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Writers' Post Network Blog: Race in America - The Killing of Blacks & Moral Obligation of Whites to Demand an End to This Pathetic - Disgraceful & Uncivilized State of Affairs

Posted on August 24, 2014 at 4:56 PM Comments comments (491) Books - Writing - Fashion Tips & Tricks

We wish to take this opportunity to thank our readers, users, and visitors for all their support, emails, messages, and submissions and feedback. Thanks to all of you, our experiment in stretching and testing the limits of the Internet and the World Wide Web is paying off. Our year-old website has seen a 4000% growth in visitor traffic on its first anniversary, reaching over 4 million visitors so far this month from the U.S. and 96 other countries in hundreds of cities.

 Race - Police Beating – Abuse
& the Killing of Black People in America

Amnesty International Deployed Political & War Crime Monitors
For the First Time in an American City
An Absolute Disgrace & the Signs of an Uncivilized Society

Between August 9 and August 20, 2014, America was treated to the ugliest display and manifestation of the active infestation of racism in this society. As some segments of the media praised Ferguson police for showing “restraint” because they did not use live bullets to kill dozens of demonstrators, apparently something that should have been expected, the emotions mixed with anger and sadness were raw on Sunday August 24, as one of Melissa Harris Perry’s guests – Elon James White – recounted emotionally on MSNBC the heroine experience that he and other demonstrators survived in Ferguson, when they were viciously attacked with flares and tear gas over several nights of protesting. Tear gas is a nerve agent used as a weapon of mass destruction. A Duke University anesthesiologist explained on Harris Perry's show how the gas works by causing fear, pain, and real panic. It is a nerve agent which is delivered in the form of a toxic chemical explosion, which incapacitates the recipients and by activities the nerve endings in the sinuses and causes a sensation of suffixation.  What is clear is that America has so devalued the life of Black African Americans over the years, through government policies aimed at criminalizing and incarcerating Black people in mass, especially young Black males, that the life expectancy of a Black male in the United States today is about 18 years old. Those policies have primarily been implemented in the criminal justice system as a means to extend slavery through a managed system of occupation of Blacks, and to facilitate the denial of housing, employment, social mobility, and the dispossession of basic rights, such as voting, and the right to life itself.

Controlling the movement, activities, and the lives of Black Americans was made a priority and had been long implemented post “desegregation” through a variety of means, deriving from the politics of “tough on crime,” “the war on drug,”  three strikes you’re out,” and “minimum sentencing.” This follows a simple equation, which politicians – Democrats and Republicans – have helped to promote: Black people are strange, foreign bodies that are a burden on America and do not belong in the mainstream of American society. Therefore, if you cannot enslave them or legally segregate them, the government, using police as a conduit, must manage them through whatever brutal form of repressive and oppressive means necessary, including military occupation, in this case a militarized police force, or even murder. This also makes it easier to deny such group of people individual rights, economic mobility, and social equality. 

Today, Blacks in America still live as they did under the 1890's Jim Crow laws enacted by Southern States to enforce segregation. Most Blacks function in American society by trying every day to be compliant with unjust laws and policies, and to turn a blind eye to blatant acts of bigotry and discrimination, in order to avoid being a victim of racially-motivated attacks by Whites or the victims of violence by police, or the target of more racially-motivated policies by unscrupulous politicians who commonly use opportunistic tactics to target Blacks to help them get elected to office. Almost in every election, and as recently as the elections of 2012, right-wing politicians literally binge on a slew of adverse and damaging characteristics that Whites in this country have assigned to Blacks for over four hundred years: they are lazy takers, and criminally-minded people with no personal, professional, or family values. Those are the same Blacks who were kept working for hours on end on plantations, breaking their backs to allow this country to be built. Yet, they survived on little and committed no crime against the criminals who started trafficking them and held them hostage beginning in the 1600’s.

Policing v.  - Racial Profiling - Harassment - Crime Creation - Beat Down & Killing:
Reasonable People Should Be Able to Tell the Difference - Right!

Surely there was widespread shock around the nation at the response of a militarized police force against protesters. However, one cannot escape the fact that polling results released the Pew Research Center show up to 81% of Blacks believe that the killing of Michael Brown by Ferguson police raises serious questions about racial tension in America, while as many as 47 % of Whites told the researchers that the issue of race was getting too much attention in the killing of the unarmed teenager. Similarly, while 65% of African Americans responded that the police went too far in their response to the ensuing demonstration, only 33% of Whites said that the Ferguson police had gone too far, and 32% said the police had not gone far enough, and 35% refused to answer. In addition, the results found that Whites were nearly 3 times as Blacks, 52% to 18% to express confidence in the State and police investigation into the shooting. A New York Times/CBS News poll release simultaneously found similar results.

The Toxic Fruits of Centuries of Racism - Prejudice 
 Stereotyping - Scapegoating  & Discrimination:

The perception of Blacks in America as unworthy of even life, never mind liberty or the pursuit of happiness as stipulated in the Declaration of Independence by the Founding Fathers, has its roots in slavery. In order to travel to Africa and kidnap Africans, bring them to the Americas, sell them into slavery, and treat them like animals, Europeans needed first to dehumanize them. Once you take away people’s dignity, that is the little part of God in them that makes us all equal in the eye of the Almighty Universal Spirit, then the general populace is ready to accept whatever atrocious, barbaric, masochistic treatment you impose on such people, and any degree of uncivilized conduct you might engage in vis a vis those people. An example of this is that many Europeans, such as the Irish, Italians, and others who arrived in this America far past slavery, and came to this country themselves fleeing horrible conditions in their homelands, ended up buying into the notions that Blacks are inferior beings with no innate worth. These false conceptions were sold supported with fabricated statistics like Blacks are intellectually inferior, do not feel pain, possess super power, and commit more crime than Whites (50% of 35 million versus 20% of 275 million). These ideas are still being pushed today by pseudo intellectuals and morally bankrupt political hacks, such as Bill Crystal of the conservative Weekly Standard, Joe Klein of the Time Magazine, George Will of the State of Union, right wing columnist Charles Krauthammer, and plenty of others who continue to perpetuate these myths and thereby continue to propagate widespread prejudice and discriminatory behavior toward Blacks.

When Blacks Protest - the Words "looters - rioters, animals, and criminals"  Are Rapidly Used by Law Enforcement - Officials & Some in the Press to Prepare for Cynical Outcomes [Whatever It Takes] to Coerce Them into Putting Up or Shutting Up

In the 1980's and 1990's, both Ronald Reagan and George H. Walker Bush proposed that law enforcement used "whatever measures necessary" to end protests in Black communities. Last week saw many analysts and commentators, as well as politicians, question and decry the militarization of police in America. Although this phenomenon escalated after the attack on the World Trade Center by Al Qaeda on September 11, 2001, this militarization of police, the terrorizing of the civilian population at the name of the war on drugs, the breaking down of doors of houses inhabited by women, children, the disabled, and the elderly, and the military-style raids and warrant less stop, searches, and false arrests, have all taken hold in American life right under our noses over the past three decades. Following September 11, and as America’s wars in Iraq and Afghanistan wined down, both Democrats and Republicans approved a Pentagon program to pass on excess war equipment, including high powered weapons, armored vehicle and tanks to police forces all around the country. In 2012, State and local police received 35 Billion dollars from this program, and 2013 assets from Homeland Security to militarize State and local police amounted to 449 million dollars. It should not have surprised anyone that the police in one town in America deployed those weapons on mostly Black protesters in residential areas that are homes to 60% of Blacks in the town of Ferguson. This could have happened anywhere in America where there is a large population of African Americans. When Ferguson police demanded demonstrators clear out by dark, they were essentially re-instating early and mid-1990 century laws that were enacted to control the movement and behavior of Black around the country: The 1920 Sundown towns; The 1941 Missouri 6:00 PM Whistle and Twilight (clear out) laws, and similar laws in Minnesota and California in 1956. In Wisconsin, a “no drought – no mosquito – no Malaria – no Black” policy was declared.

Flash Bombs - Flares - Tanks - Grenades - Tear Gas 
Unleashed on Demonstrators in America
A Scene Unworthy of Iran - China - Russia & North Korea 
& Most of the Brutal & Repressive Governments in the World

The video footage out of Ferguson Missouri over the course of 11 days was a disgrace for American society, and a complete failure of leadership at the governmental level. What took place was also a letdown of epic proportion by today’s Civil Rights leaders who have failed to organize the Black community, attend to the needs of Blacks in America for economic growth, social advancement, and a solidification of the progress that was made by earlier figures and politicians, Black and White, up to 1964. Beginning in the 1970’s, opposing forces doubled their effort to roll back all advantages and achievements that were made up to the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, championed by President Lyndon B. Johnson. Blacks were no longer allowed to articulate grievances or discuss the effects of prejudice, racism, and discrimination on their every day lives. As segregation was outsourced to the real Estate and Housing Markets, Blacks were pushed away into less prosperous economic areas with non-performing schools deprived of resources, high unemployment, and dilapidated infrastructures. All legitimate complaints by Blacks have since been slapped down as “playing the race card,” and Greater America continued to look upon Blacks as unworthy and undesired foreign bodies among them.

With the rise of the extreme Right Wing, the opposition to all things Obama within the Tea Party and the Republican Party at-large, the elections of the first Black American seems to have exacerbated racial animus in America and rendered Blacks even more vulnerable to abuse and attack and violent acts in this country. And police has been at the forefront of this deconstruction of the Civil Rights gains that were achieved in the 1960’s, and they are generally supported by a segment of the White population that will express more outrage at the abuse of a dog than the callous and criminal act of killing a Black human in cold blood. The depravity of racism has left this county mentally unbalanced, morally unfit, and socially outside the norms of the civilized world. Mimicking a mental illnesses, the germs of racism have infected the carriers and the sufferers alike. Forced into poverty and marginalized, or simply in protest, many Blacks have displayed the very characteristics that were originally falsely and by purpose attributed to the Black population, and thereby the establishment of a vicious cycle in a sewer of distrust, hate, and malfeasance, that has taken hold between Blacks and Whites in America. This pattern will continue, as the Black population cannot change this alone, no matter how willing or ready. The knee-jerk reaction by most Whites that they cannot be racist because they did not live during slavery is patently absurd and infantile. Even if a person is not a racist, complacency in the face of social injustice is never an option. Anyone who is serious about bringing change and leaving this world better than they found it must get involved with those who are working to generate change. White, Latinos, Native American Indians, and Asians, all must join to help turn this around. No government declare open warfare on the people if they march by thousands and millions. We have seen the power of the people around the world when they come together to generate change, many times at the risk of dying. We have witnessed populations standing up and declaring, "We The People" from Egypt to Kiev to Turkey to Pakistan to Brazil. When they French rise they rise together. At this time, the key to ending this old and revolting way of racial hostility and tyranny in America rests firmly in the hands of White Americans as a whole. 




