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Writer's Post Network Blog: Banana Republicans' Government Shutdown Coup D'Etat

Posted on October 7, 2013 at 4:42 PM Books - Writing - Fashion Tips & Tricks

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Banana Republicans Try to Destabilize the U.S. Government
through Government Shutdown

U.S. House of Representatives Tea Party Heads

Otherwise known as the suicide caucus

To Implement their Flintstones Agenda - which 
  Voters Rejected at the Ballot Box in November 08 & 2012

Tea Party Radical v.
Tea Party v. GEOThe Tea Party has been running a high fever since the election of President Obama in 2008. The President and the American people have been more than forgiving and willing to leave behind the inventive and vicious name-calling. But their recent attempts in the past weeks to send the recovering U.S. economy into a tail spin by shutting down the government and threatening to default on the good faith and credit of the United States, after they have tried for the first four years to throw all sorts of money ranches to prevent growth, in order to derail the presidency of President Obama presidency, are unacceptable, and must be denounced and rejected. All of the tape recordings of these people vowing to make President Obama “a one-term president” as they stated time and time in public and on camera were no accidents.  They are both dumb and brazen. The one thing that is very curious about the toxic GOP and Tea Party mix is how indecent and uncivil they can be in their public behavior, for a party who seem so nostalgic about traditional values, religion, and morality. Apparently, the fever was too high, and having already reached the level of delirium, there was nothing anyone could possibly have done, and certainly not President Obama, to save that group of people against themselves. It would have been fine if those suicidal maniacs had limited their cannibalism to their ranks, but they have turned their jaws on the country, and they must be stopped.

The Republican Party, today, is broken beyond repair. The party has been poisoned when it joined in drinking the toxic tea that the rabid group of people who changed their names from religious fundamentalists and evangelical Christians to Tea Party mounted a hostile take-over of the GOP establishment. Unfortunately, the GOP had no choice; the party had been lying to the country for so long in lieu of any decent governing policy agenda, that its members turned to selling their souls to the devils in a their bids to return to the White House. This alliance is proving to be a fatal affiliation for moderate and reasonable statesmen in the Republican Party. The irony is that there was no secret in the fact that the so-called Tea Party was made of loosely tied factions of former abortion bombers, Southern Federalists, and anarchists with various agendas, including skinheads and racists. The goal of these parasites was to use the GOP as a host to allow that crowd to pursue more or less nefarious political agenda items, with the hope that they could never underestimate the stupidity of the electorate. Fortunately, while they were plotting, the American electorate grew younger, wiser, and more diverse. And when they failed to fool the people one more time in the past two elections, they literally lost the figment of a neuron that they had left, and went berserk.

Tea Party Grassroots Chatting with House Rep.
After sucking the bloody life out of the GOP, Tea Party Bolsheviks have left Republicans on their knees, unable to drag themselves out the coral where they have been jammed.  Now, they are moving to impose their delusional agenda on the rest of the whole of the country, after the lying and dishonorable presidential candidate Mitt Romney acted so dishonorably, during the presidential elections and was soundly repudiated by the voters. With the complete anarchy this group is creating in the United States Congress, and the sustained damage they have been inflicting on this country, the time has come for all to recognize that this fever is not going to break. If anything, their frenzied delusion is degenerating into dangerousness. With the advent of radical Tea Party militants in the United States government, Republicanism is looking more and more like a mental illness. The threat to blow up the U.S. economy and with it the global economy, by various means, such as government shutdown and default, the individuals in the tribal groups are terrorizing the country to its core and right down to its psyche. The idea that there is anyone involved in this despicable tactics or responsible for the resulting damage is ludicrous. Even a blind person can tell who is holding this country hostage and who has been trying to crash the already ailing economy. There is one group and one group alone that is responsible for the chaos and any ensuing damage, and that is the Tea Party Congress in Washington and their Speaker in name only, John Boehner of Ohio. They have high-jacked the House of Representatives, refusing to allow important legislation to move forward by keeping Democrats from voting to pass bills. And their mass lying about the Senate not passing the poisoned bills they have sent to take food out of the mouths of children and medical care from the elderly is despicable. They are a threat to this country. 

There are politics and ideology, and there is complete anarchy and chaos. We have long left the territories of politics and ideology and are now drowning in chaos and anarchy. Tea Party members in the House of Representatives have complained this weekend that the President of the United States have taken calls from the President of Iran and is talking with Syria, but yet will not negotiate with them. Could it be that the Presidents of Syria and Iran are now acting more reasonably than they are. Why should President Obama keep reaching out again and again to people who continue to stiff him and wants nothing better than one more occasion to burn him? They have mistaken the President’s good nature and class for imbecility. President Obama should deny these fools of any more opportunity to burn him again. The Republicans have shown themselves to be so irresponsible and derelict that they are even discouraging uninsured people, including young adults, from signing up for the Affordable Health Care plans. However, they are also so idiotic as to not realize that throwing IEDs at the White House and the Senate will not, and cannot, stop the 3 and a half year old health care law. The problem is, several provisions of this law have already been implemented around the country, and many Americans are already benefiting from it, including small businesses, people with pre-existing conditions, and young adults.

Finally, the Tea Party clan claims that one of the reasons why the law shall be abolished or delayed is because the President has issued various waivers to businesses. If that is the case, the President of the United States should in fact be applauded for showing flexibility and sensitivity to the need of businesses, as well as a willingness to comprise and to be reasonable. The President said in a speech this week that the Republicans are afraid that the law will work and are trying desperately to stop the beginning of its implementation beginning on October 1st. This is true. The Affordable Health Care Act will be implemented and it will succeed. This may take time, as the roll-out of any new program requires time and adjustments. The people will prevail and the Tea Party extremists will sink to the depth where they belong. Last Sunday, NBC Meet the Press David Gregory scheduled to entertaining Tea Party Radical Senator Ted Cruz as his featured guest. The country does not need anyone handing more fuel to people who are threatening to burn down the US House of Representatives or crash the US and world economy.

The media must stop acting as an accomplice to this destructive force in the life of the country. After the press abdicated its duty to serve as an independent arbiter at the beginning of the Iraq war, and instead acted as cheerleaders for the administration of George W. Bush, the least they can do now is to refrain from encouraging the absurd behaviors of these disgraceful Tea Party members on Capitol Hill. They owe this to the American people. The way the media tried to suggest to Americans how close the elections were right through election night, and the manner in which they refer to Americans as “low information voters,” show how little respect they have for Americans. If people in the media cannot conduct themselves more conscientiously, than they should make sure to at least do nothing to contribute to hardship and suffering among Americans. A person with a catastrophic illness, which no one can plan for, can end up with hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills, and this is not something young people would think about until it happens to them. With businesses not hiring or hiring part-time workers, thousands if not millions of people are working as freelancers and needs health insurance that they would not be able to afford in the open insurance market. The press must begin to act responsibly and in the interest of the country and the American people, rather than catering to forsaken Tea Party arsonists for the sake of ratings.

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