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Writers' Post Network Blog: GOP's Moral & Intellectual Bankruptcy & the Media's Race into The Swampt

Posted on November 18, 2013 at 2:07 AM

The GOP’s Moral and Intellectual Bankruptcy
& the Media’s Race to Catch up

Into the Depth of the GOP Swamp

The new electorate that elected President Obama in 2008 and re-elected him last November is here to stay. the country is center-left and will not be tugged to the right and be made to walk parallel to the ground by the Tea Party occupied Republican Party. Republicans will have to come up with more than one new ideas to win in any future elections. They will also need to accept facts, reality, science, arithmetic, and understand that religion has more to do with taking care of the least among us than it does with policing people's sexual lives and women's uterus. Americans will not go back to 1901 where Republicans seem intent on taking them.  

Bad News - Bad

You can fix a website but you cannot fix stupid

The New York Times Office HeadquartersRepublicans have perverted the public and civil discourse, and are contributing to the degradation of American culture. They are a national embarrassment and a corrupting force on the youth of this country. On November 15, wrote an article entitled “Why People Should Stop Referring to Problems to Crazy Things like Hurricanes.” In that article, the website cited a New York Times’ headline in which the paper compared the “loss of confidence” in the Obama administration to the way the response to Katrina affected the George W. Bush administration. Any literate person would recognize that the New York Times was not comparing the miserable rollout of the open enrollment stage of the healthcare program to the neglectful malpractice that the Bush administration committed after Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans and left over 1800 residents dead, and hundreds of thousands stranded and dying without basic necessities in the New Orleans Superdome or altogether displaced. The newspaper was merely reporting on the results of the obsessive polls the media have been conducting and reporting on comparing those President Obama to those of President Bush around the same point in time, a mere snapshot. This constant reporting of poll numbers alone is a sign of the degradation that has settled among the discredited news media. Why would anyone believe those poll numbers anyway? During the 2012 presidential campaign and right up to Election Day, the news media tried to convince the public that President Obama was separated from citizen patriot money off-shoring Mitt Romney by only 1 point in the polls. By October, the public figured it all out and voters turned to the New York Times’ Nate Silver and other statisticians like the Pollster on Huffington Post to monitor the race. But no one can accuse people in the media of being bright. For anyone who is too young to know or has not watched documentaries on the great men Americans used to count on for their news, there were, yes Walter Cronkite, former ABC evening news Peter Jennings who did not graduate college but was a hard-working and ethical journalist who grew enormously in standing. We also had Ted Koppel of ABC Nightline, World News’ Charles Gibson, all-American newscaster David Brinkley of “This week with David Brinkley.” There are others, including NBC’s Meet the Press, Tim Russet, CBC’s Lesley Stahl and Mike Wallace, respected anchor and newsman Charlie Rose, PBS’s Gwen Ifill and the whole cast of the McNeil Lehrer News Hour. In its early days, CNN also had some very smart anchor and journalists who knew how to cover the issues, rather than becoming a part of the rumors, misinformation, conspiracy theories, and right out lies. This crop of journalists knew how to conduct an interview, while today's media individuals are incompetent and intellectually deficient to the point where they are incapable of carrying through a decent an interview that a Scholastic Books kid journalist could excel in doing

Stupid FactoryIt is pathetic enough that we now have a major political party that has descended into the pathology of lying on national television day after day, without having people who consider themselves journalists, or at least part of the news media, to join Republicans into the weeds of political perversion. Since Republicans have no governing agenda and their policy positions have been soundly rejected by voters, time and time in the past 5 elections, despite their attempt at deceiving the electoral and stealing elections, the party has resorted to lying in a chorus about everything, from lying about President Obama to lying about his policies, and lying about lying. The real pity here is to watch the so-called media leaping to provide a partner to the degenerate Tea Party Republican Party and join in the lying tango. Some of this is the result of plain laziness and a lack professional ethics among individual members of the media, while the essential part of it derives from pure imbecility. It is at best embarrassing to watch as the news media follows insane tea party conspiracy theories and disgracefully report on them: “the president is not a U.S. citizen; he is conducting mind-control; President Obama is trying to take away people’s guns; he leads from behind; he is a Muslim; he is an Arab; he is a socialist, communist, fascist; the president watched on video as his own ambassador was being murdered in Benghazi and ordered the military to stand down; the President lied about “promising” to allow people to keep their non-health care insurance, “don’t-get-hit-by-a-bus coverage,” which scheming insurance companies have been issuing for years, bringing financial ruin, unnecessary suffering, and pre-mature deaths into the lives of millions of Americans. And it goes on and on. Moving forward, no one who cannot spell Benghazi or point to it on a world map should be allowed to say the word.