Writers' Post Network Blog - The Promise of Michael Brown's Ferguson - A Civil Rights & First Amendment Fellowship Fund

Posted on August 21, 2014 at 7:09 PM Comments comments (205)

18-Year Old Michael Brown
A Project Devoted to Generating Lasting Change That Younger & Future Generations Can Promulgate to Toward A Wiser - More Stable America for All & for A More Perfect Union

No Justice - No Peace
Donate & See Your Name in Lights!

A Business And Media Partnership Dedicated to The Training And Education of Young Journalists And Young Civil Right Lawyers - Leaders & Community Activists

Take Action - Change the Future for The Next Generation
Our goal is to raise $50,000 this first year
to fun  this campaign to give toward scholarships 
and continuing education 
for young writers, journalists, Civil Right Law students, and future leaders and community organizers 

JFK Quote
Michael Brown: Ferguson Missouri August 9, 2014: This fund will be used to support the education and career of young Black and White journalists and Civil Rights lawyers, with a promise that they will grow into an army of professionals who can be deployed locally and nationally to research and report on the news, and to provide legal services and assistance in situations such as the one that developed in Ferguson between August 9 and August 20, 2014, following the shooting death of unarmed 18-year old, Michael Brown by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson. The killing of Brown was followed days later by the shooting death of a 20 year-old in St. Louis Missouri, and preceded just 3 weeks earlier by the chock-hold killing of Eric Garner, a 43 years old father of 6, in Staten Island, by New York police for allegedly selling un-taxed cigarettes.

You cannot believe anything police say until they prove themselves trustworthy - No one is giving police a bad name, except for police - Once they reform, they will get the appreciation that they deserve.

18-year-old Vonderrit Myers

18-year-old Vonderrit Myers
Thursday October 16, 2014: 18-year-old Vonderrit Myers was shot and killed by an off-duty St. Louis Missouri policeman working as a security guard for a private company. St. Louis Police Chief Col. Sam Dotson said the 32-year-old unidentified officer, a six-year veteran of the force, was working for a private security company when he approached three men on the street. "As he exited the car, the gentlemen took off running. He was able to follow one of them before he lost him and then found him again as the guy jumped out of some bushes across the street," Lt. Col. Alfred Adkins said. "The officer approached, they got into a struggle, they ended up into a gangway, at which time the young man pulled a weapon and shots were fired. The officer returned fire and unfortunately the young man was killed."

 “He was unarmed,” a cousin of the suspect, Teyonna Myers, told the Post-Dispatch. “He had a sandwich in his hand, and they thought it was a gun. It’s like Michael Brown all over again.” Berhe Beyent who owns a deli in the area, confirmed that Myers had purchased a turkey sandwich and soda at his store 10 minutes before the shooting. Myers’ uncle, Jackie Williams, 47, said his nephew had been living at his house, which is within walking distance of where the shooting occurred. “My nephew was coming out of a store from purchasing a sandwich. Security was supposedly searching for someone else,” Williams said. “I don’t know how this happened, but they went off and shot him 16 times. That’s outright murder.”

"Why did John Crawford, a Walmart customer, get shot and killed carrying a BB gun in a store that sells BB guns?" By Family Attorney Michael Wright
John W Crawford
John Crawford, Beavercreek, Ohio / August 5:Two police officers responded to a 911 call about a man waving a gun at customers inside a Walmart store. According the Beavercreek police department, 22-year-old John Crawford disregarded officers' orders to disarm before being fatally shot in the chest. Crawford's gun turned out to be a .177 caliber BB rifle that he'd picked up from a store shelf. 

Dante Parker Killed by San Bernadino police 8-12-14

Dante Parker36 year-old Dante Parker, a father of 5, was killed on August 12, 2014, in Bucknell Court in Victorville in San Bernadino, just 2 miles from his house, when a deputy sheriff confronted about a call by someone in the neighborhood on suspicion of robbery. A Orville resident told police that a robbery suspect had fled on a bicycle. The police detained Dante Parker reported the Daily Press newspaper, apparently because they found him nearby on a bike. After he was approached by a female deputy sheriff, Parker was tased several times and was reportedly sweating profusely and having trouble breathing before he died on the scene. A Taser is a lethal weapon. This would not be the first time that a person has been reported killed by a Taser. Just as Eric Garner was given the death penalty by New York police on suspicion of selling “loose cigarettes” on the streets, and therefore not paying taxes, Dante Parker was also killed on a vague suspicion of “someone trying” to break into a home, according a call by a homeowner who could have very well been afraid of seeing Parker near her own or walking by her home, as Mr. Parker was of a heavy set and dark skin. 

Mrs. Parker pretty spoke for all people walking around in Black skin in America when she said this in a press conference outside NAACP offices:
"We have hearts. We have feelings. He had a family to come home to," wife Bianca Parker said outside the NAACP offices Tuesday. "He was our provider. He was the rock of our family. I don't want to go through life being a bitter person, but I feel myself having a whole bunch of anger."

25 year-old Ezell Ford was walking on the sidewalk down a Los Angeles street on Monday August 11, 2014, when he was stopped by tow Los Angeles gang unite police officers who decided to stop their car to question Ford about what he was doing. According to press reports in the Washington Post and from the Los Angeles Times, Ford “continued walking and made suspicious movements (which obviously is ground for the death penalty) including attempting to conceal his hands (One of many routine excuses – justification, and lies that police use to get away with murder). The question is, why should Ford have to answer questions from anyone under the color of law for walking down the street? Americans, Black – White, or purple, do not surrender their rights to privacy and to be left alone just because they walk out of their house. Clearly, Ford was being harassed and provoked, and those policemen were on a hunt, knowing that violating the constitutional rights of a Black man in this country is almost expected and accepted by the population.

Killed by Los Angeles police: 8-11-2014
Ezell Ford
“When the officers got closer and attempted to stop the individual, the individual turned, grabbed one of the officers, and a struggle ensued (Sounds familiar (Very seldom is this jargon supported when videos of these encounters surface – and even then, police always find a way to blur, distort, and embellish the facts, or resort to right out lies) . During the struggle, they fell to the ground and the individual attempted to remove the officer’s handgun from its holster.” (All of a sudden, with these serial murders of Black males by police, there seems to have been a new invention of ‘the suspect attempted to grab my weapon – and at that time, I… I… I murdered him’). The other officer, police said, “Fired his handgun and the officer on the ground fired his backup weapon at the individual.” [Sure!]

Kajieme Powell killed by St. Louis police: 8-19-14 
Kajieme Powell killed by St. Louis police on August 19, 2014. In a store surveillance video Kajieme Powell, 25, can be seen calmly walking into a store, pick up a drink and then begin to walk out without paying. Before he reached the exit, he turned around and grabbed a pastry, and again headed for the door calmly. In the meantime, both the store owner and an alderwoman had called police. When the young man got outside, a second video that surface about 2 weeks following the killing, shows Powell putting both items on the sidewalk and started pacing back and forth. Yet he remained calm. Within 1 or 2 minutes, a police cruiser arrived. The policemen can be seen addressing Powell from the inside their cruiser, and at a distance of 2 to 3 feet, Powell could be seen talking to them and making mild gestures with both his arms. From the video, nothing could be seen in Powell’s hands. But within 23 seconds police arriving, they two policemen at the scene shot 9 bullets into Powell who drop dead on the sidewalk. Police later told the public in a press conference that Powell was holding a knife, even though there is no evidence that he was. There also has been talk of the young man being mentally disturbed, which has not been supported with any facts. One thing was clear. Kajieme Powell, on that particular day, was disturbed about something, perhaps the killing of Michael Brown, which took place only 2 miles away in Ferguson just 10 days earlier. And this incident took place in the middle of heated and emotional demonstrations during which Ferguson police deployed armored vehicles mounted with sniper rifles and machine guns aimed directly at demonstrators. This is also a time when Ferguson police engaged in the arrest of journalists and the use of flares, grenades, and a massive amount of tear gas in residential neighborhoods, and when people standing in their backyards were told by police to get lost or being arrested. 

Eric Garner killed by NY police: 7-17-14
Photo_Getty_National Action Network

Eric Garner
Eric Garner: Staten Island - July 17, 2014: A police choke-hold, as well as chest compression, were the causes of death of Eric Garner, the city medical examiner's office says. 
Photo_Getty_National Action Network



  Ferguson Missouri Police confront demonstrators 
Ferguson Missouri - Police Confront DemonstratorsFerguson Missouri Demonstrators and Residents Are Invited to Join A Class Action Lawsuit against Ferguson police - Chief Thomas Jackson - Officer Darren Wilson - Governor Jay Nixon and the State of Missouri for:

  •  Violating Demonstrators First Amendment Right (Freedom of Speech - Expression & Assembly, and the Right to Petition the Government)
  •  Violating Demonstrators' Equal Protection under the Law (See Abortion Clinic and Tea Party Demonstrators - Arizona Rancher Cliven Bundy and Militia)
  • Violating The United Nations Charter and the Geneva Convention to which the U.S. is a signatory (the deployment of weapons of war against demonstrators)
  • Violating Demonstrators' Civil Rights between August 9, and August 19, 2014
  • Engaging in Brutality & Misconduct
  • Acting with Gross Neglect and Willful and Malicious Acts
  • Inflicting Extreme Emotional Distress & Trauma upon Demonstrators and Residents of Ferguson with Malice and Forethought
Best Friends

We will award this fund in the form of scholarships to support the following:

  • The education and training of investigative reporters that can cover events such as Ferguson in a way that can protect both the journalists and the public
  • A campaign to reform police training and community policing together with police and community relations
  • Reform in the justice system and the courts
  • Training of young lawyers, particularly in Black community to protect the rights of people arrested during protests and demonstrations, and to pursue civil rights actions on behalf of citizens caught up in police misconduct, abuse, harassment, and Civil Rights violations. 

Quote by the Rev. Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr. Contribute on this site through Paypal Donate
 $5 - $10 - $20 - $25 - $30 - $40 - $50 - $100
 Or Enter an Amount


GOLD LEVEL $500:  Get a personal hug - An engraved " Justice-for-All Philanthropist" gift - VIP in our 2015 Fashion Designer Splash - First listed on the Donors Wall of Fame.

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Businesses, groups, individuals, and organizations, are invited to join us in fostering changes in the relationships between police and the public for the benefit of both police officers and citizens.

Become a part of this great and exciting experiment by engaging with us through our multiple and various offerings. 

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Contact [email protected] or call 888-388-7586 


Writes' Post Network Blog: Legal Action against Ferguson Police Dept. - Chief Thomas Jackson - Governor, Jay Nixon - Killer of Young Michael Brown: Darren Wilson & State of Missouri by this website:

Posted on August 17, 2014 at 4:05 PM Comments comments (98) Books - Writing - Fashion Tips & Tricks


Press Release
 Class Action Sought against Ferguson 
If your were a demonstrator in Ferguson or are a resident of Ferguson or St. Louis - Please contact us to become a plaintiff in a legal action against Ferguson police and City and State officials for the multiple violations of demonstrators' rights between August 9 and August 19, 2014
Contact: [email protected] or call 888-388-7586
Press Release for Immediate Release
 Boston – Massachusetts
August 17, 2014 [3:48 PM EST]
Released By:

The notion that police were shot at - as reported by Captain Ron Johnson -
 and police did not shoot back and none of them were injured is absurd.
And why did Ferguson police not show the media on camera the so-called bottles and rocks that were thrown at them. Such bottles and rocks should have littered the streets. Captain Johnson reportedly showed the media either one or two Molotov Cocktails that were supposedly lodged at police; for all we know, those could have come straight out of the police department.
Police have shown that they cannot be believed.

