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Writes' Post Network Blog: Legal Action against Ferguson Police Dept. - Chief Thomas Jackson - Governor, Jay Nixon - Killer of Young Michael Brown: Darren Wilson & State of Missouri by this website:

Posted on August 17, 2014 at 4:05 PM Books - Writing - Fashion Tips & Tricks


Press Release
 Class Action Sought against Ferguson 
If your were a demonstrator in Ferguson or are a resident of Ferguson or St. Louis - Please contact us to become a plaintiff in a legal action against Ferguson police and City and State officials for the multiple violations of demonstrators' rights between August 9 and August 19, 2014
Contact: [email protected] or call 888-388-7586
Press Release for Immediate Release
 Boston – Massachusetts
August 17, 2014 [3:48 PM EST]
Released By:

The notion that police were shot at - as reported by Captain Ron Johnson -
 and police did not shoot back and none of them were injured is absurd.
And why did Ferguson police not show the media on camera the so-called bottles and rocks that were thrown at them. Such bottles and rocks should have littered the streets. Captain Johnson reportedly showed the media either one or two Molotov Cocktails that were supposedly lodged at police; for all we know, those could have come straight out of the police department.
Police have shown that they cannot be believed.

No Justice - No Peace
Police have no right to tell demonstrators when - where - or how to protest (See Abortion Clinic and Tea Party Demonstrators & Arizona Rancher Cliven Bundy)

The Killing of Michael BrownENOUGH! Announcing That a Federal Lawsuit is now Being Planned this website, plus a Call for a Boycott - Coupled with The Abolition of Police Academies [Demonstratively the poisonous tree] by This Website. We Have Interests in Maintaining the Integrity of Free Speech - Being a Site with a Blog Network  and A Newsroom.  This Action is scheduled to be filed within the next 4 months or before the end of  2014. Upon the Advice of Attorneys We May File This Action Either in Boston or Missouri.

We believe that we do have standing in this matter – as citizens – and Bloggers and journalists.

Ferguson Police have lost all credibility, including Captain Ron Johnson who is a fruit of the same poisonous tree. Police are not entitled to dictating to demonstrators how they can express their anger in the face of the murder of an unarmed 18-year old. American citizens have the right to travel from anywhere in the country to join a protest in demand of justice. As for the propaganda of "people lodging Molotov Cocktail, rocks, and bottles at police, and bringing guns to the protest, this comes straight out of the playbook of some of the worst dictators in history. First, you demonize the people, and then when you abuse them, violate their rights, or kill them, everyone will agree that you are doing the right thing: fighting "bad guys:" 

Captain Johnson has shown himself to be nothing more than a wolf in sheep's clothing. His appointment to this job was a cynical public relations stunt by Governor Jay Nixon. His words ring shallow, and he is not at all in this to protect the rights of the demonstrators. Captain Ron Johnson lied on Camera to the public on Monday August 18, 2014 just before 3:00 AM. As a result, he deserves nothing more than contempt, for showing himself to be just a token minority being used to fulfill a despicable role in a basket of rotten apples.

His chant about "criminal elements," "agitators," and "individuals from elsewhere speaks for itself. People have traveled from all over the country to join protests from years immemorial. These coded terms are routinely used by the world's worst dictators to justify killing their own citizens. And the terms "criminal elements" is a code term used by police to demonize people in order to justify going on rampages or making false arrests. This does not mean that there may not have been people throwing bottles or rocks. But that is what people do to defend themselves and stand up for their rights, when they are attacked with weapons of war and their lives are put on the line, as has been such in Ferguson for 12 solid days.

At this point, we will not accept another first-degree murder of a Black youth to be lost in history. will not stop this Campaign until and unless the goals that we have set and outlined here are fully met, and substantive changes have been made.    

Contact Marie Y Winfield at 978-332-3527 or 888-388-7586 or email us at [email protected]

Should there be any delay in filing this action – which we do not foresee, as any original complaint is subject to be amended by law -- if necessary -- the press will be notified immediately, and a notice will be posted on this site. After August 31, 2014, the press and the public can obtain copies of the complaint by contacting, and such will be faxed, mailed, or email to requesting parties right away.  Further, will be available, beginning on August 20, 2014, to answer questions and to  address any issue or inquiries from news organization and others. 

