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Create~link writers' Post Network Blog


Writers' Post Network Blog Contests -Sense: New Announcement

Posted on May 15, 2013 at 1:50 AM Books - Writing - Fashion Tips & Tricks


On-going Creative Contests & Talent Search Announcement

In keeping with our integrated business model, we are excited to announce our 2013 Contests-sense program for writers, artists, and designers and photographers of all ages. As of today. we are launching four contests with sign up beginning on may 17, 2013 at 12:00 noon.

The purpose of all four contests is to showcase talent, imagination, and creativity among participants of all ages. All four contests have been designed to produce an end product, which will be used for commercial purposes in literary and the art, which products might feature selected contest entries. Participants whose entries are selected for publication will be given full credit and receive a copy of the published work with a certification of participation. Participants will be given the option to request that their entry not be included in any publication. All entries will be reviewed and winners will be selected by teams of create-link judges, all of whom are professionals in their respected fields. No entries will be accepted after the ending date for sign up, unless the sign up time is extended by Create- link, in which case a public notice will be issued. All private information will be kept confidential. Create-link reserves the right to recall any of these contests at any time, if circumstances merit. Prospective contestants who may need to enter one of these contests after the deadline can request a waiver using our Guest Book or Contact Form but not the contest entry form. No purchase is necessary to enter, but an entry fee is required to ensure commitment towards the integrity of these contests. Individuals are allowed to enter one or more contests. Members of contestants' family are not excluded from participating. Contestants may formally withdraw their participation at any point during this contest, but will not be refunded their entry fee. In addition to providing for contestants' awards, proceeds of these contests will be partially used to fund our "Pass it Forward - Writers * Artists and Designers Emergency Campaign Fund." Enter to win.

Contest 1. Children's Christmas Drawing/coloring and Storybook         
                    Contest finalists (there will be multiple) will be selected among entries 
                    that best reflect the spirit of giving in the context of bringing peace and                         
                    joy to others at Christmas time and in everyday life.

Contest 2. One in six Billions
                    A photo and essay contest in which participants will tell judges the things that                     
                    makes them one in six billions, including personal qualities, actions they have                      
                    taken, or adversities they have overcome. Contestants may choose to do                       
                    their entries on someone else that they know.

Contest 3. Your Best Shot- Calling all photographers, amateurs or professionals                     
                    Contestants will submit  one photograph with a caption relating to life,                     
                    relationships, nature, or event. Let your picture speak a thousand words                     
                    and may your quote be inspirational!   

Contest 4. The Fashion Runway Splash    
                    Contestants will submit a four season collection, and contest finalists will                        
                    be offered the opportunity to showcase their designs in various venues.                      
                    All four contests include multiple award types, including cash awards for the                               
                    top three finalists. Sign up begins on may 17, 2013 at 12:00 noon. find all                        
                    rules and details on our Contests-Sense Page.   

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