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Writes' Post Blog Network - "I Want My Mom" Happy Mother's Day to Moms Around the World!

Posted on May 12, 2013 at 12:02 AM Books - Writing - Fashion Tips & Tricks

I dedicate this poem to all mom's wherever they may be on this special day - Best Wishes!

I Want my Mom

When I was younger any time things went wrong 
I wanted my mom, and for her in my heart was always a song
a song of love, patience, caring, and affection,
rhythms of endurance, rhymes of admiration

I grew older and traveled far, far, far away
I continued to dream of her gentle, tender, and motherly way
for long trying days and countless sleepless nights
giving it up all for me, herself, her dreams, her rights

Away from my mom, peace I have not found
There, I fell into distress,desolation, and a despair profound
I wondered and worried and wished for her presence
Distant from her guidance the world makes little sense

I grew older wiser, but still I want my mom
i wish, and I wish so, to return from that which I came from
I long for her embrace and her tender loving
And today, for my mom my heart is singing

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