Do the right thingAs for the latest idiocy that has overcome the disgraceful Republican Party, having to do with Hurricane Katrina and the failure of the commissioned healthcare website coupled with the fact that people who receive those cancellation notices from insurance companies have not able to go on the site to shop for new and better plans at lower costs, a few bloggers and commentators have tried to shoot down the senseless comparison with the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina in 2005 under the stewardship of President George w. Bush. However, President Obama does not need defending against such scurrilous charges. Most intelligent sixth graders could confront and disassemble such a comparison. In fact, there is no comparison to be made here at all; and the very idea that individuals posing as news anchors could entertain this type of stupidity is scary for the future of this country, given that the job of the media is to be at the avant guard of the welfare of this country through the proper gathering, sourcing, monitoring, use, and dissemination of information.

MSNBC Morning Joe with Joe ScaraboroughRepublicans have no scrupulous and the news media has shown a propensity to sink to the very depth of their pathological delusion with them. Bloomberg columnistAl Hunt said on MSNBC Morning Joe, on November 14, “I think Katrina may be the best analogy” to the handling of the AHCA rollout. Al Hunt looks too washed out to be bothered with. He may even not be all with it. Also on MSNBC Morning Joe, that Friday, former Bush Communication DirectorNicole Wallace presented her theory to Joe Scarborough and his yes – maybe so group that this healthcare rollout bust was somehow comparable to “our [Bush’s] Hurricane Katrina moment.” Of course, that crowd has been trying to re-habilitate itself since President Bush left the country in shamble in 2009 with 2 failing wars, high unemployment, millions of foreclosures, and a nearly fatal crash in the economy. Since Republicans lie in unison and typically try to support one dumb idea with an even dumber one, Wallace’s false comparison of the circumstances surrounding the health care law with the collapse of New Orleans’ structurally unsound and defective levy system was quickly followed with similar comments by the contemptible Dick Cheney, who conspired to lie his way into a foreign war and drag the country with him. Mr. Cheney should give back all those hearts he has been getting to people who might really need them. Before the weekend, shameless Mitt Romney who should be hanging his head in shame for the way he conducted himself during the election season quickly joined in with comments on the President health care, as if most Americans cared what he had to say from here on end. also wrote that Dean Baker of the Center for Economic Policy and Research noted that “the comparison to the response to Hurricane Katrina has to qualify as more than a bit over the top.” This is not over the top. It is intellectual bankruptcy. However, to be intellectually dishonest one must first possess an intellect, and there is no evidence that there is much intellect or too many neurons firing around the news media circle.

Republican House LeadershipAs for the morally bankrupt Republican Party whose ideas date back to the stone age, its policy agenda for the country is as follows:

·        War, war, and more war
·        Trickledown economics
·        Business deregulation
·        Tax cuts for the rich (the job creators)
·        Abolishing the Departments of Education, Commerce, EPA, Agriculture, and Health and Human Services
·        Defund PBS and the Institute for the Arts and Humanities
·        Banning abortion, redefining rape, and ordering transvaginal procedure for pregnant women against their            doctors’ advice
·        Bans on gay marriage voter suppression
·        Voter suppression
·        Taking food out of the mouths of children and the elderly
·        Demonizing the poor
·        Scrapping Medicare, Medicaid, and privatizing Social Security.
·        Self-deportation of non-White immigrants