No Justice - No Peace
Police have no right to tell demonstrators when - where - or how to protest (See Abortion Clinic and Tea Party Demonstrators & Arizona Rancher Cliven Bundy)

The Killing of Michael BrownENOUGH! Announcing That a Federal Lawsuit is now Being Planned this website, plus a Call for a Boycott - Coupled with The Abolition of Police Academies [Demonstratively the poisonous tree] by This Website. We Have Interests in Maintaining the Integrity of Free Speech - Being a Site with a Blog Network  and A Newsroom.  This Action is scheduled to be filed within the next 4 months or before the end of  2014. Upon the Advice of Attorneys We May File This Action Either in Boston or Missouri.

We believe that we do have standing in this matter – as citizens – and Bloggers and journalists.

Ferguson Police have lost all credibility, including Captain Ron Johnson who is a fruit of the same poisonous tree. Police are not entitled to dictating to demonstrators how they can express their anger in the face of the murder of an unarmed 18-year old. American citizens have the right to travel from anywhere in the country to join a protest in demand of justice. As for the propaganda of "people lodging Molotov Cocktail, rocks, and bottles at police, and bringing guns to the protest, this comes straight out of the playbook of some of the worst dictators in history. First, you demonize the people, and then when you abuse them, violate their rights, or kill them, everyone will agree that you are doing the right thing: fighting "bad guys:" 

Captain Johnson has shown himself to be nothing more than a wolf in sheep's clothing. His appointment to this job was a cynical public relations stunt by Governor Jay Nixon. His words ring shallow, and he is not at all in this to protect the rights of the demonstrators. Captain Ron Johnson lied on Camera to the public on Monday August 18, 2014 just before 3:00 AM. As a result, he deserves nothing more than contempt, for showing himself to be just a token minority being used to fulfill a despicable role in a basket of rotten apples.

His chant about "criminal elements," "agitators," and "individuals from elsewhere speaks for itself. People have traveled from all over the country to join protests from years immemorial. These coded terms are routinely used by the world's worst dictators to justify killing their own citizens. And the terms "criminal elements" is a code term used by police to demonize people in order to justify going on rampages or making false arrests. This does not mean that there may not have been people throwing bottles or rocks. But that is what people do to defend themselves and stand up for their rights, when they are attacked with weapons of war and their lives are put on the line, as has been such in Ferguson for 12 solid days.

At this point, we will not accept another first-degree murder of a Black youth to be lost in history. will not stop this Campaign until and unless the goals that we have set and outlined here are fully met, and substantive changes have been made.    

Contact Marie Y Winfield at 978-332-3527 or 888-388-7586 or email us at [email protected]

Should there be any delay in filing this action – which we do not foresee, as any original complaint is subject to be amended by law -- if necessary -- the press will be notified immediately, and a notice will be posted on this site. After August 31, 2014, the press and the public can obtain copies of the complaint by contacting, and such will be faxed, mailed, or email to requesting parties right away.  Further, will be available, beginning on August 20, 2014, to answer questions and to  address any issue or inquiries from news organization and others. 

We are not a group and are not affiliated with any group or political organization. We are, however, a socially-conscious website with the mission to leave the world better than we found it. We will accomplish this mission by implementing programs and taking action consistent with our goals and the spirit of the website. We are extending an invitation to Individuals, businesses, and organizations to join us and get involved in this effort.  This will boost our effort and help us to accomplish our goals. The numbers to call  are 978-332-3527 or 888388-7586. 

 The announced action will name the following parties:
                     Town of Ferguson
                     The Ferguson Police Department
                      Police Officer Darren Wilson
                       Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson
                     The State of Missouri
                        Missouri Governor Jay Nixon

We The People
 We Allege  That Ferguson Police Have Violated Missouri Law – United States Constitutional Laws (The Right to Free Speech - Free Expression and Movement -  As well As Their Right To Petition The Government, in That The Demonstrators Were Essentially Petitioning Ferguson’s Local Government - Missouri’s State Government And The Federal Government for The Killing of 18-Year Old Michael Brown And The 6 Days of Absolute Inaction.) This Is Especially True Since the Demonstrators Had Articulated Demands. Ferguson Police also Violated International Laws – The United Nations Charter - As Well As the Geneva Convention  to Which the U.S. is a signatory. 

This Campaign Will Remain in Full Force Indefinitely or Until All of Our Stated Goals and Objective Are Satisfactorily and Definitively Accomplished.

For 12 Days Now Ferguson Police Have Been Grossly Violating Protesters' First Amendment Freedom of Speech and Expression - Freedom of Assembly - And Civil Rights Guaranteed to All Citizens of this Country.  If The Government Will Not Take Action or Drag Their Feet in Order To make This Last for Years [As they have done in the past], we Will. In Other Words - Somebody Has To Rise to Certain Occasions at Time of Great Injustice. And as a Fervent Support of Barack Obama - He Has Always Been Too Scared To Take any Definitive Stand When This Type of Egregious and Outrageous Acts Are Committed by Police. So Are The Democrats. We Intend to Put an End to This Era - Whether or Not a Republican or a Democrat Occupies the White House and with the crazy Republican-dominated Congress and with The Democratic Senate  We Intend to Pursue an End to These utterly unacceptable practices.

We Are Right Here - Now - and Right Away - Calling on All Businesses to Boycott the Town of Ferguson & the State of Missouri Over The Senseless Murder of 18-Year Old, Michael Brown by Rogue Cop Darren Wilson of Ferguson Missouri and The Subsequent Police Rampage and Police Rioting plus the Use of Force against any other protesting group.  This Boycott is also in response to the Violation of Protesters’ of Assembly and the Illegal Attempts to Limit the Rights of Protesters by the Implementation of curfew, The Police Occupation of Black Neighborhoods of Ferguson, the Police Demands for Protesters to Stop Protesting after Dark, the Order for Protesters to Keep Moving and Making Protesting in One Place a Crime, the Abuse –False  Arrests, and Ferguson Police Attempts to Intimidate – Harass and Censor Journalists’ Right to Report the News, and the Deployment of the National Guard.

By deploying the National Guard under State Leadership, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon took the extraordinarily illegal step to Officially Establish Ferguson as a War Zone, as the National Guard has always been deployed to protect citizens and not Law Enforcement. We are also calling for the abolition of Police Academies in this country  as they are -- demonstratively the poisonous trees. If Police Academies want to remain in business they should prove that they have a plan to undertake an overall reform of their training for preparing police cadets to become fine officers and gentlemen. 

Consider that What Started as a Protest Was Quickly Turned into a Riot and a Chaotic and Violent Even by Police Themselves and Their Illegal Response to What Was A Peaceful Protest.
None of This Type of Tactics Have been Required of Protesters Comprised Primarily of Caucasians. {Police Demands, and Orders, had never been required of violent abortion protesters – tea party members’ rowdy protests,
 or any other protesters -  Exhibit A: Cliven Bundy’s armed standoff and his associated armed militia threats to shoot at Federal law enforcement from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). This happened in Southern Nevada on March 27, 2014].                

Note that to this day [day 9 of Michael Brown's shooting by Darren Wilson, no charges have been filed - even though the 2 autopsy reports thus far have indicated that Brown was shot 6 times, the first bullet having being fired by Darren Wilson from inside his cruiser. Added to this several eye witnesses who do not know each other and did not know the murdered youngster, all recounted what they saw, and that is the 18-year old being shot while holding both his hands up, running from the homicidal Warren Brown, and being shot twice in the face. 
The MediaTHE MEDIA is inept, lazy, bias toward police, and have demonstrated little intellect, with some exceptions. They have abdicated their role as independent arbiter to check and balance in government  [Evidenced by shows, such “law & Order – Bad Boy Bad Boy – America’s Most Wanted – Nancy Grace and others”] Some of these shows could be useful, as Black people, too, are victim of crime every day in every city and town. The problem is that the hosts of these shows do not show objectivity and journalistic ethics, allow themselves to get carried away, and make no effort to avoid stereotyping and stigmatizing Black. Therefore, they almost always slant their shows in support of police or simply report nonsensical and blatant lies that police choose to tell in their best own interests. They routinely in their report make police look like super hero facing great dangers from hardened criminals [Black people]. In reality, the data from the 2012 National Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries s Show that police did not make the 10 most dangerous job and occupational hazards in the U.S. 
Reference:  []. Nonetheless, the myths about police jobs being at the top of the most dangerous have been fed to the citizenry who bought it wholesale and swallowed it whole. The media in this country is directly responsible for this campaign of mass distortion. Those who perpetuate this myth should hang their heads in shame.

On August 14, 2014, while Ferguson police were on a rampage and rioting one local reporter filing his report live live to his television station. That reporter lied live, saying that the demonstrators were “throwing Molotov cocktail, bottles, and rocks at police at police,” therefore that act by protesters triggered police’s war zone response. That was an unmitigated lie, as there were videographers filming every angle of the occurrences for historical Archives. And nowhere in those videos can anyone see demonstrators doing nothing, but holding their hands up and chanting “We are unarmed” or something to that nature. That reporter was evidently lying, and he, too, should hang his head in shame. Watching the entire event unfolded all night-long, I, too, saw no protesters doing any such thing. After following this police riot without any provocation, I became so disgusted that I stopped watching any show where I knew this would be covered. Those shows include, but are not limited to: Comedy Central – Up with Steve Kornacki [Saturday from 8:00 AM EST to 10 o’clock AM. I also did not watch (as I typically do – Melissa Harris Perry from 10:00 AM to 12:00], Alex Witt and any shows that followed both Saturday and Sunday. As a matter of fact, I chose to spend the entire 2-day weekend working on my website. This yellow journalism was even more evident on MSNBC’s Chris Matthew’s Hard Ball when he interviewed an Israeli Spokesperson. Not only did Matthews agreed and supported every statement the man made, he went out of his way to drag down the Palestinians because they had the nerve to exercise democracy and chose to elect Hamas.
In response to what has been unfolding in Ferguson, some in the media grabbed onto common century-old myths: Black people are violent, they steal, loot, and riot; they are monsters and criminals - sub-humans, illiterate former slaves who do not belong in this county, and therefore, whatever police do to them is well deserved, and it is to protect the rights of White citizens. Why is it so difficult for anyone in the press and the greater media with half of a brain to understand and accept that, when people are oppressed, abused, marginalized, discriminated against, and feel targeted, and are made to feel vulnerable, they will resist; They would not be humans if they did not, as any lack of resistance to this type of egregious, horrendous, and outrage treatment would suggest the absence of, or an erosion of our survival instinct, as well as the human being's need for respect and dignity. 

