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Writer's Post Network Blog: Police Corruption Faces Metaphysics- Andover, Massachusetts

Posted on October 25, 2013 at 11:06 PM Books - Writing - Fashion Tips & Tricks

Andover Police Retaliated
Police code of conduct

Used Hospital as a Weapon – Again

The only  way to stop police abuse is to not tolerate any part of it, rather than to react at the very deadly end of it with brutality and killing ~

If lessons were meant to be easy - learning would hardly advance

Andover Police should stop trying to mentally evaluate me. They will find no team of doctors or psychiatrists with or without sophisticated medical machinery with the capability to understand me. 
Only a select group of people can understand me - so it was written.

The Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (1918 - 2008)_CC_Maharishi School of 

The Maharishi Mahesh YogiWorld Guru [& this author's Initiation Guru] - Founder of the Center for Brain Cognition & Cosmic Consciousness  
at the Maharashi University  of Management - Founder of Transcendental Meditation ( & Teacher of the Vedas (the collection of canonical Hindu revelations [Veda = heard] as opposed to Religious texts [ remembered])

Some of us are in this world but not of this world, and sometimes, like a beautifully healthy heart implanted in a patient, there are incompatible properties between us and the world (the transplanted heart and the body). 
This can cause certain segments of the world to continuously try "to reject us" by all means necessary
-- still continuing the heart transplant metaphor --  at the world's own risks and peril.

Read Why

Metaphysics and other ultimate sciences which are discussed in this post, are not to be confused with intellectualism or educational knowledge. Physical sciences, by their very nature, are narrow and limiting disciplines. This is why a medical doctor is not by education knowledgeable in the law and a neuroscientist is not necessarily schooled in engineering. 
An advanced metaphysician, on the other hand, can stand at the portal of universal knowledge 
and tap directly into the source of knowledge 
to find the where, when, how, and the why of "things."

~ If you find interest in these subjects, we encourage you to do further research ~

In order to accomplish this, I will hereby partially break the cardinal rule of Metaphysics and the Rosicrucian Order (Rose-Croix) to which I belonged (This knowledge I will not disclose): to no discuss these subjects with people who may not understand. Yet, again, the underlining principle is: when the disciple is ready the master comes. The question is, will the disciple know when he is ready, or will the master? Is there one disciple among others? I know: the time has come for me to reveal some of what I know for the benefit of Andover Police, people with whom I have interacted, anyone who might interact with me in the future, and those who will never interact with me, yet might be able to draw knowledge or derive more understanding from this disclosure (our footprints).

Having dealt with hospitals throughout Boston, the Merrimack Valley area, and in Canada, while taking care of my mother, my father-in-law, and my father who died in Canada where he lived.
 In a separate series of articles, I will write about hospitals & health care personnel
~ and show how dangerous and unethical some health care professionals can really be ~

The meaning of ethics (simple and basic definition)I was hoping to be writing about highly ethical men I have had the privilege of meeting in law enforcement, in official positions, and in the justice system. I am anxious to write about two of the most exceptionally ethical men I have ever met anywhere in any professions:  Retired First Justice of the Lawrence District Court, Judge Thomas Brennan, and Vermont State Police Lieutenant of Internal Affairs, Lt. David Miller, also retired. I am also looking forward to writing about other policemen and public officials that every citizen should be proud about, such as Internal Affairs Lieutenant of the Cambridge Police Department, Chief Court Officer of the Lawrence District Court, Paul Mangon, Former North Andover Town Manager in the year 2008, and several North Andover Policemen. I have interacted with some of these men at various levels, in circumstances unrelated to my personal interests, but with ethical code of conduct and the proper administration of justice.I will write about these men and show how easy it is for men to do the right thing. What each of these men have done will also show why good police conduct – or the conduct of personnel in any organization – closely reflect the type of leadership that derives from the very top, such as an ethical police or fire chief,  ethical chief justices, or an ethical CEO or administrator.