We are not a group and are not affiliated with any group or political organization. We are, however, a socially-conscious website with the mission to leave the world better than we found it. We will accomplish this mission by implementing programs and taking action consistent with our goals and the spirit of the website. We are extending an invitation to Individuals, businesses, and organizations to join us and get involved in this effort.  This will boost our effort and help us to accomplish our goals. The numbers to call  are 978-332-3527 or 888388-7586. 

 The announced action will name the following parties:
                     Town of Ferguson
                     The Ferguson Police Department
                      Police Officer Darren Wilson
                       Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson
                     The State of Missouri
                        Missouri Governor Jay Nixon

We The People
 We Allege  That Ferguson Police Have Violated Missouri Law – United States Constitutional Laws (The Right to Free Speech - Free Expression and Movement -  As well As Their Right To Petition The Government, in That The Demonstrators Were Essentially Petitioning Ferguson’s Local Government - Missouri’s State Government And The Federal Government for The Killing of 18-Year Old Michael Brown And The 6 Days of Absolute Inaction.) This Is Especially True Since the Demonstrators Had Articulated Demands. Ferguson Police also Violated International Laws – The United Nations Charter - As Well As the Geneva Convention  to Which the U.S. is a signatory. 

This Campaign Will Remain in Full Force Indefinitely or Until All of Our Stated Goals and Objective Are Satisfactorily and Definitively Accomplished.

For 12 Days Now Ferguson Police Have Been Grossly Violating Protesters' First Amendment Freedom of Speech and Expression - Freedom of Assembly - And Civil Rights Guaranteed to All Citizens of this Country.  If The Government Will Not Take Action or Drag Their Feet in Order To make This Last for Years [As they have done in the past], we Will. In Other Words - Somebody Has To Rise to Certain Occasions at Time of Great Injustice. And as a Fervent Support of Barack Obama - He Has Always Been Too Scared To Take any Definitive Stand When This Type of Egregious and Outrageous Acts Are Committed by Police. So Are The Democrats. We Intend to Put an End to This Era - Whether or Not a Republican or a Democrat Occupies the White House and with the crazy Republican-dominated Congress and with The Democratic Senate  We Intend to Pursue an End to These utterly unacceptable practices.

We Are Right Here - Now - and Right Away - Calling on All Businesses to Boycott the Town of Ferguson & the State of Missouri Over The Senseless Murder of 18-Year Old, Michael Brown by Rogue Cop Darren Wilson of Ferguson Missouri and The Subsequent Police Rampage and Police Rioting plus the Use of Force against any other protesting group.  This Boycott is also in response to the Violation of Protesters’ of Assembly and the Illegal Attempts to Limit the Rights of Protesters by the Implementation of curfew, The Police Occupation of Black Neighborhoods of Ferguson, the Police Demands for Protesters to Stop Protesting after Dark, the Order for Protesters to Keep Moving and Making Protesting in One Place a Crime, the Abuse –False  Arrests, and Ferguson Police Attempts to Intimidate – Harass and Censor Journalists’ Right to Report the News, and the Deployment of the National Guard.

By deploying the National Guard under State Leadership, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon took the extraordinarily illegal step to Officially Establish Ferguson as a War Zone, as the National Guard has always been deployed to protect citizens and not Law Enforcement. We are also calling for the abolition of Police Academies in this country  as they are -- demonstratively the poisonous trees. If Police Academies want to remain in business they should prove that they have a plan to undertake an overall reform of their training for preparing police cadets to become fine officers and gentlemen. 

Consider that What Started as a Protest Was Quickly Turned into a Riot and a Chaotic and Violent Even by Police Themselves and Their Illegal Response to What Was A Peaceful Protest.
None of This Type of Tactics Have been Required of Protesters Comprised Primarily of Caucasians. {Police Demands, and Orders, had never been required of violent abortion protesters – tea party members’ rowdy protests,
 or any other protesters -  Exhibit A: Cliven Bundy’s armed standoff and his associated armed militia threats to shoot at Federal law enforcement from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). This happened in Southern Nevada on March 27, 2014].                