Having refused to watch this sham of travesties wrapped in charades that the media and press call news and serious reporting, we woke on Monday August 18, 2014 to the shocking news that Ferguson Missouri – again – went up in flame the day before, Sunday August 17, 2014. This time it happened under the so-called new leadership of Captain Thomas Jackson, a Black law enforcement officer. In response to this news, the media pounced on another myth: "the looting, rioting, violence, and chaos by Black people myth." MSNBC Joe Scarborough on his “Morning Joe Show,” surrounded by his “Yes” guests – regular or otherwise – was the offender in chief. But this type of unethical and bias media production will not last for long. We will see to that, because when people are being murdered, oppressed, and targeted with weapons of war, as far as we are concerned all the funny bologna media bets are off. This is to say that under those circumstances, people do have the right to riot, as rioting and chaos are the direct result of built-up anger and frustration, and by-products of feeling and/or perception of being put at risk or in danger. Those reactive behaviors, which were deliberately provoked by Ferguson police, are also legitimate expressions such anger and frustration. Consequently, the events in Ferguson should be laid right at the feet of Ferguson police and Missouri officials and not on the shoulders of the demonstrators. 


The reasons that the press and the media at large are failing so miserably to report the news without coloring it and reporting every lie that the police feed them, plus stories not supported by the evidence, is because reporters are terrified at the prospect of losing their jobs, and commentators are afraid not to be called back as consultants, which would result in negative effects on their freelance income. As for television show hosts and reporters, as well as news print journalists, they are compelled to report this type of event with colors, as they could be fired if they do not comply with the narrative of portraying Black African Americans as lawless people, regardless of the fact that Black children, husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, friends, and cousins in that community are racially profiled, abused, harassed, framed, beaten, and murdered by gangs of “police” every day under the color of law. 

Considering all of this, the media, President Obama, and the press must stop their unethical alliance and the promotion of police as good guys and super heroes. These groups' allegiance should be with the people, particularly when they are being murdered and grossly abused. 

Too Many Have Died To Guarantee Rights for All Americans

We Are Also Hereby Calling for The Abolition of Police Academies in The United States As They Are -- Demonstratively --The Poisonous Trees. Police Cadets Should Attend College to Study Ethics. In Order To Implement Genuine Reform Police Academies in All 50 State and The District of Colombia Must Meet Our Demands Listed Above:
2) Teach and Demand that Every Police Cadet Passes A Course Focused on  Studying Ethics - Cultural Customs and         Traditions  - The Meaning of Equal Rights and Equal Justice, and Civil Rights and Anti-Discrimination Laws                                               
1)  When Self-Defense Is Appropriate

3) The Abolition of Police Academies in The United States As They Are -- Demonstratively --The Poisonous Trees. 

Police Cadets Should Attend College to Study Ethics Criminal Justice and the Law. While Attending College – Police Officers in Waiting Can Get Physical raining by Enrolling in Such Activities with The United States Military. During Their Time Training with The Military Corps – Police Will Have The Opportunity To Learn Code of Conduct and Come Out Realizing That Unlike The Military Which Deploys Whatever Force Necessary To Fight Enemies of The United States – Police Forces in The U.S. Sworn Oath and Allegiance Are To Serve and Protect The Citizens of The United States Equally Without Regard for Race – Color – Social Status – Religion – Political Affiliation – Ethnicity – National Origin and Sexual Orientation. These steps will 1) Instill Ethics within Police Forces and  2) Teach and Demand that Every Police Cadet Passes A Course Focused on The Moral Truth - Principles - And the reality that there is never any good reason to use force against citizens, except in self-defense, or to protect life or property.                                                   
However, Police Academies Can Remain in Existence - Provided That They Can Turn a Credible Plan the Public showing how and When Genuine Reform Will Be Implemented.  

Businesses Got Involved And Engendered Change in The Gay Rights Movement - Immigration And Education. 
Poor Black African Americans Deserve Same Accordingly - Businesses  Must Start to Show Involvement When It Comes To The Civil Rights of Black People - Especially Their Rights To Not Be Senselessly Killed. Those who choose Not Respond To This Call To Support Civil Liberties - Civil Rights & The Right of Black African American To Live The Dream of The Founding Fathers:  Life - Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness Will Be Targeted for Boycott.

We will Monitor Development and The Behavior of Small and Large Businesses and Corporations in Order to Take Appropriate Action in Implementing a Complete Boycott of Ferguson and the State of Missouri Until Justice Has Been Served in This Case. Today, August 20, 2014, (12 days after the assassination of 18 Year-old Michael Brown for walking on street while Black, we are again watching live war-like, dictatorship and totalitarian tactics (This is an offense to dictators, totalitarians everywhere, and respectable bananas republics  (See Egypt - Brazil - Gaza - France - Iran - South Korea - Ukraine demonstrators and more).Therefore, I take this back), let us simply say tactics by a definitely not an exceptional police department or hero police being deployed on demonstrators.


Thank you for supporting this campaign by contributing fund to help us succeed.





Writer's Post Network Blog: President Obama's Speech the Morning after the Government Was Re-opened & the Default Averted

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Transcript of President Obama’s Oct. 17 remarks on the budget deal, after Congress voted to fund and re-open the government, and also lift the debt limit to avoid default.


“Good morning, everybody! Please have a seat."

Last night I signed legislation to reopen our government and pay America's bills. Because Democrats and responsible Republicans came together, the first government shutdown in 17 years is now over; the first default in more than 200 years will not happen. These twin threats to our economy have now been lifted, and I want to thank those Democrats and Republicans for getting together and ultimately getting this job done.

Now, there's been a lot of discussion lately of the politics of this shutdown. But let's be clear. There are no winners here. These last few weeks have inflicted completely unnecessary damage on our economy. We don't know yet the full scope of the damage, but every analyst out there believes it's slowed our growth. We know that families have gone without paychecks or services they depend on. We know that potential home-buyers have gotten fewer mortgages and small business loans have been put on hold. We know that consumers have cut back on spending and that half of all CEOs say that the shutdown and the threat of shutdown set back their plans to hire over the next six months.
We know that just the threat of default, of America not paying all the bills that we owe on time, increased our borrowing costs, which adds to our deficit. And of course, we know that the American people's frustration with what goes on in this town has never been higher.

That's not a surprise that the American people are completely fed up with Washington. At a moment when our economic recovery demands more jobs, more momentum, we've got yet another self-inflicted crisis that set our economy back. And for what? There was no economic rationale for all of this. Over the past four years, our economy has been growing, our businesses have been creating jobs, and our deficits have been in half. We hear some members who pushed for the shutdown say they were doing it to save the American economy. But nothing has done more to undermine our economy these past three years than the kind of tactics that create these manufactured crises.

And you don't have to take my word for it. The agency that put America's credit rating on watch the other day explicitly cited all of this, saying that our economy remains more dynamic and resilient than other advanced economies and that the only thing putting us at risk is -- and I'm quoting here -- "repeated brinksmanship." That's what the credit rating agency said. That wasn't a political statement. That was an analysis of what's hurting our economy by people whose job it is to analyze these things.
That also happens to be the view of our diplomats, who have been hearing from their counterparts internationally.
Some of the same folks who pushed for the shutdown and threatened default claim their actions were needed to get America back on the right track, to make sure we're strong.”

Writers' Post Network Blog: GOP's Moral & Intellectual Bankruptcy & the Media's Race into The Swampt

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The GOP’s Moral and Intellectual Bankruptcy
& the Media’s Race to Catch up

Into the Depth of the GOP Swamp

The new electorate that elected President Obama in 2008 and re-elected him last November is here to stay. the country is center-left and will not be tugged to the right and be made to walk parallel to the ground by the Tea Party occupied Republican Party. Republicans will have to come up with more than one new ideas to win in any future elections. They will also need to accept facts, reality, science, arithmetic, and understand that religion has more to do with taking care of the least among us than it does with policing people's sexual lives and women's uterus. Americans will not go back to 1901 where Republicans seem intent on taking them.  

Bad News - Bad

You can fix a website but you cannot fix stupid

The New York Times Office HeadquartersRepublicans have perverted the public and civil discourse, and are contributing to the degradation of American culture. They are a national embarrassment and a corrupting force on the youth of this country. On November 15, wrote an article entitled “Why People Should Stop Referring to Problems to Crazy Things like Hurricanes.” In that article, the website cited a New York Times’ headline in which the paper compared the “loss of confidence” in the Obama administration to the way the response to Katrina affected the George W. Bush administration. Any literate person would recognize that the New York Times was not comparing the miserable rollout of the open enrollment stage of the healthcare program to the neglectful malpractice that the Bush administration committed after Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans and left over 1800 residents dead, and hundreds of thousands stranded and dying without basic necessities in the New Orleans Superdome or altogether displaced. The newspaper was merely reporting on the results of the obsessive polls the media have been conducting and reporting on comparing those President Obama to those of President Bush around the same point in time, a mere snapshot. This constant reporting of poll numbers alone is a sign of the degradation that has settled among the discredited news media. Why would anyone believe those poll numbers anyway? During the 2012 presidential campaign and right up to Election Day, the news media tried to convince the public that President Obama was separated from citizen patriot money off-shoring Mitt Romney by only 1 point in the polls. By October, the public figured it all out and voters turned to the New York Times’ Nate Silver and other statisticians like the Pollster on Huffington Post to monitor the race. But no one can accuse people in the media of being bright. For anyone who is too young to know or has not watched documentaries on the great men Americans used to count on for their news, there were, yes Walter Cronkite, former ABC evening news Peter Jennings who did not graduate college but was a hard-working and ethical journalist who grew enormously in standing. We also had Ted Koppel of ABC Nightline, World News’ Charles Gibson, all-American newscaster David Brinkley of “This week with David Brinkley.” There are others, including NBC’s Meet the Press, Tim Russet, CBC’s Lesley Stahl and Mike Wallace, respected anchor and newsman Charlie Rose, PBS’s Gwen Ifill and the whole cast of the McNeil Lehrer News Hour. In its early days, CNN also had some very smart anchor and journalists who knew how to cover the issues, rather than becoming a part of the rumors, misinformation, conspiracy theories, and right out lies. This crop of journalists knew how to conduct an interview, while today's media individuals are incompetent and intellectually deficient to the point where they are incapable of carrying through a decent an interview that a Scholastic Books kid journalist could excel in doing

Stupid FactoryIt is pathetic enough that we now have a major political party that has descended into the pathology of lying on national television day after day, without having people who consider themselves journalists, or at least part of the news media, to join Republicans into the weeds of political perversion. Since Republicans have no governing agenda and their policy positions have been soundly rejected by voters, time and time in the past 5 elections, despite their attempt at deceiving the electoral and stealing elections, the party has resorted to lying in a chorus about everything, from lying about President Obama to lying about his policies, and lying about lying. The real pity here is to watch the so-called media leaping to provide a partner to the degenerate Tea Party Republican Party and join in the lying tango. Some of this is the result of plain laziness and a lack professional ethics among individual members of the media, while the essential part of it derives from pure imbecility. It is at best embarrassing to watch as the news media follows insane tea party conspiracy theories and disgracefully report on them: “the president is not a U.S. citizen; he is conducting mind-control; President Obama is trying to take away people’s guns; he leads from behind; he is a Muslim; he is an Arab; he is a socialist, communist, fascist; the president watched on video as his own ambassador was being murdered in Benghazi and ordered the military to stand down; the President lied about “promising” to allow people to keep their non-health care insurance, “don’t-get-hit-by-a-bus coverage,” which scheming insurance companies have been issuing for years, bringing financial ruin, unnecessary suffering, and pre-mature deaths into the lives of millions of Americans. And it goes on and on. Moving forward, no one who cannot spell Benghazi or point to it on a world map should be allowed to say the word.

