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Writer's Post Network Blog: The Republican Party's Stone-Age Job-Abortion Agenda for America

Posted on August 7, 2013 at 6:34 PM
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The Republican Tea Party's Job-Abortion Agenda


                                             Tea Party Rally Party Ralley

Having  waited in vain for several decades for Republicans to overthrow Roe v. Wade, bring prayer back into schools, reinstate separate but equal, and chase homosexuals out of town, before the 2010 mid-term elections, the Evangelical Christians rose and meshed with racists, and other radical groups, and disguised themselves in sheep’s clothing to re brand as a grassroots “tea party” movement. As is their tradition of deceit, the newly mixed Tea Republican party concealed their real agenda under the guise of budget deficit, even though deficit-spending had been their economic 
model since the Reagan  Era. In 2010, they run on their spite for the                Photo -
Affordable Health Care Act, which they dubbed, "Obamacare," when what              Google Image - Share
they really despised was President Obama himself. Clearly, Republicans
coined the word “Obamacare,” as if adding the name of the President to anything automatically renders such a thing evil or dangerous.  They continued to lie about the law and told the country scary fiction stories about, which would be too wild to sell in Hollywood.

After they took over the House of Representatives in the mid-term elections of 2010, they switched to “jobs, jobs, jobs,” and the gospel of presidential election, after which they promptly dropped all talks of 
“jobs, jobs, jobs,” and adopted ‘’cut, cut, cut.” They did manage to ha - Google Image                             the U.S. House of Representatives through gerrymandering, and who                                           knows, perhaps with a combination of voter suppression and the
Tea Party Ralliesoutright theft of  votes. Soon thereafter, they began passing one abortion bill after another, over 100 around the country and more than 30 in the House, and that is when they took a break from the 39 times they have voted to repeal the Affordable Health Care Law.  Last week, the Texas legislature passed an extraordinarily restrictive law that will make it illegal for a woman to receive an abortion after 20 weeks, and may shut down all but five of the 42 abortion clinics in the state. The impact of this law will be felt by women and families far outside of Texas. And somehow, these “jobs, jobs, jobs,” cult of job-creators cohorts have done everything in their power to undermine this President’s effort to create jobs, going so far as to threaten to crash the recovering economy if they do not get the only way they know, which tax cuts for the rich and deregulation of big business. Their obstructionism and their eagerness to undermine the country’s national interests border on treason.

House Speaker John Boehner
U.S. House Speaker John Boehner
There is no mystery in Republicans’ obsession with abortion and other issues affecting women’s health and standing in society. The party is made of backwards individuals who seem to have attended the school as the Afghan Taliban. They do want a small government alright, so long as they can turn around and hire enough cops to investigate matters of the womb and the  uterus, and police bedrooms, bathrooms, and doctors’ offices to make sure   

Google Images [Share]                                that women are following the laws that Tea Republicans passed based on their theses right out of Oral Robert and Pat Robinson universities. Somehow, it makes a deranged kind of sense, but if you are going to run a crusade you do need to move your troops to the frontier to engage in an effective assault. That being said, it carries a sick kind of logic that Republicans would be trying so hard to dismantle programs that maintain the integrity of the government contract with the people to secure the well-being of the elderly, veterans, children, and others that need the government to support them in their pursuit of life. After cutting health care services for women, education, child care, meals on wheel, head start, and veteran benefits, as they have started under the on-going sequestration, the Republicans can then focus on using the resources that are left to oppress women, homosexuals, minorities, immigrants, and students. This has been their agenda all along, and they have succeeded in selling and re-selling the same dilapidated bridge to the people in every election.

Between passing hundreds of abortion bills, voter suppression bills, placing bans on gay marriage around the country, and cutting programs for the most vulnerable among us, Republicans are busy trying to dismantle the fabric of society from the bottom up. But, not to worry, they will stop their demolition derby once they reach the top one or two percent on the economic ladder. Governor ultrasound of Virginia, Bob McDonnell (currently embroiled in corruption scandal and facing possible Grand Jury indictment, and other want-a-be known as such, Pat McCrory of in North Carolina, John Kasick of Ohio, Phil Bryant of Mississippi, Scott Walker of Wisconsin, and everywhere else in the South where Tea Republicans have metastasized at the peril of their self-destructive voting population will continue to march on with their ultra -fundamentalist policy prescriptions. These men are so hideous in their thinking and approach towards women that they literally compete among themselves for the titles of most outrageous, and the dishonor to be the first to propose laws to ban contraceptives, or at the very least to make it harder if not impossible for low income women and those without insurance to get access the those medicines.