Note that to this day [day 9 of Michael Brown's shooting by Darren Wilson, no charges have been filed - even though the 2 autopsy reports thus far have indicated that Brown was shot 6 times, the first bullet having being fired by Darren Wilson from inside his cruiser. Added to this several eye witnesses who do not know each other and did not know the murdered youngster, all recounted what they saw, and that is the 18-year old being shot while holding both his hands up, running from the homicidal Warren Brown, and being shot twice in the face. 
The MediaTHE MEDIA is inept, lazy, bias toward police, and have demonstrated little intellect, with some exceptions. They have abdicated their role as independent arbiter to check and balance in government  [Evidenced by shows, such “law & Order – Bad Boy Bad Boy – America’s Most Wanted – Nancy Grace and others”] Some of these shows could be useful, as Black people, too, are victim of crime every day in every city and town. The problem is that the hosts of these shows do not show objectivity and journalistic ethics, allow themselves to get carried away, and make no effort to avoid stereotyping and stigmatizing Black. Therefore, they almost always slant their shows in support of police or simply report nonsensical and blatant lies that police choose to tell in their best own interests. They routinely in their report make police look like super hero facing great dangers from hardened criminals [Black people]. In reality, the data from the 2012 National Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries s Show that police did not make the 10 most dangerous job and occupational hazards in the U.S. 
Reference:  []. Nonetheless, the myths about police jobs being at the top of the most dangerous have been fed to the citizenry who bought it wholesale and swallowed it whole. The media in this country is directly responsible for this campaign of mass distortion. Those who perpetuate this myth should hang their heads in shame.

On August 14, 2014, while Ferguson police were on a rampage and rioting one local reporter filing his report live live to his television station. That reporter lied live, saying that the demonstrators were “throwing Molotov cocktail, bottles, and rocks at police at police,” therefore that act by protesters triggered police’s war zone response. That was an unmitigated lie, as there were videographers filming every angle of the occurrences for historical Archives. And nowhere in those videos can anyone see demonstrators doing nothing, but holding their hands up and chanting “We are unarmed” or something to that nature. That reporter was evidently lying, and he, too, should hang his head in shame. Watching the entire event unfolded all night-long, I, too, saw no protesters doing any such thing. After following this police riot without any provocation, I became so disgusted that I stopped watching any show where I knew this would be covered. Those shows include, but are not limited to: Comedy Central – Up with Steve Kornacki [Saturday from 8:00 AM EST to 10 o’clock AM. I also did not watch (as I typically do – Melissa Harris Perry from 10:00 AM to 12:00], Alex Witt and any shows that followed both Saturday and Sunday. As a matter of fact, I chose to spend the entire 2-day weekend working on my website. This yellow journalism was even more evident on MSNBC’s Chris Matthew’s Hard Ball when he interviewed an Israeli Spokesperson. Not only did Matthews agreed and supported every statement the man made, he went out of his way to drag down the Palestinians because they had the nerve to exercise democracy and chose to elect Hamas.
In response to what has been unfolding in Ferguson, some in the media grabbed onto common century-old myths: Black people are violent, they steal, loot, and riot; they are monsters and criminals - sub-humans, illiterate former slaves who do not belong in this county, and therefore, whatever police do to them is well deserved, and it is to protect the rights of White citizens. Why is it so difficult for anyone in the press and the greater media with half of a brain to understand and accept that, when people are oppressed, abused, marginalized, discriminated against, and feel targeted, and are made to feel vulnerable, they will resist; They would not be humans if they did not, as any lack of resistance to this type of egregious, horrendous, and outrage treatment would suggest the absence of, or an erosion of our survival instinct, as well as the human being's need for respect and dignity. 

Having refused to watch this sham of travesties wrapped in charades that the media and press call news and serious reporting, we woke on Monday August 18, 2014 to the shocking news that Ferguson Missouri – again – went up in flame the day before, Sunday August 17, 2014. This time it happened under the so-called new leadership of Captain Thomas Jackson, a Black law enforcement officer. In response to this news, the media pounced on another myth: "the looting, rioting, violence, and chaos by Black people myth." MSNBC Joe Scarborough on his “Morning Joe Show,” surrounded by his “Yes” guests – regular or otherwise – was the offender in chief. But this type of unethical and bias media production will not last for long. We will see to that, because when people are being murdered, oppressed, and targeted with weapons of war, as far as we are concerned all the funny bologna media bets are off. This is to say that under those circumstances, people do have the right to riot, as rioting and chaos are the direct result of built-up anger and frustration, and by-products of feeling and/or perception of being put at risk or in danger. Those reactive behaviors, which were deliberately provoked by Ferguson police, are also legitimate expressions such anger and frustration. Consequently, the events in Ferguson should be laid right at the feet of Ferguson police and Missouri officials and not on the shoulders of the demonstrators. 