Do the right thingAs for the latest idiocy that has overcome the disgraceful Republican Party, having to do with Hurricane Katrina and the failure of the commissioned healthcare website coupled with the fact that people who receive those cancellation notices from insurance companies have not able to go on the site to shop for new and better plans at lower costs, a few bloggers and commentators have tried to shoot down the senseless comparison with the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina in 2005 under the stewardship of President George w. Bush. However, President Obama does not need defending against such scurrilous charges. Most intelligent sixth graders could confront and disassemble such a comparison. In fact, there is no comparison to be made here at all; and the very idea that individuals posing as news anchors could entertain this type of stupidity is scary for the future of this country, given that the job of the media is to be at the avant guard of the welfare of this country through the proper gathering, sourcing, monitoring, use, and dissemination of information.

MSNBC Morning Joe with Joe ScaraboroughRepublicans have no scrupulous and the news media has shown a propensity to sink to the very depth of their pathological delusion with them. Bloomberg columnistAl Hunt said on MSNBC Morning Joe, on November 14, “I think Katrina may be the best analogy” to the handling of the AHCA rollout. Al Hunt looks too washed out to be bothered with. He may even not be all with it. Also on MSNBC Morning Joe, that Friday, former Bush Communication DirectorNicole Wallace presented her theory to Joe Scarborough and his yes – maybe so group that this healthcare rollout bust was somehow comparable to “our [Bush’s] Hurricane Katrina moment.” Of course, that crowd has been trying to re-habilitate itself since President Bush left the country in shamble in 2009 with 2 failing wars, high unemployment, millions of foreclosures, and a nearly fatal crash in the economy. Since Republicans lie in unison and typically try to support one dumb idea with an even dumber one, Wallace’s false comparison of the circumstances surrounding the health care law with the collapse of New Orleans’ structurally unsound and defective levy system was quickly followed with similar comments by the contemptible Dick Cheney, who conspired to lie his way into a foreign war and drag the country with him. Mr. Cheney should give back all those hearts he has been getting to people who might really need them. Before the weekend, shameless Mitt Romney who should be hanging his head in shame for the way he conducted himself during the election season quickly joined in with comments on the President health care, as if most Americans cared what he had to say from here on end. also wrote that Dean Baker of the Center for Economic Policy and Research noted that “the comparison to the response to Hurricane Katrina has to qualify as more than a bit over the top.” This is not over the top. It is intellectual bankruptcy. However, to be intellectually dishonest one must first possess an intellect, and there is no evidence that there is much intellect or too many neurons firing around the news media circle.

Republican House LeadershipAs for the morally bankrupt Republican Party whose ideas date back to the stone age, its policy agenda for the country is as follows:

·        War, war, and more war
·        Trickledown economics
·        Business deregulation
·        Tax cuts for the rich (the job creators)
·        Abolishing the Departments of Education, Commerce, EPA, Agriculture, and Health and Human Services
·        Defund PBS and the Institute for the Arts and Humanities
·        Banning abortion, redefining rape, and ordering transvaginal procedure for pregnant women against their            doctors’ advice
·        Bans on gay marriage voter suppression
·        Voter suppression
·        Taking food out of the mouths of children and the elderly
·        Demonizing the poor
·        Scrapping Medicare, Medicaid, and privatizing Social Security.
·        Self-deportation of non-White immigrants

This is the agenda the news media is so cheering for. This explains why they run around like chickens whose heads have been cut; dragging giant microphones to catch the most outrageous non-sense they can gobble up from slow-minded Tea Party Republicans. The same news media then turn around and claim that they cannot judge whether or not anyone is making racist statement because “they’re” not in their hearts and minds. If this has become  the standard by which we judge whether or not people make racist statements, we now need to apply those same standards before we can claim that anyone is making anti-Semitic or homophobic remarks.
ABC Sunday anchor George StephanopolousLackey ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulous tweeted: “How can President Obama recover from his Katrina?” Former Bush speechwriter David Frum tweeted: “President Bush did not design and enact Hurricane Katrina.” Of course, President Bush did not design and enact Hurricane Katrina. What President Bush designed with his bare hands were two wars, his tax cuts for the rich, plus his unpaid prescription drug program, which left the economy in a ditch and the country on the verge of a Great Depression. GeraldoRivera asked on Fox & Friends: “Is this like weapons of mass destruction? Is this like President George W. Bush after Katrina?” Geraldo can say anything he wants on Faux News. The majority of Americans understand that Fox News is the Tea Party Republicans’ cable news channel. Fox News earned a pass for showing their true color. Fox also won the comedy news channel award for having the sense of humor to stamp their entire pile of anti-Obama programming with a “fair and balance” stamp. That is funny!

In his piece “Republican proposal permits people to keep current health plans even if they don’t meet standards established by new law,” the Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza also took on the issue. He wrote,
“We are fortunate that, through the failures of the Obama administration, the GOP is in a better spot,” said Terry Nelson, a leading Republican strategist. “But we still have to answer the question that voters are asking, which is: What would we do? That’s our opportunity, and we have to seize it.”

WMD - The Pretense for George W. Bush's WarOn the other hand, in “Is Obama Already a Lame Duck?”Jonathan S. Tobin |of commentarymagazine wrote,
“It’s been a bad summer for the Obama administration. At home, the president’s negligible legislative agenda remains stalled as his incessant attempts to demonize Republicans have poisoned efforts to find common ground on even those areas where large elements of both parties might work together.”

“Abroad,” Tobin continued, “the administration’s embarrassing failures in Syria (where it has ignored the “red line” the president enunciated about chemical weapons), Egypt (where its embrace of the Muslim Brotherhood has been followed by a dangerous ambivalence as the military has launched an effort to decapitate the Islamist movement), Iran (where it has wasted five years on pointless diplomacy as the ayatollahs get closer to a nuclear weapon), and the Israel-Palestinian conflict (where it has invested heavily in a revived peace process that has little chance of success and may do more harm than good) have worsened his standing in the world as well as at home.”

This sums up the raison d’être of the 5 parts and 10 subparts of the Republican Party today. Their sole purpose is to seek the country’s failure by working to boycott the President’s agenda, while trying to de-humanize him using under-handed and despicable tactics unbecoming of the Taliban and Al Qaeda. And the media is too deep in the weeds to pull their tails away from this swamp. The most outrageous aspect of this is the way the toxic mix of the sub-groups within the dying Republican Party traitorously and actively works to undermine the President’s foreign policy to the detriment of the country. In the midst of a sensitive two-prong diplomatic negotiation with Iran after 35 years of hostility and Syria where President Obama has managed to initiate diplomacy to achieve the desired results without shedding American blood, Republicans are trying to pull the plug on the negotiations by demanding more sanctions and siding with hard-liner and known war mongering Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel. What makes this even more absurd is that those negotiations are barely a month old. These are will be made operational. The healthcare law will work for all Americans once it reaches it maturity, as all programs need to. The President’s legacy will survive the onslaught intact. History will be very kind to this President, as he is one of the gentlest, most honest, genuine, and compassionate presidents this country has had in its near 400 years history. President Obama has achieved more in his first term alone than some presidents have accomplished in two, and he has more brain and class than the sum of the people who have mounted this all-out assault upon his administration, his person, and his dignity. Ultimately, this President will prevail and the voters who elected him will never forget or forgive those who have subjected him to this utterly unfair, disgusting, and unjust treatment.
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Writer's Post Network Blog: Police Corruption Faces Metaphysics- Andover, Massachusetts

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Andover Police Retaliated
Police code of conduct

Used Hospital as a Weapon – Again

The only  way to stop police abuse is to not tolerate any part of it, rather than to react at the very deadly end of it with brutality and killing ~

If lessons were meant to be easy - learning would hardly advance

Andover Police should stop trying to mentally evaluate me. They will find no team of doctors or psychiatrists with or without sophisticated medical machinery with the capability to understand me. 
Only a select group of people can understand me - so it was written.

The Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (1918 - 2008)_CC_Maharishi School of 

The Maharishi Mahesh YogiWorld Guru [& this author's Initiation Guru] - Founder of the Center for Brain Cognition & Cosmic Consciousness  
at the Maharashi University  of Management - Founder of Transcendental Meditation ( & Teacher of the Vedas (the collection of canonical Hindu revelations [Veda = heard] as opposed to Religious texts [ remembered])

Some of us are in this world but not of this world, and sometimes, like a beautifully healthy heart implanted in a patient, there are incompatible properties between us and the world (the transplanted heart and the body). 
This can cause certain segments of the world to continuously try "to reject us" by all means necessary
-- still continuing the heart transplant metaphor --  at the world's own risks and peril.

Read Why

Metaphysics and other ultimate sciences which are discussed in this post, are not to be confused with intellectualism or educational knowledge. Physical sciences, by their very nature, are narrow and limiting disciplines. This is why a medical doctor is not by education knowledgeable in the law and a neuroscientist is not necessarily schooled in engineering. 
An advanced metaphysician, on the other hand, can stand at the portal of universal knowledge 
and tap directly into the source of knowledge 
to find the where, when, how, and the why of "things."

~ If you find interest in these subjects, we encourage you to do further research ~

In order to accomplish this, I will hereby partially break the cardinal rule of Metaphysics and the Rosicrucian Order (Rose-Croix) to which I belonged (This knowledge I will not disclose): to no discuss these subjects with people who may not understand. Yet, again, the underlining principle is: when the disciple is ready the master comes. The question is, will the disciple know when he is ready, or will the master? Is there one disciple among others? I know: the time has come for me to reveal some of what I know for the benefit of Andover Police, people with whom I have interacted, anyone who might interact with me in the future, and those who will never interact with me, yet might be able to draw knowledge or derive more understanding from this disclosure (our footprints).

Having dealt with hospitals throughout Boston, the Merrimack Valley area, and in Canada, while taking care of my mother, my father-in-law, and my father who died in Canada where he lived.
 In a separate series of articles, I will write about hospitals & health care personnel
~ and show how dangerous and unethical some health care professionals can really be ~

The meaning of ethics (simple and basic definition)I was hoping to be writing about highly ethical men I have had the privilege of meeting in law enforcement, in official positions, and in the justice system. I am anxious to write about two of the most exceptionally ethical men I have ever met anywhere in any professions:  Retired First Justice of the Lawrence District Court, Judge Thomas Brennan, and Vermont State Police Lieutenant of Internal Affairs, Lt. David Miller, also retired. I am also looking forward to writing about other policemen and public officials that every citizen should be proud about, such as Internal Affairs Lieutenant of the Cambridge Police Department, Chief Court Officer of the Lawrence District Court, Paul Mangon, Former North Andover Town Manager in the year 2008, and several North Andover Policemen. I have interacted with some of these men at various levels, in circumstances unrelated to my personal interests, but with ethical code of conduct and the proper administration of justice.I will write about these men and show how easy it is for men to do the right thing. What each of these men have done will also show why good police conduct – or the conduct of personnel in any organization – closely reflect the type of leadership that derives from the very top, such as an ethical police or fire chief,  ethical chief justices, or an ethical CEO or administrator.

