debra Nelson to rule that the prosecution could not mention “racial profiling,” but only the word ‘profiling’, which makes absolutely no sense. So, race sat there as the elephant in the middle of the courtroom during the trial. But not really, because, it was the defense than then used the racial aspect of the murder to their advantage. The played all of the angles, littering the trial with racial stereotypes and biases. After   insinuating that Trayvon was a thug who caused his own death, Zimmerman’s defense went on to assassinate the character of the dead teenager with a series of innuendoes implying that he had no business walking in the gated community at 7:00 PM in the rain, and moving on to calling a White woman to testify that she had been burglarized by young Black males, as if Trayvon somehow deserved to die as a message or reparation for everything young Black males in this country have ever done wrong. It was the biggest display of disgrace that has been showed on TV in any broadcasted high profile trial.
3. Trayvon Martin had no way of knowing that he was documenting his imminent death when he was on the telephone with his friend Rachel Jeantil, as he walked back home from the Seven Eleven store with Skittles and Ice Tea in his hands that night. He told Rachel what was going on because he was scared. A 17 year old boy would not have told his teenage friend that he was scared and running had it not been true, and Rachel Jeantil could not have come up with that dialogue if she was paid to do so. Trayvon’s conversation with Rachel could not have been more extemporaneous. He told Rachel Jeantil that he was being followed by a creepy ... While the use of an expletive in the term might be offensive to some people, it is not a racial remark. If you look at it, a short while later after he thought that he had lost Zimmerman because he told Rachel so, he said on the phone, “S… the N…" is behind me,” which shows that his use of the term “creepy a…cracker” was not intended to be racist. As a result, Rachel Jeantil’s testimony could not be more important or true.
4. Similar to the police, the jury was willing to believe Zimmerman’s version of what happened that night, despite all of the discrepancies and holes big enough in his story to drive a truck through. This is rather understandable since people commonly show the ability to suspend their own judgment and disbelief when they want to believe somebody, no matter how absurd or disjointed a story may be.

III. A Set of Jury Instructions Made for a Not Guilty Verdict

1. In addition to the self-defense jury instructions, the judge also included an entire section of “Stand your Ground” in the Jury instructions, even though Stand your Ground, the new Florida law promoted by the Right Wing American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) on behalf of the NRA (The National Rifle Association) to expand the ownership of gun and render the enforcement of gun laws virtually ineffective, was never part of the case. In fact, Zimmerman and his lawyers had waived his “Stand your Ground” immunity hearing, which could have prevented him from going on trial, had he prevailed in such a hearing.
2. Worst of all, the prosecutors succeeded by law including a lesser charge of manslaughter just before the Judge started to charge the Jury with instructions for deliberations. This clearly backfires since the State never said one word in their case in chief about manslaughter during the trial, not even in their closing argument and rebuttal. This prompted the jurors to send a note asking for further clarification on the charge of manslaughter almost 15 hours into deliberations. And when Judge Debra Nelson sent a note back answering the jurors’ question with a question of the Court’s own requesting that the jurors specify their question, it became evident that the jurors abandoned considerations on the manslaughter charge and delivered their verdict about an hour later at 10:01 PM on Saturday July 13, 2013.
3. Zimmerman was clearly well schooled in self-defense law and other police tactics, and had time to prepare his story while waiting for the police to arrive after he shot Trayvon Martin.
4. Furthermore, Zimmerman could not have been straddled the way he said he was and still being able to pull his concealed weapon tucked in a holster behind his back.
5. Zimmerman was found by police with a loaded semiautomatic weapon with only one spent bullet. The spent bullet was the one he used to shoot Trayvon Martin in the heart,which indicate that Zimmerman was in fact carrying his weapon fully loaded with an extra live bullet ready to fire in the chamber. Zimmerman was carrying two flashlights that night. All things being equal, it Zimmerman was clearly driving around in his SUV armed, dangerous, and ready to kill. “They always get away,” he said on his call to the dispatcher before uttering a series of profane epithets in reference to Martin, whom he had no idea who he was or why he was there. In fact, as a neighborhood watch person, Zimmerman was supposed to be looking out for Trayvon’s well-being, as well as everyone because Trayvon had every right to be where he was and walked at anytime and anywhere he needed or decided to be since he was doing nothing wrong. The only logical explanation for the unjustified shooting death of Trayvon Martin is that George Zimmerman must have pulled his gun on Trayvon when Rachel heard Trayvon’s headpiece fall to the ground, and that seeing the gun prompted Trayvon to start fighting for his life.
6. Common sense would dictate that there was only one person yelling on that 911 tape, and it was Trayvon Martin. The yelling for help on the 911 call ended with the gunshot. The person who died was the one yelling. The yelling was so painful that no one could just stop like that unless it was the person who got killed.
7. As for both prosecutor John Guy rhetorical question in his closing rebuttal and defense attorney Mark O’Mara’s outrageous insertion, “had the role being reversed and George Zimmerman was left dead on the grass that rainy February night, Trayvon Martin would have long ago been on trial and would be by now rotting in prison.
8. Finally, never mind that Trayvon had every right to be where he was, but not the police, nor the prosecutors, certainly not the defense, no one seems to think that Trayvon Martin had any right to defend himself that night. It has never been mentioned by anyone.
U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder
The real tragedy is that none of this had to happen if this lying-in-wait to kill somebody neighborhood watchdog who told Shawn Hannity on Fox News that he would not change a thing because he believes that it was all God’s plan, if only he had approach Trayvon and introduced himself by talking to the boy like a human being, he would have found out that it was just a kid trying to get home. Would it not be justice if Zimmerman never got to enjoy his new found undeserved freedom because he could be kept fighting enough court battles (the pending perjury charges, wrongful death, hopefully a federal civil rights lawsuit) for the next so many years to cleanse his hands of Trayvon Martin’s blood? Justice comes in all shapes and forms, and sometimes when you win you lose.

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder (File Photo)