The reasons that the press and the media at large are failing so miserably to report the news without coloring it and reporting every lie that the police feed them, plus stories not supported by the evidence, is because reporters are terrified at the prospect of losing their jobs, and commentators are afraid not to be called back as consultants, which would result in negative effects on their freelance income. As for television show hosts and reporters, as well as news print journalists, they are compelled to report this type of event with colors, as they could be fired if they do not comply with the narrative of portraying Black African Americans as lawless people, regardless of the fact that Black children, husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, friends, and cousins in that community are racially profiled, abused, harassed, framed, beaten, and murdered by gangs of “police” every day under the color of law. 

Considering all of this, the media, President Obama, and the press must stop their unethical alliance and the promotion of police as good guys and super heroes. These groups' allegiance should be with the people, particularly when they are being murdered and grossly abused. 

Too Many Have Died To Guarantee Rights for All Americans

We Are Also Hereby Calling for The Abolition of Police Academies in The United States As They Are -- Demonstratively --The Poisonous Trees. Police Cadets Should Attend College to Study Ethics. In Order To Implement Genuine Reform Police Academies in All 50 State and The District of Colombia Must Meet Our Demands Listed Above:
2) Teach and Demand that Every Police Cadet Passes A Course Focused on  Studying Ethics - Cultural Customs and         Traditions  - The Meaning of Equal Rights and Equal Justice, and Civil Rights and Anti-Discrimination Laws                                               
1)  When Self-Defense Is Appropriate

3) The Abolition of Police Academies in The United States As They Are -- Demonstratively --The Poisonous Trees. 

Police Cadets Should Attend College to Study Ethics Criminal Justice and the Law. While Attending College – Police Officers in Waiting Can Get Physical raining by Enrolling in Such Activities with The United States Military. During Their Time Training with The Military Corps – Police Will Have The Opportunity To Learn Code of Conduct and Come Out Realizing That Unlike The Military Which Deploys Whatever Force Necessary To Fight Enemies of The United States – Police Forces in The U.S. Sworn Oath and Allegiance Are To Serve and Protect The Citizens of The United States Equally Without Regard for Race – Color – Social Status – Religion – Political Affiliation – Ethnicity – National Origin and Sexual Orientation. These steps will 1) Instill Ethics within Police Forces and  2) Teach and Demand that Every Police Cadet Passes A Course Focused on The Moral Truth - Principles - And the reality that there is never any good reason to use force against citizens, except in self-defense, or to protect life or property.                                                   
However, Police Academies Can Remain in Existence - Provided That They Can Turn a Credible Plan the Public showing how and When Genuine Reform Will Be Implemented.  

Businesses Got Involved And Engendered Change in The Gay Rights Movement - Immigration And Education. 
Poor Black African Americans Deserve Same Accordingly - Businesses  Must Start to Show Involvement When It Comes To The Civil Rights of Black People - Especially Their Rights To Not Be Senselessly Killed. Those who choose Not Respond To This Call To Support Civil Liberties - Civil Rights & The Right of Black African American To Live The Dream of The Founding Fathers:  Life - Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness Will Be Targeted for Boycott.

We will Monitor Development and The Behavior of Small and Large Businesses and Corporations in Order to Take Appropriate Action in Implementing a Complete Boycott of Ferguson and the State of Missouri Until Justice Has Been Served in This Case. Today, August 20, 2014, (12 days after the assassination of 18 Year-old Michael Brown for walking on street while Black, we are again watching live war-like, dictatorship and totalitarian tactics (This is an offense to dictators, totalitarians everywhere, and respectable bananas republics  (See Egypt - Brazil - Gaza - France - Iran - South Korea - Ukraine demonstrators and more).Therefore, I take this back), let us simply say tactics by a definitely not an exceptional police department or hero police being deployed on demonstrators.


Thank you for supporting this campaign by contributing fund to help us succeed.





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