Andover Town Manager, Reginal S. Stapczynski

Unfortunately, I have to write this follow-up article about Andover police and fire and rescue personnel, for having escalated their contemptible behavior. I did challenge Andover Police for an incident that happened on February 8, 2011. However, after my first post regarding what had transpired, I was sure that the matter had been put to rest, given my impression that the Haverhill, Massachusetts police department was yet the most corrupt police department that I was aware of.

Andover Chief of Police, Patrick Keefe
Andover Police Chief: Patrick Keefe

At this junction, I have to assume one or more of the following:
Andover Police

(a) Are really stupid
(b) Are really mad for having being challenged and want revenge
(c) Have some sort of fascination with the person that I happen to be
(d) Are more corrupt than I thought (sure - with some exceptions)
(e) Need to understand me better
(f) Think that anyone who challenges them must be crazy, given how dangerous they can be, if they choose to be

I choose all of the above. Consequently, following the description of the event in question, I will spoon-feed the Andover police department some fresh new ideas. Andover Police can take solace in one thing: Once my mission here is done, I will be gone.

I could easily invoke racism, but I won’t. The reason is, where I am concerned, wrong is wrong whether or not it is triggered by immorality, a lack of conscious, corruption, prejudice, racism, bigotry, or plain hate. When police behave badly, they equally inflict injuries to the citizen whom they hurt and every other person in law enforcement everywhere. The net result is an enduring image of police as a glorified gang of people who will do anything and are not to be trusted. This cascading effect creates a negative atmosphere in communities, and is destructive to the fabric of the nation.
In one of my most recent posts entitled “Cops – The Half of the Rotten Basket of Apples – Andover, Massachusetts,” I discussed extensively the way Andover Police abused their power to violate my rights, and perpetuated abuses against me, when I challenged them over their handling of my domestic disturbance calls. Although I did not expect the police department to be happy with the article, I did go through great length to depict exactly what happened, and tried to be fair throughout my presentation. Before I wrote the article, it took me a year of trying to get the department to simply admit that they had done something wrong and apologize. At the end, they proved that they were not capable of admitting any mistakes. Although I preferred to believe that the department was above retaliation, I still anticipated that, given the chance, they might seek revenge. And it happened sooner than I could have possibly expected.

As I explained in the previous article, the fire and rescue department and the police department in Andover are housed in the same building. I was fully aware that they worked together. That would have been fine, except that what started this in the first place was the undue influence that the police had exercised upon the EMTs in the incident that prompted me to write the first article to begin with. Therefore, when I needed to go to the hospital last weekend, I called the fire and rescue department non-emergency number and told them this. Two policemen showed up. One of the officers, Officer Benjamin Ledwell was extremely pleasant and polite from beginning to end. On the other hand, the other office and I did not seem to understand each other at first, but at the end, everything was fine. They did not feel that I needed an ambulance, so they offered to call me a taxi. I could have done that myself, but I told them it was OK to call me a cab. I waited, and five hours later I started feeling really sick. I called the fire and rescue department back and told them that I was feeling faint. I suspect that they might have transferred the call to the police department, because whoever answered the call told me to call back if I still felt like that later. I knew how I felt, so I hang up and called 911 on my cell phone, knowing that the emergency call would be picked up by the State police. As soon as the State police transferred the call to Andover, an ambulance arrived within a minute.

Andover Fire Chief, Michael Mansfield

Andover Fire Chief Michael Mansfield
I am very familiar with how ambulance transport works, from taking care of my mother with strokes, heart attacks, and congestive heart failure. I had developed a great deal of respect and appreciation for what emergency workers do, until I found out how they can become corrupted by police. Typically, there are two EMTs responding to a call. While one of the two would sit with the patient to take a medical history and check vital signs, the other would be in contact with the hospital to report what is going with the patient and take instructions from the hospital as to what to do. After all, paramedics are there to provide first aid, and in serious cases try to keep a patient alive until they can get to a hospital. This time, however, one of the men was very hostile from the start. The other man started using profanity while he was taking my information, because in the process he somehow became offended by something I said until I told him to calm down because he was misunderstanding what I was saying. All the while, I knew something was going on because I could hear the other man on the radio talking to the police station rather than the hospital. By the time I got to the hospital it was clear what they had done. They knew that they could not take me to the Holy Family Hospital, given what they had done the last time around, which started this conflict between me and the police in the first place. I also specifically requested that they take me to Lawrence General Hospital. I could not imagine that Andover Police would do the same thing twice, especially after my last post about the scheme they had pulled. But, there I was in the hospital, placed in this dark room with no phone and almost a bare wall, as I watched the two men at the nurses’ station telling some story. I could tell from watching them that they were making stuff up: They reported bringing me to the hospital for mental evaluation.

That was not going to sit well with me. So, I demanded to be transferred to a different room. The nurse was right down nasty and accused me in my face of being on drugs. I believe she was told this by the crooked Andover EMTs. I’m kind of getting used to being accused of being on drugs, as this must have been the thousandth time someone had accused me on being on drugs. At this point, I’m not even sure what that means. It could mean anything. There are so many kinds of drugs, I guess any one of those assumptions and accusations could fall anywhere in between. For examples, I've been accused of being on drugs for the way I speak slowly with an accent; for saying things people don’t understand, because when I speak, I use some pretty big words and engage in all kinds of complicated explanations, illustrations, preface, and footnotes, and I extrapolate. In addition, I suffer from such an extreme dry eye condition that I used to rub my eyes to the point where they’d be almost bloody red and I could barely open them. I've also had six eye surgeries so far and might need more. As a result, my vision is low and my eyes look all blurry, beat up, and unfocused. Because of these problems, I have been in many situations where people literally look at my eyes and treated me in all kinds of horrible ways based on prejudices and false assumptions. That’s not all. The problems with my eyes, combined with what follows have caused people to act negatively toward me, say derogatory things about me at earshot, and taken various adverse and injurious actions to hurt me intentionally and maliciously. 

Nothing makes wrong  right, but I understand: first, setting aside the matter of human prejudices, 
this culture is completely obsessed with drug use and addiction to just about everything. 
Second, if all that someone knows about or understands is drug use, it would make some sense
 -- in an ignorant and narrow-minded kind of way -- 
that such a person would project 
and assign only that with which that person is familiar, to that which such a person does not understand.


Andover Police should give up their fool’s errand. I can’t take credit for the following, since I didn't design myself. It would have taken the average human being a couple of hundred years to do all that I've done. I can say that I seemed to have always been placed in various places at various times doing multiple things almost seamlessly [therein lie the matter of "ultimate realities" and the beauty of "knowing stuff"]. In the grand scheme of things, the fundamental  knowledge  of the inner-workings of "all things," which others might find mysterious or inexplicable, make everything else - including being misunderstood - seems insignificant and very pale in comparison. This  is similar to going through life carrying a crystal ball, which may not allow for the alteration of "ultimate realities - which are latent and absolute, this "knowing" does allow for conscious-competent participation 
in the creation of "realities," leading to "ultimate universal realities."  
The net sum of the following "samples" of bona fide is what I am made of:

1. Principles: I live by the codes of morality, ethics, and integrity. I have the patience of a saint, and am always willing to give others the benefit of the doubt, and treat all with respect. I am trusting, honest, kind and generous to a fault, and will go to any extent to help others, including perfect strangers. But I have strong convictions and zero tolerance for injustice and unfairness,and will fearlessly challenge anyone who engages in these behaviors toward me or toward someone else in my presence, regardless of who the perpetrator may be. In that sense, yes, I will “fight City Hall,” (meaning the power base). Millions of people have died fighting for justice and fairness. There are some things worth dying for. That is a part of perfection. One can be perfectly imperfect, imperfectly perfect, or even perfectly depraved on the continuing of perfection.

2. Family: I do come from a line of near geniuses and unusual people, Catholic and very conservative. My father was a school inspector who spent some of his time defending poor people Pro Bono in court, and could fix any kind of electronics. My uncle who would have been over 90 years old now built a special machine after 2 years in mechanical engineering, and then used the machine to build motorcycles from scrap and rebuild car engines when he was in his twenties. My half-brother graduated college and entered medical school at 16 years old.

3. Personal: Beginning in the first grade, I can remember how I would finish my classroom assignments within 5 or 10 minutes even though the teacher would give the class up to 30 minutes to complete an assignment – I drove my teachers crazy. At around 8 and 9 years old, I used to enjoy observing the other children play during recess more than I enjoyed playing. Visiting family friends, who to a 9 year old seemed old, would spend hours carrying on conversations with me and calling me “an old soul.” I had no idea what that meant then, and I sure don’t remember what those conversations were about. By the time I was a sophomore in high school, my algebra and geometry teacher handed me the chalk and sent me to the chalkboard just about every day to teach the class until he had to introduce a new chapter; he did that so I would not sit there bored. I graduated first of my class from 8th grade to graduate school, and first in the national assessment test. I can read a 300 page book and remember what page to go back to find a single sentence or a paragraph. I can compose a document of any length in my head before I sit down to write it.

4. Education: Bachelor of education - Minor in Psychology – Master’s in Linguistics – half-way through a Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology - Certified in Audio-Visual Technology & Videography. I possessed the first voicemail system, the first cell phone, the first personal computer that ever came on the commercial market. For example, I was in Saratoga, CA in the Apple computer headquarters training in their hardware and software prior to the launch of the company's first PC. It just so happened that Saratoga is located in the proximity of nearby San Jose where the Rosicrucian Museum (AMORC) is. Oh - how everything is inter-connected!

5. Career: Taught for many years, including pre-school – Grade school – High School – College and Graduate school on 2 continents; Worked on radio for 9 years starting at age 20 on 2 continents; Studied on three continents; Worked for Departments of Education on 2 continents; Ran a non-profit organization; Worked in health care; Owned a small business; Given speeches before groups of hundreds of people college students and professionals in various fields; Traveled the 3 Americas, Europe, and the U.S. from Coast to Coast.

6. Languages: I spoke Latin fluently before I lost it to practice and can still read it, and speak several other languages.