This is the agenda the news media is so cheering for. This explains why they run around like chickens whose heads have been cut; dragging giant microphones to catch the most outrageous non-sense they can gobble up from slow-minded Tea Party Republicans. The same news media then turn around and claim that they cannot judge whether or not anyone is making racist statement because “they’re” not in their hearts and minds. If this has become  the standard by which we judge whether or not people make racist statements, we now need to apply those same standards before we can claim that anyone is making anti-Semitic or homophobic remarks.
ABC Sunday anchor George StephanopolousLackey ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulous tweeted: “How can President Obama recover from his Katrina?” Former Bush speechwriter David Frum tweeted: “President Bush did not design and enact Hurricane Katrina.” Of course, President Bush did not design and enact Hurricane Katrina. What President Bush designed with his bare hands were two wars, his tax cuts for the rich, plus his unpaid prescription drug program, which left the economy in a ditch and the country on the verge of a Great Depression. GeraldoRivera asked on Fox & Friends: “Is this like weapons of mass destruction? Is this like President George W. Bush after Katrina?” Geraldo can say anything he wants on Faux News. The majority of Americans understand that Fox News is the Tea Party Republicans’ cable news channel. Fox News earned a pass for showing their true color. Fox also won the comedy news channel award for having the sense of humor to stamp their entire pile of anti-Obama programming with a “fair and balance” stamp. That is funny!

In his piece “Republican proposal permits people to keep current health plans even if they don’t meet standards established by new law,” the Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza also took on the issue. He wrote,
“We are fortunate that, through the failures of the Obama administration, the GOP is in a better spot,” said Terry Nelson, a leading Republican strategist. “But we still have to answer the question that voters are asking, which is: What would we do? That’s our opportunity, and we have to seize it.”

WMD - The Pretense for George W. Bush's WarOn the other hand, in “Is Obama Already a Lame Duck?”Jonathan S. Tobin |of commentarymagazine wrote,
“It’s been a bad summer for the Obama administration. At home, the president’s negligible legislative agenda remains stalled as his incessant attempts to demonize Republicans have poisoned efforts to find common ground on even those areas where large elements of both parties might work together.”

“Abroad,” Tobin continued, “the administration’s embarrassing failures in Syria (where it has ignored the “red line” the president enunciated about chemical weapons), Egypt (where its embrace of the Muslim Brotherhood has been followed by a dangerous ambivalence as the military has launched an effort to decapitate the Islamist movement), Iran (where it has wasted five years on pointless diplomacy as the ayatollahs get closer to a nuclear weapon), and the Israel-Palestinian conflict (where it has invested heavily in a revived peace process that has little chance of success and may do more harm than good) have worsened his standing in the world as well as at home.”

This sums up the raison d’être of the 5 parts and 10 subparts of the Republican Party today. Their sole purpose is to seek the country’s failure by working to boycott the President’s agenda, while trying to de-humanize him using under-handed and despicable tactics unbecoming of the Taliban and Al Qaeda. And the media is too deep in the weeds to pull their tails away from this swamp. The most outrageous aspect of this is the way the toxic mix of the sub-groups within the dying Republican Party traitorously and actively works to undermine the President’s foreign policy to the detriment of the country. In the midst of a sensitive two-prong diplomatic negotiation with Iran after 35 years of hostility and Syria where President Obama has managed to initiate diplomacy to achieve the desired results without shedding American blood, Republicans are trying to pull the plug on the negotiations by demanding more sanctions and siding with hard-liner and known war mongering Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel. What makes this even more absurd is that those negotiations are barely a month old. These are will be made operational. The healthcare law will work for all Americans once it reaches it maturity, as all programs need to. The President’s legacy will survive the onslaught intact. History will be very kind to this President, as he is one of the gentlest, most honest, genuine, and compassionate presidents this country has had in its near 400 years history. President Obama has achieved more in his first term alone than some presidents have accomplished in two, and he has more brain and class than the sum of the people who have mounted this all-out assault upon his administration, his person, and his dignity. Ultimately, this President will prevail and the voters who elected him will never forget or forgive those who have subjected him to this utterly unfair, disgusting, and unjust treatment.
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