Andover Town Manager, Reginal S. Stapczynski

Unfortunately, I have to write this follow-up article about Andover police and fire and rescue personnel, for having escalated their contemptible behavior. I did challenge Andover Police for an incident that happened on February 8, 2011. However, after my first post regarding what had transpired, I was sure that the matter had been put to rest, given my impression that the Haverhill, Massachusetts police department was yet the most corrupt police department that I was aware of.

Andover Chief of Police, Patrick Keefe
Andover Police Chief: Patrick Keefe

At this junction, I have to assume one or more of the following:
Andover Police

(a) Are really stupid
(b) Are really mad for having being challenged and want revenge
(c) Have some sort of fascination with the person that I happen to be
(d) Are more corrupt than I thought (sure - with some exceptions)
(e) Need to understand me better
(f) Think that anyone who challenges them must be crazy, given how dangerous they can be, if they choose to be

I choose all of the above. Consequently, following the description of the event in question, I will spoon-feed the Andover police department some fresh new ideas. Andover Police can take solace in one thing: Once my mission here is done, I will be gone.

I could easily invoke racism, but I won’t. The reason is, where I am concerned, wrong is wrong whether or not it is triggered by immorality, a lack of conscious, corruption, prejudice, racism, bigotry, or plain hate. When police behave badly, they equally inflict injuries to the citizen whom they hurt and every other person in law enforcement everywhere. The net result is an enduring image of police as a glorified gang of people who will do anything and are not to be trusted. This cascading effect creates a negative atmosphere in communities, and is destructive to the fabric of the nation.
In one of my most recent posts entitled “Cops – The Half of the Rotten Basket of Apples – Andover, Massachusetts,” I discussed extensively the way Andover Police abused their power to violate my rights, and perpetuated abuses against me, when I challenged them over their handling of my domestic disturbance calls. Although I did not expect the police department to be happy with the article, I did go through great length to depict exactly what happened, and tried to be fair throughout my presentation. Before I wrote the article, it took me a year of trying to get the department to simply admit that they had done something wrong and apologize. At the end, they proved that they were not capable of admitting any mistakes. Although I preferred to believe that the department was above retaliation, I still anticipated that, given the chance, they might seek revenge. And it happened sooner than I could have possibly expected.

As I explained in the previous article, the fire and rescue department and the police department in Andover are housed in the same building. I was fully aware that they worked together. That would have been fine, except that what started this in the first place was the undue influence that the police had exercised upon the EMTs in the incident that prompted me to write the first article to begin with. Therefore, when I needed to go to the hospital last weekend, I called the fire and rescue department non-emergency number and told them this. Two policemen showed up. One of the officers, Officer Benjamin Ledwell was extremely pleasant and polite from beginning to end. On the other hand, the other office and I did not seem to understand each other at first, but at the end, everything was fine. They did not feel that I needed an ambulance, so they offered to call me a taxi. I could have done that myself, but I told them it was OK to call me a cab. I waited, and five hours later I started feeling really sick. I called the fire and rescue department back and told them that I was feeling faint. I suspect that they might have transferred the call to the police department, because whoever answered the call told me to call back if I still felt like that later. I knew how I felt, so I hang up and called 911 on my cell phone, knowing that the emergency call would be picked up by the State police. As soon as the State police transferred the call to Andover, an ambulance arrived within a minute.

Andover Fire Chief, Michael Mansfield

Andover Fire Chief Michael Mansfield
I am very familiar with how ambulance transport works, from taking care of my mother with strokes, heart attacks, and congestive heart failure. I had developed a great deal of respect and appreciation for what emergency workers do, until I found out how they can become corrupted by police. Typically, there are two EMTs responding to a call. While one of the two would sit with the patient to take a medical history and check vital signs, the other would be in contact with the hospital to report what is going with the patient and take instructions from the hospital as to what to do. After all, paramedics are there to provide first aid, and in serious cases try to keep a patient alive until they can get to a hospital. This time, however, one of the men was very hostile from the start. The other man started using profanity while he was taking my information, because in the process he somehow became offended by something I said until I told him to calm down because he was misunderstanding what I was saying. All the while, I knew something was going on because I could hear the other man on the radio talking to the police station rather than the hospital. By the time I got to the hospital it was clear what they had done. They knew that they could not take me to the Holy Family Hospital, given what they had done the last time around, which started this conflict between me and the police in the first place. I also specifically requested that they take me to Lawrence General Hospital. I could not imagine that Andover Police would do the same thing twice, especially after my last post about the scheme they had pulled. But, there I was in the hospital, placed in this dark room with no phone and almost a bare wall, as I watched the two men at the nurses’ station telling some story. I could tell from watching them that they were making stuff up: They reported bringing me to the hospital for mental evaluation.