7. Meta-Knowledge: I have been a Meta-physician since I was 19 years old. The word Meta is a Greek prefix, which is used to indicate something that contains the properties to explain other things. The main works of Aristotle (Greek philosopher and student of Plato [384-322 B.C.]) were named Metaphysics: Books VII, VIII, and IX (by  (by Andronicus of Rhodes)because they followed Aristotle's books of physics and phylosophy - numbers I through VI. Other examples of of how the property of the prefix "Meta" is used before other words include Metadata, Metagalactic, Metalanguage, and Meta-analysis. The simplest definition is the Arabic one: “the science of the divine.” The Chinese definition of the word is very consistent with its ancient and modern interpretation from Europe to Asia. Metaphysics is concerned with the study of life through and beyond the intricacies of the relativity of time, spheres, and various planes. Metaphysics can more completely be defined as an all-encompassing science that uses branches of philosophy, ethics, physics, epistemology (the study of knowledge and justified belief []), and ontology, to explain the absolute fundamental nature of the being and the dynamics between the being and the world around it and ultimate realities (beyond - "all is well"). 

As a discipline, Metaphysics contains branches, such as Hatha Yoga (physical yoga), Mantra Yoga (mental exercise), and Transcendental Meditation, which integrate physiology and neuroscience in their practices. Mantra Yoga is used in transcendental mediation. To further illustrate, in the metaphysical world, the being (essence) which exists in its own right is substantive and markedly different from matter, which exists in forms (the physical). See Metaphysician Peter van Inwagen’s (1998a) attempt to define metaphysics as the science of “ultimate reality…” [Source].  Metaphysics is neither an occult nor an esoteric science. It is rather abstract and complex, and is not easily explained or understood, except by initiation and through studies. Rosicrucianity, on the other hand, is the study of ancient and guarded knowledge, and and the actual practice of breaching the physical spheres and ethereal planes. It is esoteric. Therefore, both meta-physicians and Rosicrucians live more for the ethereal than they do for the material. Both disciplines require life-long study. However, since we must all start somewhere, better late than never, in that eternity ["ultimate realities"] could last a long time.

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Writer's Post Network Blog: Cops - The half of this rotten basket of apples in Andover, Massachusetts

Posted on September 21, 2013 at 9:01 PM Comments comments (0) Books - Writing - Fashion Tips & Tricks

There is not enough room in the lying market for both crooks and Cops


CC_Google Images
Cops & Doctors - Ethical standards

There are two groups of people whose lying can cause serious damages to others: health care professional and police.This article shows how lying, deception, and corruption are rampant among both groups
 People in these professions must get out of the lying business now.

CC_Google Images

Andover is located about 26 miles north of Boston and, according to the police department, 
Andover has a population of 35,000 residents - The home of the famous prep school- Phillips Academy.

The local newspaper for the area, including Andover, is the Eagle Tribune. Based on their history of reporting on police matter, their headline for this same article would have contained some or all of these words:
 Police hospitalized woman who acted crazy.
~There is honor among thieves~

Note to The Reader: This post has a count of approximately 3,350 words

Once we live the boundaries of this planet, the Fifth Amendment, pleading ignorant, or no contest, are no longer valid. Therefore, when we know that a wrong is being done to us or someone else and allow it to be perpetuated by doing nothing, as soon as it happens to someone else, the universe holds us directly responsible for it. We are not here to run a popularity contest. Life is the most serious of any business. We cannot wiggle our way out of taking stands, because “in the final analysis” it is going to be between us and…This is the meaning of life. 

Please note that the matter in this article cannot be covered in one session. Therefore, this is the third in a series of articles, some of which may be published on other Writers’ Post extensions – Also note that Andover Police have been informed that they would be featured on this blog and its extensions for corrupt practices, more specifically for lying on legal document to cause a person harm, and then refusing to acknowledge the lies and apologize when given a chance. Congratulations, Andover, you are now a star!

My dog would not bite the hand that feeds him

I feel sorry for good and decent policemen – I have met many and I will be writing about them. I understand that they have to go along with the lies and the rest in order to collect a paycheck. Everyone needs to make a living. Unfortunately the exceptions do not make the rule, and one rotten apple in a basket of any number of fresh apples will turn the entire basket rotten. That is chemistry.


First, let me say that this article is probably the second on out all of the articles that I have posted here and on my blog extensions, where I will be writing at the first person. If you look at all of the articles on this blog, you will see that I write very formally, like in a book, but not just any book – the kind of writing you find in serious academic books. However, in this article and others in this series, I will be writing about police and hospitals, and therefore I will be writing more informally. I write formally for a reason: I do not want to contribute to dumber. But these two issues are too important, and are very personal to me. I despise liars; but even more so, I refuse to give a pass to lying cops and hospital workers. These are two categories of people whose lies can cause serious damages. In fact, people who work in these two professions should be held to higher standards and accountable for their actions. Police, in particular should not lie, ever, at any time, for any reason. If they want to lie they can do that on their own time – at home. The reason is, police departments in this country hold so much latitude and discretion that they’re bending the parallels and tipping the equator. But instead of using such awesome power for the good of the people, they misuse and abuse it. So long as they continue to get away with this, they will have no reason to stop. Today, in this country, a police officer could be found standing over a dead body, holding the bloody knife, and their DA buddies, BFF judges, and ignorant jurors, would find that they did nothing wrong. Now fasten your seat belt because I am about to turn the first person writing button on, and it is up close and personal.    

Writers' Post: Corruption of PowerWhy I Am Writing about The Andover Police Department: I asked the department to acknowledge their wrongdoing and apologize. They chose to run out the clock

I am a Black immigrant woman with three children, and have been married for 29 years. Despite serious problems with my husband and damage he had caused our family, I am still married to him, because it was his personal problems that was wreaking havoc and causing me great hardships. But he was never abusive in a domestic violence type way or under the court’s definition of domestic abuse, until 3 and half years ago. Don’t worry, I never betrayed my principles; my husband knows that I am writing this blog right now and knows what’s in it. I believe in full disclosure. There was a pattern to this; I would ask him to acknowledge the wrong he’s done to me; he’d start parsing his words like in a tactical military avoidance kind of way. I would get upset; He would try to outdo my upset; that would get me more upset; then he would go enlist the children to his side with all sort of lies about why the argument started: your mother is crazy - she needs to be committed. Since the children are on the third floor of the house, as soon as I see him go up there I would stand at the bottom of the stairs and could hear all of it. Many times these arguments would happen after he’s had a few drinks. I can’t drink alcohol – Sometimes I wish I could -- but I have an acute Gastro condition, so I can’t. Then the argument would escalate until I consider it too verbally abusive. One time he pushed into the closet; he’s grabbed me and pushed and showed. Don’t take me wrong, I never stood there idle or cry, but I only weight about 90 pounds on a good day. So, before I get really hurt, I would call the police.

I called the police 4 times in 2012 (I don’t have to deal with that anymore, because my husband came close to dying last June from a catastrophic illness of unknown origin). The first three times they came, they made him sit in their patrol cars while he called someone to pick him up. While in their cruiser, they chitchatted with him, one of them even shared a carrot with him. And each time, they would first take his story before they even talk to me. In other words, by the time they get to speak with me they already recorded his lies. On the fourth call, he was arrested. But the next time the argument and the yelling and name-calling started, I told him I was calling the police. So he preemptively went to the police station and spoke with them. I didn't know that, and since the police station is so close to our house, I walked there to tell them what happened. Even though he had left, I wanted it documented. At the time, I had a broken wrist and my orthopedic surgeon had just prescribed me 40 Percocet just 4 days earlier.  Because of my stomach problems and my very - very low weight I can’t take too many medicines. Also, the pain killers Percocet and Vicoden particularly don’t agree with me. If I take a whole pill, I feel like I dying: I feel faint—not a good feeling. So, I always take a half.  And sometimes that’s all I take in a day. I just don’t like this medicine. But that day, he had raided the medicine bottle, and the 40 Percocet were gone. So, as a fool, or a really naive and innocent-minded person, I brought the empty medicine bottle and the empty alcohol bottles he had been drinking to the police station to show (at least in my mind) what was at the core of these problems.

Writers' Post: Cops - Andover Sargent Guy - Now Lt.

An Andover police officer whom I have spoken with before, and frankly a person I like, because he looks so genuine. He shows his emotions; when he disagrees with something I say, like “that’s a lie,” he gets all excited and he starts raising his voice. I felt that was very human. The first time I spoke with him it was springtime and he told me we can sit on the bench outside and talk. He was a Sergeant at the time, and he told me he’s a veteran. He either fought in the Golf war or in Iraq. I was impressed, but yet again, I’m always looking for an excuse to like people. I guess “I was born that way.”  When I got to the police station on the day of the incident in question, Sargent Guy was on duty, I didn't know he was there, so I was glad when he came out to speak with me. Go ahead, you can call me a fool for trusting a policeman, but I refuse to give up on everybody just because I might be dealing with a not so good person. Besides, my roads in life have been lined with angels, so I have absolutely no reason to change and become a misanthrope. In any case, I showed Sargent Guy the empty bottles and told him what had happened. He said, “I think you should have that wrist checked, since you said that he pulled your arm.” My wrist had just come out of the hard cast and Dr. Brady had transited me to a brace. So, I said, yes – maybe it’s a good idea. Now Lieutenant Guy left and the paramedics came where I was seated. In Andover, the fire department where paramedics are housed is across the hall from the police, just a few feet away. The paramedics asked me if I could get on the stretcher, I said yes and climbed on it. But since it’s so awkward dealing with ambulance people when you’re not like near death, I decided to make small talks and pleasantries. I told them how I respected paramedics because when I took care of my mother with strokes, heart attacks, and congestive heart failures in my home for almost 10 years, paramedics were my lifeline. At the time, I lived in North Andover, which is now separate from Andover. They used to be one town, but like all “good” marriages, they broke up and went their separate ways. Anyway, next thing I know, the men took me to a mental institution, in the not so holy – Holy Family Hospital in Methuen. Well, after I talked to Lugo on the second day and threatened to sue her and the hospital if I was not let out of there rat hole immediately,  I was out there within hours. That did not fix the fact that I had been essentially falsely imprisoned. The loss of freedom is a violation of the XIV Amendment of the Constitution. And the fact remains that Steward Holy Family Caricas Hospital is as holy as the priests who molested dozens of children. I am a devout Catholic, and taught in Catholic schools. Therefore, if anyone should understand the meaning of the word 'holy' , I should be one who knows.
Holy Family Hospital & Dr. Susan Lugo: An ethical psychriatric would have written into the rocords: This patient does not belong here, and should neve have been sent here
Writers' Post: Dr. Jekyll & Mr Hyde

Dr. Susan Lugo who was the attending psychiatrist tried to slime her way out of the straight jacket I had prepared for her, by saying, the only reason she did not discharge me the first day was for my own protection, because since this started with a domestic abuse complaint, she was afraid that if she sent me back home, I would be at risk from my husband. This lousy excuse makes no sense at all. However, I was still perplexed about why I ended up there. I could not imagine that Sargent Guy had  caused this. The paramedics didn't tell me they were taking me to that hospital under the emergency commitment law. The closest hospital is Lawrence General. So, there was something very curious going on.  But for the one day I was there, I took time to read the voluminous handbook they threw by the window, as if someone with a real mental illness was going to read anything like that. In fact, the person who was in the same room with me was yelling all night and day about something or somebody chasing her. But somewhere in the huge handbook, which was littered with typos and grammatical offenses, I came across a section, which the state requires, whereby people who are put in places like that against their will can contact a lawyer. So, I called a lawyer and told him what had happened; he told me what to do, but I had already written a note to Dr. Susan Lugo, informing her that I wouldn't eat a thing until I am let out there, in addition to filling a complaint with the Board of Registration in Medicines against her personally. There is another useless institution: The Board of Registration in Medicines. So, I am now in a locked place, just like a jail. Imagine what would have happened if I showed any kind of emotions or express signs of being upset, which I had legitimate reasons to be. But I understood that this type of institution has a fundamental self-interest in keeping people locked up, crazy or not - it's called collecting health insurance money. Don’t take me wrong, I know that they will deny every bit of this. But that is a part of corruption. Not only was I being locked up in the mental ward of this hospital, when the doctor sat down to talk to me – after I threatened to sue her—she said, “I'm getting discharge papers ready for you to go home right away;" Then she proceeded to say, "You have a problem with pot.” I said what.You tested positive for marijuana, she said. Number one, I never believed that any government has any business telling people what they can and cannot put in their own bodies. But the bigger problem is that I would not recognize the so-called “pot” if someone was robbing it on my nose, since I've never seen the thing in my life. If anything, I should have been using the stuff; I heard that it makes people eat, and I hardly eat. In fact, I don't like to eat; it feels like a bother. So, there go the health care standards: giving people false positive test results for drugs they do not use. This is one in dozens of reasons why I will be writing the series I announced earlier: “Good Doctors – Bad Doctors & Hospitals that can kill you.”