Tea Party Ralley
Since 2010, however, the right wing decided that they were not going to wait anymore. Reagan did not overthrow Row v. Wade; George Bush Senior raised taxes after his “read my lips – no more taxes” lip service; George W. Bush did not ban homosexuality and tried to pass immigration reform, so the right wing was going to take matters into their own hands. After all, they knew how to steal elections. But when they lost against President Obama in 2008, they experienced a deep psychological trauma and the post-traumatic stress disorder turned into a full-blown mania with idiocy complications. With their frenzy on women’s reproductive system, the fixation on whether or not and when a woman should seek an abortion, their flirtation with rape, and plain ignorance of women’s issues, parental needs, and how the women’s body works, the new Republican Party would fit right in some of the caves in Afghanistan.

Rep. Todd Akin-A round-up of quotes by Tea Party Republicans in office or running for various state and federal offices tell the whole story. While running for the U.S. Senate in the November 2012 elections, former Missouri Congressman and Senate Candidate, Todd Akin became known as “Mr. legitimate rape,” after he told a TV interviewer in response to a question about abortion in the case of rape or incest that, “if it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to shut that whole thing down.” Later, Indiana Senate candidate Richard Murdock stated during a debate that a pregnancy resulting from a rape is “something God intended to happen.” Mr. cut-meals-on-wheels for the elderly budget House Republican budget hatchet man and former vice presidential candidate Paul - Budget Hatchet Man – Ryan, who sponsored a person-hood bill with Mr. legitimate rape Akin, stated in a media interview that “the life of the mother exception is a loophole big enough to drive a truck through.”

Gov. Bob "Ultrasound" Mcdonnell
[Share - Google Images]

Virginia Gov. Bob These comments are clearly intended to put women in a box. “As for rapes resulting in pregnancy, it does not make any difference as to the method of conception,” Ryan said in a subsequent TV interview. This is the same guy who attempted to redefine rape in his person-hood bill co-sponsored with Todd Akin. In that bill, Ryan and Akin referred to what they believe are “forcible rape” and –who knows—perhaps as opposed to ‘cooperative rape’, as in some women are complicit in their own rape.  Following the November election where Ryan’s Chauvinistic, right winger, and his 47% running mate Mitt Romney were roundly repudiated by the electorate, Ryan sponsored a new and similar abortion bill as if to stick his finger in women’s eyes everywhere. The only possible explanation for this behavior is that these men truly believe that women are inferior beings with little or no intellectual capacity or dignity, and are therefore undeserving of respect of consideration. Meanwhile, Rep. Phil Gingrey, an ob-gyn and chairman of the GOP Doctors Caucus, explained to an audience at the Cobb Chamber of Commerce breakfast in Smyrna, Ga., that Akin wasn’t far off on the science when he said rape victims rarely get pregnant because their bodies have “ways of shutting that whole thing down.”

Former Sen. Candidate 
Richard Murdock [Huf Photo]

Richard Murduck
In another display of sheer contempt for women and for the right of women to protect their independence and privacy from government intrusion, Missouri State Senate Majority Whip Brian Nieves (R) said in a comment on his Facebook page that abortions to save a mother’s life are “a matter of convenience. Last year Representative Joe Walsh (R-Ill.) said there should be no excuse for abortion for the life of the mother because “with modern technology and science, you can’t find one instance” in which a mother’s life would actually end.”

Texas Gov. Rick PerryTexas Gov.& 2012 Former Presidential Candidate Rick Perry Made the Hall   of Shame with a double play Abortion ban and Voter Suppression Bills                                                                last week

     << Texas Republicans' 4:00 AM Abortion Bill

Thousands of people rose spontaneously with the help of social media and descended onto the Texas Capitol and camped all night while the Texas Republican Legislature tried to pass
a very restrictive abortion bill in the middle of the night after their session had expired~
Photo [Sources]                                                                                 
Texas Rally against Restrictive Abortion Bill in June 2012                                           
Texas Rally in Protest of Gov. Rick Perry's Abortion BillThousands of Texans Occupied the Capitol Building to Protest Abortion Bill

Republicans have failed to even attempt to implement an economics 101 policy for the country, but yet they are all out of ideas. Oh, no, they do have ideas, all having to do with women’s bodies and how much lower they can sink in demonizing Blacks, Hispanics, and immigrants. Their idea of health care policy for those who cannot afford insurance is to try and die quickly. Their message to youths who want and need an education is: who needs an education anyway? Their plan for seniors is get off your laurels and go hustle on the open market for your health care coverage. To those who cannot afford food or shelter, the Tea Republicans’ message is, you must be a drug addict or have some fundamental or inherent defect if you are not making it in our America. In those 38 States where they hold the governorship and control both legislative Houses, they run their States like dictators, shutting down debates and silencing the voices of the minority party on very important but controversial issues. But their wealth of ideas is even greater when it comes to stealing votes. With their crazy ideology, who can blame them for resorting to stealing votes? There are not enough fools, crazies, racists, and cavemen in this country to elect those people past the House of Representatives and the Governors’ mansions in the South.

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