That was not going to sit well with me. So, I demanded to be transferred to a different room. The nurse was right down nasty and accused me in my face of being on drugs. I believe she was told this by the crooked Andover EMTs. I’m kind of getting used to being accused of being on drugs, as this must have been the thousandth time someone had accused me on being on drugs. At this point, I’m not even sure what that means. It could mean anything. There are so many kinds of drugs, I guess any one of those assumptions and accusations could fall anywhere in between. For examples, I've been accused of being on drugs for the way I speak slowly with an accent; for saying things people don’t understand, because when I speak, I use some pretty big words and engage in all kinds of complicated explanations, illustrations, preface, and footnotes, and I extrapolate. In addition, I suffer from such an extreme dry eye condition that I used to rub my eyes to the point where they’d be almost bloody red and I could barely open them. I've also had six eye surgeries so far and might need more. As a result, my vision is low and my eyes look all blurry, beat up, and unfocused. Because of these problems, I have been in many situations where people literally look at my eyes and treated me in all kinds of horrible ways based on prejudices and false assumptions. That’s not all. The problems with my eyes, combined with what follows have caused people to act negatively toward me, say derogatory things about me at earshot, and taken various adverse and injurious actions to hurt me intentionally and maliciously. 

Nothing makes wrong  right, but I understand: first, setting aside the matter of human prejudices, 
this culture is completely obsessed with drug use and addiction to just about everything. 
Second, if all that someone knows about or understands is drug use, it would make some sense
 -- in an ignorant and narrow-minded kind of way -- 
that such a person would project 
and assign only that with which that person is familiar, to that which such a person does not understand.


Andover Police should give up their fool’s errand. I can’t take credit for the following, since I didn't design myself. It would have taken the average human being a couple of hundred years to do all that I've done. I can say that I seemed to have always been placed in various places at various times doing multiple things almost seamlessly [therein lie the matter of "ultimate realities" and the beauty of "knowing stuff"]. In the grand scheme of things, the fundamental  knowledge  of the inner-workings of "all things," which others might find mysterious or inexplicable, make everything else - including being misunderstood - seems insignificant and very pale in comparison. This  is similar to going through life carrying a crystal ball, which may not allow for the alteration of "ultimate realities - which are latent and absolute, this "knowing" does allow for conscious-competent participation 
in the creation of "realities," leading to "ultimate universal realities."  
The net sum of the following "samples" of bona fide is what I am made of:

1. Principles: I live by the codes of morality, ethics, and integrity. I have the patience of a saint, and am always willing to give others the benefit of the doubt, and treat all with respect. I am trusting, honest, kind and generous to a fault, and will go to any extent to help others, including perfect strangers. But I have strong convictions and zero tolerance for injustice and unfairness,and will fearlessly challenge anyone who engages in these behaviors toward me or toward someone else in my presence, regardless of who the perpetrator may be. In that sense, yes, I will “fight City Hall,” (meaning the power base). Millions of people have died fighting for justice and fairness. There are some things worth dying for. That is a part of perfection. One can be perfectly imperfect, imperfectly perfect, or even perfectly depraved on the continuing of perfection.

2. Family: I do come from a line of near geniuses and unusual people, Catholic and very conservative. My father was a school inspector who spent some of his time defending poor people Pro Bono in court, and could fix any kind of electronics. My uncle who would have been over 90 years old now built a special machine after 2 years in mechanical engineering, and then used the machine to build motorcycles from scrap and rebuild car engines when he was in his twenties. My half-brother graduated college and entered medical school at 16 years old.