While I was talking with Dr. Lugo, I tried to make her understand who I am, because I am very esoteric and therefore not easily understood by others. So I told her that I was initiated at 19 years by the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi one-on-one, in person, in transcendental meditation and the study of meta-physics, worked on radio here in the US and abroad while I was teaching, and have traveled widely in South America, Europe, and North America. For that, this fraudulent psychiatrist wrote into the records, “the patient appears to suffer from ‘delusion’ of grandeur.” You can see why the woman is a fraud. Even if I had made up these things I told because somehow they came from some delusion of grandeur, delusion of grandeur is not a mental health emergency, neither is it a condition for which anyone ever gets hospitalized and committed to a mental institution. So, once I was home, I wrote complaint letters to the Commissioner for the Department of  Public Health,  Department of Mental Health, The Board of Registry in Medicine, my Health Insurance Company – asking them to not pay that hospital—and I wrote separate complaints to the Board of Directors of the so unholy – so not-family-like, Steward Holy Family Caricas Hospital. As for the individuals on that Board of Directors, they’re probably the same people who sit on Mitt Romney’s vulture Ben Capital. There is also the useless shell Caricas group commission located in Washington DC, which is supposed to have some type of quality control responsibility over that hospital. But from my communication with that particular  body, I realized that they are nothing but another shadow organization. Once corruption enters an institution it spreads like mold; it’s pervasive and it permeates every aspect of an organization. I have no doubt that there will be plenty of nitwits out there who will be ready and willing to defend Andover Police and that hospital, but I have records of everything and the records speak for themselves.

The Father of Western Medicine

Hypocrites: The Father of Medicine: Hyppocrates: Photo_webanswe

Massachusetts General Law (MGL) Chapter 123 – Section 12: Emergency Restraint & Hospitalization of persons who pose a risk of serious harm

The Hippocratic Oath:

The Hypocritical Oath
All of this was triggered by the misuse and abuse of a little known Massachusetts law, Chapter 123 Section 12 – “Emergency restraint and hospitalization of persons posing risk of serious harm by reasons of mental illness.” It is credible to believe that this law was written with good intention, and it used very carefully by ethical psychiatrists as a preventative measure, but only as a last resort, to commit people who pose actual "serious" risks to themselves and others. But of course, police in this country never saw a law they couldn't get their cronies in the legislative branch to write them in. Consequently, police are given power under this law, which – by the way – they never actually use this law to help people with real mental illness. There are plenty of people with serious mental illness on the streets. So, I must give it to Andover police: it was wicked cleaver to use that law to try to get me to stop calling them for domestic violence. After all, I am not only a tiny Black woman with an accent, I’m also very unassuming. As a meta-physician, I am supposed to be unassuming. I do have a few words of caution: if you’re going to engage in combat, particularly when it comes to standing up for your rights, expect to sustain some wounds – even serious ones. Those are badges of honor, but they still don’t feel good. Standing up for one’s individual rights is a hand-to-hand combat. The person, people, or institutions that are corrupted enough by power to end up violating your rights, are also corrupt enough to inflict serious damages upon you. This is not for the faint of heart, but like I suggested at the beginning, this will not be a defense either in the final analysis.

Class of new doctors reading the Hypocratic  oathMassachusetts Department of Public Health Commissioner

Anyway, it was the Department of Public Health Commissioner’ Office who wrote me a letter outlining the lies Sargent Guy wrote in his report that night: I was belligerent with the EMTs; I looked like I was a risk to myself; I took 40 Percocet in 4 days and I might have been drinking. As for the “belligerent” lie, according to the DPH letter, the EMTs reported that. Lying police is bad – lying EMTs is not cool, but it was Haverhill Massachusetts EMTs who got caught in a State audit buying certification instead of attending the re-certification class. It was also the Haverhill Fire Department who tried to frame my then 12-year son for a fire he had absolutely nothing to do with. There’s also the problem of those town mayors and managers being puppets of their police departments, like Jim Fiorentini of Haverhill. Back to the letter from DPH, since I found out about those lies, I've tried to get both departments to acknowledge the lying on the records and to apologize. I don’t believe in second chances, I believe in 1000 chances, giving people as many chances as possible to do the right thing. Andover Police ran out the clock. I did speak with Sargent Guy recently about this, but he had all sorts of excuses: there was another officer there that night and they both wrote reports, so the DPH letter might have referred to things that other officer wrote; I bully them and always come and say “oh, I’m going to blog about you.” This must be a first for policemen with guns and bombs, batons and tear gas, to say that a civilian bullied them. I thought that was hilarious. But there’s another just a bit of a small problem: my website is so new it’s not even funny. There’s absolutely no way I could have been talking about blogging when it didn't occur to me to get myself a website until February 18 of this year, and the incident I’m talking about took place on February 8, 2012. After you get a domain, it takes Google 3 to 4 weeks to include your website in the search engine, because they have a verification process. Then you have to build the website, which takes times. As a result, this website did not get its first ranking on Alexa until May, four months ago. These small details alone back up my assertion that Lt. Guy was making up excuses when what I wanted was an acknowledgement of wrongdoing and an apology. I have come to believe that one of the courses in police academy curriculum is how to lie. Police lie when it's not necessary and they lie about lying. Obviously, they can prove to the public that this is not the case.


I believe in full disclosure and live by the rules of moral and ethics. Therefore, I made sure to inform the Andover Fire and Police departments, as well as the Andover Town Manager, that I was trough trying to find out if anyone there was big enough to admit to lying and consequently I would be posting this article today. I do not agree that you can contort the truth, torture it, dress it up, stretch it, embellish it with phony accessories and lipstick, and twisting it around, and having it still remaining the truth. The truth is absolute. Many people confuse facts with the truth, but facts may or may not add up to the truth. Sometimes the facts can even get on the way of the truth, because what we call facts are largely colored by individual perception and interpretation and subjectivity of what we see, hear, or experience. In my book, there is the absolute truth, and anything other than that is a lie. But nobody lies like police. They are expert liars. But in the midst of this rotten basket of apples, I have found what I refer to as officers and gentlemen. I met one of those recently. His name is Mark, and I wish that I knew his last name. I define officers and gentlemen by their behavior and the manner in which they try to remember the “serve and protect” part of their jobs. This type of policeman stands out; they are model police officer. Police must stop lying because they’re putting crooks out of business. There’s not enough room in the lying industry for all those people. Stay Tuned.

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Writer's Post Network Blog: The Prison Industrial Complex - Stop & Frisk

Posted on August 14, 2013 at 4:21 AM Comments comments (94) Books - Writing - Fashion Tips & Tricks


New York Mayor Bloomberg's 
Stop-and-Frisk Policy Struck Down

The Scale of Justice
On Monday August 12, 2013, Federal Judge Shira A. Scheindlin struck down New York’s stop-and-frisk “policy” ruling that the New York Police Department tactics of violated the constitutional rights of minorities in the city. In her ruling, Judge Scheindlin effectively rejected New York Mayor’s Michael Bloomberg and his administration’s argument that the tactics plays a major element in fighting crime in the city.

New York Appalling and racist stop-and-frisk scheme
 The Plaintiffs in the case against NY
NYC Stop & Frisk Policy Struck Down

New Mayor Micheal Bloomberg
angrily tries to hang on to his hideous immoral and racist legacy 

NYC gov_Photo [Share]

AG Wants to Halt U.S. Uncivilized- Exploitative & Racist Prison Industrial Complex
Yes - We Can!

[Google Images]

Mass Incarceration
U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder

Attorney General Eric Holder

North Carolina's Sweeping New Voter Suppression Law 

On Monday August 12, 2012, North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory (R) signed into law one of the nation’s most sweeping Voter ID laws. This law would require voters to present government-issued photo identification at the polls. It shortens the early voting period from 17 to 10 days. It ends pre-registration for 16- and 17-year-old voters who will be 18 on Election Day and eliminates same-day voter registration.

North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory (R) on his New Voter ID Law

N. Carolina Gov. Pat McCrorey and Voter Suppression Law

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Writers' Post Network Blog: Fallout from the Zimmerman's Verdict - Juror Speaks with CNN Anderson Cooper

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Demonstrators in FL Capitol Bldng. Protesting Zimmerman's Not Guilty VerdictDemonstrators in FL Capitol Protesting Stand your Ground Law (Share)

Demonstrators Occupy FL Governor Rick Scott's Office Demanding Change in Stand your Ground Law

Justice Department will Resume a Previously Launched Federal Investigation
                                              CBC Plan to Hold Hearing on Stand your Ground Law
                                   More Marches and Demonstrations Planned around the Country

Since Saturday, the NAACP has gathered more than 1,000,000,000 signatures on a petition calling for Justice to launch a civil rights investigation. The petition reads in part:

                                “A jury has acquitted George Zimmerman, but we are not done demanding justice
                                 for Trayvon  Martin. Sign our petition to the Department of Justice today.”

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder said that the court case provides an opportunity for America to talk about race:

                                 “Independent of the legal determination that will be made; I believe that this tragedy                                             provides yet another opportunity for our nation to speak honestly about the complicated                                     and emotionally- charged issues that this case has raised. We must not — as we have too                                       often in the past — let this opportunity pass”

After the Zimmerman’s verdict, President Barack Obama called on Americans to honor Martin’s memory by pushing for stronger gun control.

                                 “We should ask ourselves if we’re doing all we can to stem the tide of gun violence that                                         claims too many lives across this country on a daily basis. We should ask ourselves, as                                             individuals and as a society, how we can prevent future tragedies like this. As citizens,                                         that’s a job for all of us. That’s the way to honor Trayvon Martin,” the president said. 

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