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"Writers Post Network Blog" Next: Brain Surgery: How publishing my books got mired in a web...

Posted on March 21, 2013 at 3:09 PM Books - Writing - Fashion Tips & Tricks

Next: Brain Surgery! How publishing my books got me mired in a web of tech trouble


Sample from "And Such is Life - The Muse" Book I & "Ainsi Va la Vie - La Muse" Livre I

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I hope you will enjoy this preview from my first two books. It's now been a month since my first two poetry boos were published and they've since been available on amazon and kindle. As a self-published author, after the books were out and before I started my second books, I took some time to look into what it is that I should do to market my book and promote sale. I didn't feel much trust in amazon promoting my book. In fact, this got me thinking: What good would it  be to have a book published if no one knows that it's out there. I believe that Create Space amazon should actually do a bit more in this area to help authors sell their books, since I don't know anyone who writes just to have their books sitting there in name only. So, I started reading up on all of this. I then came across a very good article written by a long-time published author on the Create Space Community The author gave some very good suggestions for marketing. But, what seemed to come back time and time again is that any effective marketing strategy would require a website, a type of my marketing central. So, I decidedly jumped into it with both feet. I got myself a website. And then, I could not manoeuvrer the first thing in the site builder. clearly  I did not know the first thing about web design or any of that garbage - I mean stuff... So, instead of starting on my new books, I found myself shifting sand struggling to stop text and images from moving around on their own.It was like trying to nail jello on a wall. I lost sleep, I pulled my hair, and I sweated. That 's how I figured out why they called this thing the virtual world. I drove my web hosting (Vistaprint) technical support people craz; They've been good.It's funny because when I subscribed for the service they did not make a fanfare about their support even though I expected I would get some sort of support. The problem is, I could not have known what kind of support I needed because I hadn't a clue what I was getting myself into in the first place. Is it not wonderful to approach things in the most ignorant way? I mean with hope and innocence. That's basically what faith is. It's not a religious thing. Faith is a little something that allows you to trust yourself and trust that the worlld will treat right. Not that the story will always end happily, but faith allows us to press forward without fear or inhibition. In any case, those customer service people/technicians (except for a couple who got fed up and hung up on me, so they don't count)  spent hours with me on the phone helping me with layout, and reshuffling texts and images. they've taught  me a great deal in the process. I have been in web design kindergarten. But, I refused to view it all at a setback. I leaned so much about the technical side of the web that I otherwise have thumbed my nose at thinking that I would never be involved with it. Since then, I received some requests from other writers through our Writers' Post Network. And even though I am looking forward to developing many of these topics with all of you throughout the year, I must say that it was all worth it and even have about 20 pages of my new poetry books written, "And Such is Life - Relationships" Book II and "Ainsi Va la Vie - Nos Relations" Livre II. But let me say that it really is not just about using a website for marketing purposes. You can also have a website with no traffic. It is rather about the day to day effort of publishing through social media and getting your site to move up in search directories
I hope to hear from you. In the meantime, do make a donation to our "Pass it Forward - Writers in Crisis Campaign Fund" - Change Lives for the Better!

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