3. Personal: Beginning in the first grade, I can remember how I would finish my classroom assignments within 5 or 10 minutes even though the teacher would give the class up to 30 minutes to complete an assignment – I drove my teachers crazy. At around 8 and 9 years old, I used to enjoy observing the other children play during recess more than I enjoyed playing. Visiting family friends, who to a 9 year old seemed old, would spend hours carrying on conversations with me and calling me “an old soul.” I had no idea what that meant then, and I sure don’t remember what those conversations were about. By the time I was a sophomore in high school, my algebra and geometry teacher handed me the chalk and sent me to the chalkboard just about every day to teach the class until he had to introduce a new chapter; he did that so I would not sit there bored. I graduated first of my class from 8th grade to graduate school, and first in the national assessment test. I can read a 300 page book and remember what page to go back to find a single sentence or a paragraph. I can compose a document of any length in my head before I sit down to write it.

4. Education: Bachelor of education - Minor in Psychology – Master’s in Linguistics – half-way through a Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology - Certified in Audio-Visual Technology & Videography. I possessed the first voicemail system, the first cell phone, the first personal computer that ever came on the commercial market. For example, I was in Saratoga, CA in the Apple computer headquarters training in their hardware and software prior to the launch of the company's first PC. It just so happened that Saratoga is located in the proximity of nearby San Jose where the Rosicrucian Museum (AMORC) is. Oh - how everything is inter-connected!

5. Career: Taught for many years, including pre-school – Grade school – High School – College and Graduate school on 2 continents; Worked on radio for 9 years starting at age 20 on 2 continents; Studied on three continents; Worked for Departments of Education on 2 continents; Ran a non-profit organization; Worked in health care; Owned a small business; Given speeches before groups of hundreds of people college students and professionals in various fields; Traveled the 3 Americas, Europe, and the U.S. from Coast to Coast.

6. Languages: I spoke Latin fluently before I lost it to practice and can still read it, and speak several other languages.

7. Meta-Knowledge: I have been a Meta-physician since I was 19 years old. The word Meta is a Greek prefix, which is used to indicate something that contains the properties to explain other things. The main works of Aristotle (Greek philosopher and student of Plato [384-322 B.C.]) were named Metaphysics: Books VII, VIII, and IX (by  (by Andronicus of Rhodes)because they followed Aristotle's books of physics and phylosophy - numbers I through VI. Other examples of of how the property of the prefix "Meta" is used before other words include Metadata, Metagalactic, Metalanguage, and Meta-analysis. The simplest definition is the Arabic one: “the science of the divine.” The Chinese definition of the word is very consistent with its ancient and modern interpretation from Europe to Asia. Metaphysics is concerned with the study of life through and beyond the intricacies of the relativity of time, spheres, and various planes. Metaphysics can more completely be defined as an all-encompassing science that uses branches of philosophy, ethics, physics, epistemology (the study of knowledge and justified belief []), and ontology, to explain the absolute fundamental nature of the being and the dynamics between the being and the world around it and ultimate realities (beyond - "all is well"). 

As a discipline, Metaphysics contains branches, such as Hatha Yoga (physical yoga), Mantra Yoga (mental exercise), and Transcendental Meditation, which integrate physiology and neuroscience in their practices. Mantra Yoga is used in transcendental mediation. To further illustrate, in the metaphysical world, the being (essence) which exists in its own right is substantive and markedly different from matter, which exists in forms (the physical). See Metaphysician Peter van Inwagen’s (1998a) attempt to define metaphysics as the science of “ultimate reality…” [Source].  Metaphysics is neither an occult nor an esoteric science. It is rather abstract and complex, and is not easily explained or understood, except by initiation and through studies. Rosicrucianity, on the other hand, is the study of ancient and guarded knowledge, and and the actual practice of breaching the physical spheres and ethereal planes. It is esoteric. Therefore, both meta-physicians and Rosicrucians live more for the ethereal than they do for the material. Both disciplines require life-long study. However, since we must all start somewhere, better late than never, in that eternity ["ultimate realities"] could last a long time.

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