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Create~link writers' Post Network Blog


Writers' Post Network Blog: Emergency Fund for People in Crisis

Posted on March 9, 2013 at 3:25 AM Books - Writing - Fashion Tips & Tricks


March 8, 2013 On March 1, 2013, i previewed the creation of my Writers' Post Network on my Create Space blog. This Post Network includes, my main page blog at, Writers Post Facebook, Writers' Post Create Space, and Writers' Post Google Plus. The Writers' Post Network is the non-profit extension of Createlink the homepage of Createlinkusa the official website of Winfield Group Enterprise. The mission of this Writers' Network is to serve as a platform for new, struggling, drifting, and self-published writers to express concerns, ask questions, get support and resources, and discuss their ideas. Writers should feel free to preview their work, and to discuss their projects and the difficulties that they might be dealing with, and to seek answers to matters personal as well as related to 'this writing life.' Experienced writers and those who have published through traditional publishing houses are invited to become an integral part of this community and serve as pillars for sharing skills and k knowledge. But more importantly, due to the nature of creative and freelance work and the share hardship that is involved in new beginning or restarting careers, writers and artists often experience extreme anguish and anxiety and personal suffering in silence over basic needs for financial resources. Many times, they go without food, get evicted, are unable to pay for travel expenses to return home for family support, or they are deprived of emergency medical care. unfortunately, these very serious emergency needs can sometimes create tragedy, which all of us would agree is abominable, and as all of us in this business know well, a creative mind is a terrible thing to waste, not to mention that the lost of any human life by unnatural causes is not acceptable. Due to this recognition, we have set up the "Pass it Forward - Writers in Crisis Campaign Fund" to help writers and artists in crisis or other emergency situations. We plan to keep the guidelines for application very simple as so to not delay the provision of much needed support. We will be using part of the profit from sells from our website to fund this invaluable initiative. We are asking all of you to go to our website: and make a contribution. Make the world a better place by leaving the ladder down after you have climbed up! We also encourage writers and artists, such as illustrators and designers to go to our site and become a member by simply signing our Guest Book. This will make it easier to assist them if and when they are in need of any financial emergency support. I look forward to hearing from all of you. Please post your comment and send me your feedback. CONTEST: THE FIRST 50 PEOPLE WHO MAKE A DONATION OF $35.00 OR MORE TO THE "PASS IT FORWARD - WRITERS IN CRISIS CAMPAIGN FUND" WILL RECEIVE A FREE COPY OF MY BOOK "AND SUCH IS LIFE - THE MUSE" BOOK I OR "AINSI VA LA VIE - LA MUSE" BOOK I. YOU CAN MAKE A DONATION BY GOING TO CREATELINKUSA.COM AND SIGNING OUR GUEST BOOK FROM THE SIDE BAR MENU. You can contact me at: createlinkusa.comfacebook at: plus Twitter at:@jesuieserenity. Please write a feedback or post a comment; also like this page and share it with your social circle; that is the only way we can get this information to writers and artists who may need our help! thank you. 

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