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Writers' Post Network Blog - Valentine's Day 2014 Poem:Your Heart Valentine

Posted on February 13, 2014 at 8:01 PM Books - Writing - Fashion Tips & Tricks

Your Heart Valentine

Happy Valentine's Day

From the bottom of your Heart arose a joyful song,
    one of the most beautiful and glorious hymns.
Your Heart is a temple where a priest celebrates
    a mysterious cult with very pious rites.
Your Heart is a temple, the temple of love
    where Mass is celebrated often and always.
In the usual rites and with the same grand priest,
    the faithful around you, my dear, are all poets
The chorus of this sect is made of poets, too,
    of all the poets this great world over.
And there, in place and time, all the ceremonies,
    each day and every night are splendid and solemn
Around lighted candles on crystalline altar,
     bestow praises and love onto your Valentine.
harvest the treachery of the unfaithful Heart,
     to heal your Heart on days of betrayal and doubt.
 Seal the intimacy of this erotic zone,
    and stop not exalting the glow of Valentine.
This is your moment to remember always,
    a singular moment with the grand priest of love.

Categories: Family/Society/ Religion & Traditions